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Is Anthurium Safe For Crested Geckos? 2022 Review

Is Anthurium Safe For Crested Geckos? 2022 Review

In this article, I will answer a fascinating question: is anthurium safe for crested Geckos?. If you are looking to decorate your crest’s vivarium with varieties of the plant, then maybe you are looking at anthurium as one of the options.

Well, don’t be worried because, in this article, you will get to know all the good and wrong sides of having anthurium in your crested Geckos’ tanks. We will also discuss the other safe alternative for decorating your vivarium or creating some hiding places for geckos’ livelihood. Let’s first know: is anthurium safe for Crested Geckos.

Is Anthurium Safe For Crested Geckos?

is anthurium safe for crested geckos
is anthurium safe for crested geckos?

No. A few parts of the anthurium may upset your crested gecko’s tummy if ingested in high amounts. However, anthurium is one of the most common houseplants used in the tropical vivarium of reptiles. It is highly suitable for frogs rather than snakes.

It grows well in a place with humid conditions. They thrive in evenly moist soil. Anthurium can be a great background plant while providing shade and hiding places to reptiles and other animals. Anthurium is also known as flamingo flowers or spathe flowers.

I have noticed anthurium being used to form a safe hiding Place For geckos in many places. However, depending upon species, it may or may not suit your reptile. Therefore, I would still recommend you stay out of it and look at the other safe options for your cresties.

After doing further research, I have read that anthurium may be unsafe for geckos. However, it is usually considered entirely safe for most frogs rather than reptiles.

The anthurium plants are indeed used in reptile vivariums as hiding places but staying clear of them personally to be on the safe side will always be a good idea. There are also plenty of other safe plant species to decorate and create hiding places For your geckos.

7 Safe Plants For Crested Geckos

7 safe plants for crested geckos
7 safe plants for crested geckos

Bird’s-nest fern

It is one of those unique plants that can be used to form an appearance like a nest in the vivarium. While it is not ideal for climbing, the center of the bird’s nest fern can support the weight of your crested gecko very easily.

Talking about the maintenance, it constantly needs wet soil and prefers shade. As long as you keep this plant most, it is low maintenance. The waxy but narrow fronds can also survive without being watered for a couple of days.

Is Anthurium Safe For Crested Geckos? 2022 Review

Dwarf umbrella tree

This plant comes with beautiful dark green foliage making it an eye-catching addition. This plant is also straightforward to prune and an excellent candidate for reptiles like climbing. The trunk of the umbrella tree is strong enough to withstand your geckos climbing.

This plant is perfect for keeping in a humid vivarium environment. It is a low-maintenance plant and is tolerant of neglect. This plant is also capable of surviving in low or bright light. But, avoid placing this plant in standing water.

Is Anthurium Safe For Crested Geckos? 2022 Review

Garden croton

It’s another alternate option for geckos that love climbing. This plant is excellent at providing a sturdy climbing structure while being a colorful addition to any tropical vivarium. By having this plant, you will never feel disappointed.

The maintenance is also moderate if watering is controlled. The petra plant usually needs soil to dry out between watering. As it is highly tolerant of humidity, it can be used in any vivarium with flexible lighting.

Is Anthurium Safe For Crested Geckos? 2022 Review


The Chinese evergreen plant is an excellent addition to the vivarium due to its compromise of color and style. It can be used in any humid tropical vivarium condition.

This plant is deficient in maintenance. However, make sure you are never placing it on standing water. This plant’s most vital and sturdiest part is its large fronds that support any gecko climbing very quickly.

Is Anthurium Safe For Crested Geckos? 2022 Review


If you want to add many colors to your vivarium, then the pink quill is the popular choice. It is also strong enough to withstand the climbing and the weight of an adult crested gecko. It blooms in pink, which is also very hardy and doesn’t wilt in high moisture. It is best when kept as our plants.

This pink quill is also a very low-maintenance plant as it needs water once a week, and weekly watering is enough when these plants are kept with bright lighting.

Is Anthurium Safe For Crested Geckos? 2022 Review

Calathea Concinna

This plant’s broad and waxy leaves are solid and enticing for geckos to climb on. Your vivarium will be loaded with an exotic pattern with this prayer plant. As this comes in several varieties, you have tons of options. The prayer plant is named as its leaves close at night and reopen during the day.

It acts as a prayer handholding and unfolding. It is a moderately high-maintenance plant as it needs well-draining soil. Make sure to keep the leaves dry always. The lighting should always be low and moderate as a bright one can damage its leaves.

Is Anthurium Safe For Crested Geckos? 2022 Review

Dracaena Fragrans

It is one of the most classic choices for people to use to decorate their vivarium. This jade jewel plant is a slow grower and ideal for placing anywhere in the vivarium. It is a perfect addition to any crested Habitat as it is very hardy.

It is also low maintenance and can survive in any lighting. It doesn’t need extra care as long as it has access to well-draining soil. This is one of the most famous choices for Geckos enclosure.

Is Anthurium Safe For Crested Geckos? 2022 Review

Interesting Further Reading


As per my research, I would never recommend you take the risk of having anthurium in your crested gecko enclosure. I don’t find anthurium entirely safe for your crested geckos to have and use as a climbing structure. It is also not very ideal to be used as a hiding place in any crested geckos vivarium.

It will be best to choose one of the Other seven safe options to decorate and equip the crested gecko’s Habitat. I tried my best to give you all the information around the question: is anthurium safe for crested geckos.

If you find this post helpful, consider sharing it with other people, as it may also benefit other Geckos owners. See you in the other post.