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How To Cool Down Crested Gecko Tank? 9 Ways

How To Cool Down Crested Gecko Tank? 9 Ways

As a Crestiess pet owner, you must be aware that Cresties prefer to be peaceful and warm in the order they Cresties can perform a variety of vital tasks, like digestion of food. However, can your Cresties tank get too hot? It’s something all pet owners must be aware of, so I’ve taken the time to investigate the matter and apply my expertise to give you the most accurate answer to How To Cool Down Crested Gecko Tank?

Can Cresties’Tank Be Too Hot?

is it possible that crestiess becomes hot
is it possible that crested gecko becomes hot?

In reality, Cresties isn’t immune to the heat. It is crucial to maintain the basking zone and the cooler end temperatures suitable for their need. It is recommended to utilize thermometers and thermostats to help you with this. Cresties may also exhibit unusual behavior when they’re too hot.

If you think a crested lizard can’t be hot enough, what do you know?

What can you tell when your Cresties is becoming too hot? Look at your trusty digital thermometer! You may be at a very extreme than the animals you have, and we’re not very good at determining temperatures. What is uncomfortable for us might be fine for you, Cresties.

Also, be conscious of your temperature in the evenings and during the day. Efforts to cool your tank may be practical; however, the temperature drops too low at night! Take a second look at the temperature your Cresties requires, and determine the temperature you’re getting.

If your Cresties do get overheated, the signs could be alarming. Lizards can be seen looking awry at each other, trying to hide in the ideal spot or hiding, becoming aggressive, and sometimes suffering from violent attacks.

It is recommended that you consult the Cresties specialist. Initial treatment options include bathing in excellent salinity water. If you bathe with cold, saline water, blood vessels in the skin area will shrink and draw blood to the middle of Cresties and will not be able to cool.

Cool water is a gentle way to reduce the blood temperature near the surface, allowing blood to circulate to the brain and the other vital organs. Make sure you have the water in the Cresties drinking water. Most people drink this water, but Cresties absorb, and there are unique Cresties electrolyte products that could help.

Drink them and then visit your vet for a health check-up if they are not willing to drink fluids.No. There’s no evidence to back up the internet-based “fact” that the Crestiess drink their fluids through their skins, which are more water-proof than ours! They also drink it through their vents.

If you can get fluids into the lower intestines, Cresties will take it in. However, submerging their bottoms in water will not cause any significant change. Yes, amphibians absorb water through their skins, but they need to consume water.

The splash of water could cause them to drink. Certain Cresties have scales, which redirect the water towards their mouths. Hyperthermia is a severe condition that can kill you.

Be well-prepared and follow these guidelines to ensure that you and the cresties profit from the warmth without danger!

How To Cool down Crested Gecko Tank?

how do i cool down crested gecko tank
how do I cool down the crested gecko tank

Close the curtains

The fact that your vivarium sits directly in sunlight is exceptionally vital. Temperature can rise to dangerous levels quickly. Sometimes, making the space a little cooler may be enough.


Naturally and instinctually, your Cresties can dig. It’s not just for fun but is also their most preferred natural foraging and hunting method. It is also used to stay warm in the caves where they sleep every night. Additionally, they stay cool during the scorching heat of summer in the mid-day sun.

They’ve achieved this throughout thousands of years of evolution on scales of development, and this is why it’s a good idea to let them attain the same results within your aquarium. Use a mixture of play-sand and topsoil, based on the ratio of having more topsoil, such as 40/60.

If your surface comprises soil, it’s best to make sure that you dampen it. The cover will dry fast. However, a less sticky and softer layer of water will usually be beneath it.

It’s the way that many Crestiess escape the hot temperatures that prevail during the daytime. They dig down into the thick layer and then wait for the evening temperatures to cool down. The moss boxes and wet hides are used for the same purpose.

Air conditioning

This is the most efficient method! When all the Crestiess are in the same space, then purchasing one of those smaller air conditioners is worthwhile. It’s not cheap to run, but you’ll be at ease knowing that your Crestiess won’t become too hot.

Change the liveried

You could move the entire item to a more relaxing location if you want to. If the heaters and lights are in operation, it’s easier to warm the room up instead of cooling the room down!

Bottles of Ice

If you have a wooden vivarium but want to reduce the temperature, it is possible to help by wrapping the bottle or block in an old towel and then placing it at the bottom of the vivarium. The towel should completely cover the object so that Cresties do not directly contact the thing.

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Although they can’t chill air – they can move it around, and they’re highly efficient in moving air through the glass. It could function as an exchanger of cooling and heating the air inside the living space. But be careful not to put your Cresties inside the vent.

The best method of allowing cooling in-tank system is through fans. They can connect using the setup vents on the back of the enclosure (or in the area where your ducts are). They let fresh air enter the chamber, while the second one draws it out and creates a constant air circulation within the enclosure.

This can help keep the temperature lower by just a few degrees. Room fans located in the same area as enclosures can help this process. I’ve used the Lucky Cresties Terra Fan set in the past and had great success.

Power down

All heating and lighting must be switched off. Switch off all heaters and lights when Cresties aren’t currently on thermostats. The lizard is unlikely to die after UV exposure for more than a couple of days.


If you have a large water container, you can add ice. The cool water will reduce the extremely high temperatures. This won’t last long. But, it is possible to use frozen blocks. Ensure that there is a minimum amount of touch with your Cresties or your frozen block of ice or freezer.

Containers filled with frozen water

If your vivarium comes with mesh roofing, frozen liquid bottles or frozen blocks could be placed over the mesh. Cool air can pass through, and there will be condensation. Do not place the blocks into containers – you don’t require your Cresties to communicate with them.