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Here’s How To Clean Bearded Dragons Cage?

Here’s How To Clean Bearded Dragons Cage?

As a responsible owner of bearded dragons, you must be aware of how to maintain their health and ensure their environment is maintained. It is crucial to ensure that their tanks are clean. Cleaning your beardie’s tank is an easy and quick process if you stay on top of it.

in this post, we’ll let you learn How To Clean the Bearded Dragons Cage?. By the general principle, spot cleaning your bearded Dragon’s tank on an everyday basis is required to eliminate feces while also cleaning the bowls with pet disinfectants.

However, deep cleaning is needed in the enclosure every month, which involves cleaning all surfaces. I suggest you adhere to three different cleaning schedules to ensure faster cleaning and a healthier Bearded dragon.

If you think what the differences are between daily spot cleaning, weekly cleaning, and deep-cleaning, do not be confused! You will learn the reasons to perform each of the three kinds of cleaning. Indeed, the absence of some or all of them could then put your bearded Dragon’s health at risk.

How Often Should You Clean A Bearded Dragon Cage?

Bearded dragon tanks must get cleaned up on a weekly every day. It is essential to break down the routine of your beardie’s cage into three cleaning schedules. Experts clean the cage every week, spot cleaning and deep cleaning with disinfectant.

  • Spot Cleaning: This can be the most simple and effective method to prevent your tank from getting unclean or stained. Spot cleaning must be performed by you or someone on whom your beardie places his trust regularly. Spot Cleaning could also be done often throughout the day, especially if you have multiple pets within an enclosure.
  • Weekly Cleaning: Cleaning will be more thorough; however, it will take just a couple of minutes of your time. Cleaning your beardie’s dishes and floors to avoid the accumulation of bacteria is an absolute must.
  • Deep Cleaning: Last but not least, cleaning the tank thoroughly. Your tank must be completed each month by cleaning the surfaces, the corners, and sides of the tank. Then, scrub it with pet disinfectants.

    Cleaning the tank thoroughly is essential to prevent mold growth and other bacteria, which could harm your bearded Dragon severely. Let’s talk about the best way to clean the tank of a bearded dragon.

How To Clean Bearded Dragons Cage?

how to clean bearded dragons cage
how to clean bearded dragons cage

Spot Cleaning

You’ll have to clean up your bearded Dragon’s tank every day. Spot cleaning is done using a paper towel to pick up the faeces and uncooked food left in the enclosure twice daily. It is suggested to utilize a reusable rubber glove or disposable gloves made of latex when you clean your beardie’s house.

If you decide to reuse your gloves, ensure you clean them after every use. When you do spot cleaning, you’ll most likely concentrate on one corner of the beardie’s tank, which it will choose to urinate. If you’ve found the area, you could also put some paper towels on the floor to help make life easier. Thus, the paper towel is only required to be replaced once every day.

Weekly Cleaning

This cleaning routine is a little more extensive than the previous one, where you must wash the food bowls, the water bowls and the surfaces of your beardie’s enclosure. It is essential to do this every single day of the week. Cleaning their house regularly will keep your beardie’s living space neat and clean.

  1. The first thing you should take care of for your weekly cleaning is to take all equipment from the tank, such as uneaten foods, dishes, food bowls, and substrates. If there is an artificial plant, make sure that you remove it.
  2. This equipment must be put into an unheated bucket of soapy water. Clean your beardie’s enclosure floor as you allow the dishes and the substrate to soak in the bucket.
  3. As the dishes and equipment are being washed inside the bucket, remove the beardie from the tank and put it in an individual cage. This sterilization process is easier once you transfer your beardies to a secure tank.
  4. If you have carpet on your bearded Dragon’s floor, it is best to have two. Make sure to wash the carpet and then rinse it thoroughly. Take care to get rid of any dirt-stained substrate, if it is. Carpet for reptiles is the most popular substrate used by bearded Dragons’ owners.

    After cleaning the carpet, allow it dry. It would help if you cleaned the enclosure’s floor for the bearded Dragon to remove any dirt using an appropriate sponge and disinfectant.
  5. Clean the equipment several times before thoroughly washing them. When everything is dry and clean, put them back into their cage. This is how you must conduct the cleaning every week in your Bearded Dragons tank.

Deep Cleaning

Every month, it’s essential to perform a thorough cleaning to clean all the cages of your Bearded dragon to stop any health problems or infections. It is necessary to follow a cleansing routine which must be performed carried out regularly. If you find it difficult to remember the day you have to get to your beardie’s house, begin on the first day of each month.

  1. You need to take your bearded dragon out of its cage and then put it in a new tank or a room.
  2. Once your beardie is entirely out of the tank, clean everything in the tank to get rid of any particles. Also, you should put all the items into a soapy water bucket.
  3. If you find any loose material or debris on the floor, clean it up and then spray a disinfectant on the floor. It is also possible to employ a steam cleaning machine to clean the enclosure’s surfaces.
  4. The plants, hides, furniture, dishes, and obstructions should be cleaned thoroughly and scrubbed with sponges. Clean all items with an appropriate solution you prefer or disinfectants right now. When all the things have been cleaned and free of detergent or disinfectant solution, You should clean the surface before placing it back inside the beardie’s cage.
  5. If you’re using a loose substrate, change it every two to three months. Then, clean the tank thoroughly and allow it to dry before you return your pet to its home.

Where Should I Keep My Bearded Dragons While Cleaning?

When cleaning, it is necessary to take your beardie out of its cage. You could make use of a portable pen. If you already have one on the house, put it in it until the cleaning is complete. Use a container or box and ensure that its walls are built high enough to prevent bearded dragons from escaping.

Also, you can put an open lid on top of the bin to avoid losing track of the bearded Dragon. Every week, the whole cleaning procedure will take about 15 minutes, while deep cleaning sessions last longer than thirty minutes.

With the furnishings, equipment, and items within your tank and the level of dirtiness, the entire deep cleaning can last as long as 60 minutes. It shouldn’t take long as the deep cleaning should be done every month.

So it’s an excellent idea to have a travel cage or a small enclosure for your beardie to stay for just a few minutes or even an hour when cleaning is carried out.

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What Should I Use To Clean My Bearded Dragon’s Cage?

what should i use to clean my bearded dragon's cage
How To Clean Bearded Dragons Cage

There are numerous standard solutions that you can use to disinfect and clean the enclosure of your beardies. This section will look at several simple cleaning solutions that you can use to wash the section and its items thoroughly. We got to know that Zoo Med’s ReptiSafe treats the water, and it can also be used to make bearded Dragon’s bathwater and drinking water.

5 Best Cleaning Solutions For Bearded Dragons Tank

  • The Antibacterial soap liquid: This soap liquid can also be used for cleaning your Bearded Dragon’s Habitat, however only if it’s free of phosphate. It is advised to choose your dawn dish soap.
  • Pet Disinfectant: If you have a Bearded dragon, It is recommended to use a specific pet disinfectant.
  • Vinegar & Water Solution: You could also make a cleanser made of vinegar and water. The 50-50 vinegar-water solution is excellent to wash the glass floors and walls of the bearded dragon tank. Vinegar is not regarded as a disinfectant, but it can effectively eliminate different bacteria typically associated with reptiles, such as bearded dragons.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (3 %): There are many popular products of hydrogen peroxide-based on the market, but you must choose one with 3percent hydrogen peroxide and 97 percent pure water. It’s already in a dilute solution. Hydrogen peroxide has antibacterial and antiviral qualities that are more effective at cleaning than alcohol or white vinegar.
  • Bleach & Water: Bleach and water are another popular cleaning solution used by reptile owners. Since bleach is an effective disinfectant, it’s essential to dilute it before applying it.

    Be sure to make a solution that contains 10% bleach and 90 percent water. This method should only be used when there is no alternative, as the bleaching mixture may release gaseous substances that could be harmful if utilized for more extended periods.


You’ve got all the options for cleaning your bearded Dragon’s tank and the different cleaning products to select from. I’ve tried to inform you of the best cleaning products most popular among reptile owners. If you find this post helpful, do not hesitate to share it.

One share could assist a person or a group of people create an organized and clean environment for their pets and keeping their pets healthy. Please look at our other articles about bearded dragon health and care. Check back for a new piece; until then, be well and goodbye. Follow us on social media

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