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Should You Get Dubia Roaches For Crested Gecko?

Should You Get Dubia Roaches For Crested Gecko?

Should You Get Dubia Roaches For Crested Gecko? There are no crickets left, and your Crestie requires food. You put on your shoes, hop in the car, and head to the pet store in town. You look around the area for a while after you arrive, wondering. It is unclear if Crested Gecko food will keep his body well-nourished and ready to continue his adorable and fascinating adventures.

Although there are a lot of crickets throughout the pet world, There is a reason to question the assumptions you have made. This is the turning point for you and your pet when you realize that roaches with doubtful ancestry quality are the best source of food to feed Crested Geckos.

Should You Get Dubia Roaches For Crested Gecko?

do you need dubia roaches to get crested gecko
do you need dubia roaches to get crested gecko

The wild Cresties have a different way of life than animals in confinement. With constant exercise and the variety of species of plants and insects around them, they aren’t in the greatest danger of malnutrition. But this isn’t the case with domesticated Cresties.

Pet Cresties rely on you to ensure they’re fed the correct nutrition and diet to prevent health problems such as weight gain and intestinal obstruction and hyperparathyroidism (inability to process calcium, which can lead to paralysis).

A healthy Crestie is a happy Crestie, and Dubia insects are an excellent way to provide nutrients to guarantee a long and happy life. Giving Dubia insects to Crested Geckos can be fun and easy. Dubia is a reliable energy source for Crested Geckos’ response to food.

They often chase after their Dubia feeders and eat them furiously, with each bite being eaten in succession. This is the right eating behavior you’d like to witness in this species of Crested Gecko. Feed on all the insects it can within a span of between 10 to 15 minutes, or until it’s eaten enough. It’s easy to know if they’ve had enough.

There are five reasons that roaches of dubia are perfect for crested geckos.

A lot of protein.

Dubia roaches have a secret among insects. Offer five times the amount of nutrition of other insects that rely on food. They are also very low in fat and full of protein (up to 54%! ). This is crucial for your baby’s Crestie’s development.

It’s easy to swallow.

Many insect feeders, including crickets (a popular Crestie snack), can make the protein chitin inside their exoskeleton. The amount of this protein grows as the insect gets older. Dubia roaches have less chitin and don’t develop similarly, and cØckroaches are easier to digest, particularly older Cresties.

Customizable nutrients.

What you feed your rodents will be the final food you give your Crestie. Dubia roaches have been known to consume three times their body weight in food, so it’s possible to feed them lots of vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals that your Crestie needs the most.

Perfect size.

Dubia roaches range from a half-inch up to around 2 inches. You can choose the right dimensions for your Crestie depending on your pet’s age and level.

How many roaches could be allowed to eat Crested Gecko?

Fortunately, not many crickets grow, which means that various sizes are accessible. Additionally, you can feed between three and five adult crickets every 2 or 3 days, based on your cØckroach’s size. Of course, Crested Geckos also need their diets supplemented with greens such as collard, kale, dandelion-colored ones, and fruit such as melons, mangoes, and peaches.

If your pet is still young, the dubia roaches suitable for infants Crested Geckos must be fed every day. They require protein in abundance to help fuel their bodies as they grow, which will enable you to grow into an adult that is healthy and big in a short time.

Interactive eating.

Crested Geckos are known to chase and consume Dubia roaches. What better way than to allow your Crestie to explore the wild side of them?

7 Reasons Why To Choose Dubia Roaches Over other Feeder Insects?

Certain people must move past their fears about Cockroach (or the roach issue) to be confident in offering Dubious an opportunity to be the Crested Gecko. The thought of having an ant living in your home might cause you to reconsider. But with Dubia roaches, you won’t need to worry about anything, and it’s simple to maintain and maintain Dubia roaches.

  1. They’re quiet.
  2. They don’t bite.
  3. They’re healthy as well as free from parasites.
  4. They’re not smoky.
  5. They’re not able to jump or fly.
  6. It’s not a threat to your home if they escape (they generally die first).
  7. They can also help you save money because Dubia is an invasive roach with an extended period (up to 2 years). ).

If you take a second to think about it, there’s no reason to feel hesitant about incorporating Crested Gecko’s balanced diet with the healthy and delicious Dubia Roaches.

Interesting Further Reading

Gut load Dubia to treat Crested Geckos

gut load dubia to treat crested geckos
gut load dubia to treat crested geckos

It brings us back to yet another amazing Dubia characteristic of roaches’ gut-loading capability. You can load the gut of Dubia Roaches to the maximum. They have extremely robust stomachs, and their digestive system can hold more than double the weight of their bodies in food.

Apart from the dust that accumulates on your floor, provide Dubia rats with food products that have the essential nutrients you would like for your pet’s Crested Gecko to acquire and in huge quantities. Do you wish for your pet to have more vitamin A? You can give your Dubia feeders foods rich in carotenoids.

These include the sweetness of the sweet potato and squash and carrots. Are you looking to observe your Crestie become more calcium-rich? Give the roaches a green meal before feeding them food, Crestie. This can increase the calcium intake of your pet naturally, without supplements.

Since Crested geckos are all-omnivores, their need for plants can be, at a minimum, met by gut-loading the organs of your Dubia Roaches. This is an intriguing method, and Dubia Roaches are omnivores, eating various plant-based, healthy foods. Further details on this are later on.


Crested Geckos that do not consume Dubia roaches might benefit from incorporating Dubia roaches into their diet. This is likely to be the case regardless of whether you add Dubia insects as your primary source of food, as a secondary source of food, or as occasionally as a treat every time.

We recommend making them an immediate feeder. However, it’s your choice. No matter how you decide to utilize these roaches, we suggest that you figure out the most effective way to utilize these roaches! Consider Dubia Roaches If you’ve never used them previously.

We think you’ll see an improvement in Your Crested Gecko. We did. This is the reason we began to investigate Dubia Roaches. If there’s a cause that you aren’t noticing any difference once you’ve experienced these roaches, you’ll be able to comprehend why we say that “Crested Geckos adore these.” They certainly do. Look it up! Try them today!