What to Feed Bearded Dragon Baby? – Proper Diet Plan

What to Feed Bearded Dragon Baby? – Full Diet Routine First of all congrats for a new baby beardie. Before we go ahead on what to feed bearded dragon baby? make sure you don’t keep your baby beardie on any kind of substrate. Generally, they can be very excited and messy eaters on dirt like […]

Top 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for Heaters

10 Most Reliable Reptile Thermostats to Control Heater’s Temperature – 2020 Do you have a heating mat or lamp install in your pet’s vivarium, but do not have control over the environment. By using a reptile thermostat, you can make it easier for you and your pet. Choosing the right thermostat for your reptile’s vivarium […]

Caspian Pond Turtle As A Pet: A Complete Guide (+Pictures)

Caspian Pond Turtle as a pet should be given cautious thought as they require special attention, care, and most importantly frequent cleaning schedule. Turtles tend to bite, so they don’t work well with kids. Caspian Pond Turtle is also known as striped-neck terrapin. The numbers of wild Caspian turtle is decreasing day-by-day, unfortunately, their number […]

Snake Mites: Cause, Treatment & Prevention – 2020 Guide

Snake Mites 101 Step-by-Step Treatment Guide { Cause, Prevention, & Treatment}  Watch Video on How to Treat Snake Mites – 2020 Updated Version  Notice: Don’t Copy Our Post ” Snake Mites “ Causes of Snake Mites Most commonly parasite found on snakes is Ophionyssus matrices, not only they infest lizards but also on captive crocodiles, […]

Bearded Dragon Brumation – A Complete Guide (With Photos)

Bearded Dragon Brumation 101 Guide – Explained in Detail         What is brumation? Bearded Dragon Brumation is a hibernation-like state that cold-blooded animals like bearded dragon adopt during the winter season.Brumation is a term used for the hibernation-like state that cold-blooded animals such as bearded dragons adapt during winter. This process is […]

Here’s Why Baby Bearded Dragon Not Eating

Baby Bearded Dragon Not Eating: Cause, Prevention, and Treatment – 101 Care Well, first of congrats for a new baby beardie. If your baby bearded dragon not eating anything you provide then it’s mean that there can be some issue. There could be many possible reasons for not eating much or at all. It’s something […]

7 Easy Steps to Clean Reptile Carpet (With Pictures)

Easy-to-follow-Simple Steps on “How to clean reptile carpet” Instantly Every people asks a lot ” How to clean reptile carpet ” but I wonder is there any particular formula on cleaning a reptile carpet or bearded dragon carpet? is there any difference? Well Today I am going  to share my friend’s cleaning process and steps that […]

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