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Crested Gecko Escaped: How To Find A Lost Crested Gecko

Crested Gecko Escaped: How To Find A Lost Crested Gecko

For pet owners who are responsible, the moment their pet is missing could be terrifying memories. If the Crested Gecko Escaped, the first thing you need to do is not panic.

I’ll provide you with every step you must take to locate your reptile in this post. If you get stressed, keep in mind that you are placing your crested Gecko into much more danger than they are due to not having the end. Let’s talk about what you need to do first before you begin learning how to find a missing crested gecko.

How To Find A Lost Crested Gecko?

how to find a lost crested gecko
how to find a lost crested gecko

This article will talk about what you should do first to locate the elusive Crested Gecko. We will then look at the aspects you should think about when looking for the Crested Gecko and the next steps to take. We will also go over the best approach I’ve found to be effective in searching for a lost gecko.

3 Things To Do First When Crested Gecko Escaped

  • The first thing you must do is look around within 10 yards of the crested gecko’s habitat. It is not uncommon to spot an endangered crested gecko two feet from their habitat or escape point.
  • Typically, crested geckos attempt to find a suitable place to conceal themselves. They are likely to find an obstruction and then walk an unbroken line until they locate a spot to live.

    Therefore, please look at the outside of the room to see where its enclosure is. Particularly, look on walls, under sofas, chairs or even the couch.
  • When your Gecko with a crested Gecko face is extremely active at night, you’ll observe them exploring their new home in the darkness. It is possible to wait until night to come around or turn all lights out and make the space completely dark.

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Finding A Lost Crested Gecko

  1. Do not be worried. Remember that your pet can survive for a considerable period without eating at home. The good news is that fat is stored in their tails, which can be used to fuel their bodies for a considerable period. Instead of being scared to find your crested Gecko with any of the techniques listed below, it’s quite a blessing.
  2. Avoid using mouse traps or sticky squares to catch the Crested Gecko. It is not only dangerous, but it can be extremely stress-inducing for your Gecko. In addition, it’s extremely difficult to employ. You could be hurting your crested gecko rather than finding the animal by using these types of traps.
  3. Put fresh water and food items inside the enclosure for your Gecko, like mealworms. This will cause your crested Gecko to pop out and look for food close to the enclosure when hungry.

2 Methods For Finding A Crested Gecko

Make sure to lock the room when you discover that they’ve gone missing.

Must-Try Method

A well-known method to locate Gecko is setting out a dish containing Gecko-based foods. This will allow your crested Gecko only to emerge when hungry.

In many instances, your crested Gecko may take a few worms, then disappear and remain hidden. It is best to keep the dish in eyesight—one of the main things your crested Gecko could require when outside its habitat is water.

So, keeping a small bowl filled with water that is safe to drink in a certain area where your crested Gecko might be wondering is an effective method of locating it.

The ideal place to store the food dish and the water dish is close to the enclosure and in certain areas of the room where it is kept.

My Favourite Method

There are numerous other ways you could use to locate the Crested Gecko. My personal preference is the best option is to place several storage containers in the room.

It is important to select storage containers that are sufficient in-depth to prevent the cresties from emerging. It is recommended to choose fifteen to twenty inches in depth storage containers.

It is recommended to place the containers near a couch or climbing area or a fireplace hearth. I suggest putting towels in the container’s bottom to facilitate a smooth landing after the Gecko falls into it.

However, ensure that the containers are enough deep that they do not allow the crested Gecko the chance to crawl back out.

What To Do When You Have Other Pets?

If you own other pets, such as cats or dogs, consider keeping them under control until you find the Crested Gecko. If you have children, they tend to be prone to fascination when a pet is lost.

Keep the children away until you’ve found your pet. Be sure to search for any open space that allows the cresties to escape. Do not allow other animals inside the room.

Your lost cresties are likely in the same place you lost the pet. Commonly-owned pets such as dogs and cats can be apprehension to reptiles.

Dogs are excellent at detecting reptiles and other pets due to their incredible sense of smell, but reptiles see small animals as prey. It is recommended not to take the risk of allowing a pet, whether it is a cat or dog, to be in the room.

Cats can also be able to cause serious harm to your crest. Cats are more agile than dogs and have been known to take on reptiles for a ride possibly. So be sure to watch them when you open the door.

You could also utilize pet gates to keep big pets from the area. It is important to ensure that the Gecko that was lost does not escape because of its small dimensions.

Be sure to seal every opening, as geckos with crested geckos are amazing at negotiating tight spaces. They also are amazing at climbing over things you thought they’d never done before.

Keep the windows closed and also. It is important to ensure that the room is inspected to prevent your geckos from inside that particular room.

Let’s discuss some possible measures you can implement to stop there is no chance of escaping. We’ll discuss how you can make the enclosure more secure.

Interesting Further Reading

How To Prevent Crested Geckos From Getting Lost?

how to prevent crested geckos from getting lost
how to prevent crested geckos from getting lost

If you’ve discovered your crested geckos, you are very happy and should refrain from any further handling to give your reptile the chance to get back to its normal habitat.

The crested geckos require time to settle into their homes due to being outside of their normal environment and back into their normal feeding routine. Do not be afraid if you find yourself with a gecko with a crested geckos head roaming about your home.

It would help if you experimented with various methods. If the Gecko can escape from the tank, they will likely be able to repeat the escape.

It is important to ensure that everything is secured before bringing your pet back into the tank to stop repeat incidents. Examine any openings or vents which could be open.

It is possible to take off excessively high-pitched decorations that allow your crest to get an access point to the top. Any other thing you notice during the regular check-up, which could be a possible escape for your crest, needs to be taken care of. Consider trimming your sides on the lid so that your crest is not capable of scaling.


The loss of a crested gecko can be an extremely stressful and traumatic experience. Still, if one follows my advice in the previous paragraphs, I am confident that there are no doubts that you’ll be able to find it within a matter of minutes.

Inspect every corner and place of your house, take your time and think about revisiting places you suspect they are frequenting. The Cresties are always looking for hidden spots, so keep an eye on the area under the sofa or couch. Follow Us On Social Media