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What Temperature Do Crested Geckos Need? (2022 Review)

What Temperature Do Crested Geckos Need? (2022 Review)

Yeah, in this article, I will tell you what temperature do crested geckos need. Being cold-blooded reptiles, they need the surrounding temperature to stay active and warm. The digestive system and appetite will also work depending on the humidity level and the temperature you provide inside their enclosure.

Temperature is essential for all lizards and reptiles, including your crested gecko. So, what temperature does a crested gecko need?

What Temperature Do Crested Geckos Need?

In an enclosure, crested geckos’ temperature should be around 72-78° F during the day. During the night, you can keep their enclosure temperature between 69-74 F. It is important to provide the proper thermal gradient inside their enclosure that is also adjustable whenever you/they need to. 

A temperature gradient will allow your crested gecko to go on the more incredible end whenever they feel too hot and, alternatively, to go on the more burning end when they are too cold. 

Geckos are easy to take care of and can make great pets. Here is a valuable guide on why are crested geckos good pets.

Like other reptiles, crested geckos don’t need high temperatures to live and thrive. Hence, this is because of their regional temperature, which suits the pet’s health & wellbeing. Plus, most people keep their crested geckos in an enclosure without any heating equipment.

Still, it is crucial to learn about the best temperature for your crested geckos so that you can adjust it well according to the changing season.

Let’s learn what temperature is suitable for crested geckos and what will be the ideal temperature for them. We will also learn about the impacts on Gecko’s health if kept at an improper temperature. 

At last, we will also discuss the heating equipment and the lamps to regulate the temperature of a crested geckos tank.

What Temperature Is Good For Crested Geckos (Crested Gecko Ideal Temperature)

When you look at the temperature ranges mentioned above, you can say that it is the same temperature that most humans thrive in. If you reside in a place with a temperature around 72-78° F, your crested gecko will be fine. 

These reptiles can also rely on your surrounding temperature to regulate their body warmth. However, to raise their body temperature, they mostly bask in the sunlight. 

I would recommend you to get a small heat lamp at least. Here you can learn: Do crested geckos need UVB, UVA & lighting

Maintaining a proper temperature for your cresties is essential because it can influence and impact their sleeping pattern, appetite, food digestion, and breeding process. 

Ideal Temperature For Crested Gecko Enclosure

What Temperature Do Crested Geckos Need?

It would help if you considered keeping crested geckos tank temperature around 20-25.5° Celsius in the daytime. Geckos can easily handle lower temperatures at night which will be discussed later. Crested geckos don’t need high temperatures, but it is necessary to digest food and activity properly. 

Your room temperature should be acceptable for a crested gecko if you reside in Asia. People living in a mild climate and room temperature between 72-78° F can have these lizards without spending on heating equipment. Let’s learn what temperature do crested geckos need at night.

Crested Gecko Night Temperature

At night, you can keep them at a lower temperature between 20.5-23.5° Celsius. Cresties tend to be very active at night because their eyes function great in the dark. Avoid providing any light to them as it can mess with their vision and day-night rhythm. 

Plus, a drop in temperature at night time is always considered healthy for crested geckos. Try to maintain that tank temperature between 16-27° C without any dramatic change. This is the safest and the maximum range you can have for crested geckos. If you live in the United Kingdom, here is what temperature crested geckos need in the UK.

Crested Gecko Temperature Uk

Crested Geckos are native to mild, warm, and humid environments. In the UK, you will need to invest in heating equipment for them to live & thrive. Crested geckos will need a basking area of around 24 degrees celsius.

The temperature and weather seem to be unpredictable; however, fortunately, it is rarely extreme. 

In the summer season, the average temperature will be around 48-64° C which means you need a heating element to raise the temperature inside their vivarium.

What Temperature Is Too Cold For A Crested Gecko?

A temperature of less than 44° F is considered too cold for a crested gecko. Temperature around 50° F is tolerable for crested geckos as long as they can warm up their body later. In winter, they also thrive when temperatures drop as low as about 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit. 

As they’re cold-blooded reptiles, you will need to provide them with some heating element to regulate their body warmth if they can’t produce it. 

The temperature exceeding 80 degrees Fahrenheit creates issues like adequate body temperature, improper digestion, impaction, and many more.

Plus, they will also become sluggish and malnourished so that they can save their energy. Temperature more or less than required will affect their appetite and eating habits.

How to Regulate the Temperature in a Crested Gecko Tank?

how to regulate the temperature in a crested gecko tank
how to regulate the temperature in a crested gecko tank

If the temperature inside their vivarium is constantly lower than 70° F, you will need to add a heating source to keep their body temperature regulating. 

I recommend you get a low-wattage incandescent bulb that gives a good amount of warmth, UVB & UVA lighting. In the wild, geckos move from one place to another all day and night to find suitable temperatures according to their body and hide.

Whereas inside an enclosure, if there is an improper temperature, your gecko will not be able to regulate its body temperature, continue its appetite, and digest food properly. It is essential to get them at least medium to large tanks that best suits thermal gradient using microhabitat in their enclosure.

How To Create Thermal Gradients In A Crested Geckos Tank?

Put vegetation and branches inside the tank. As your crested gecko moves away from the basking spot, it will need shade. It would help if you considered placing some branches and plants in their enclosure to create a perfect hiding place and shadow with lower temperature. 

Make sure that the temperature in the basking spot stays between 80-83 degrees Fahrenheit. I would recommend you put a heating device on one end of an enclosure and a thermometer on the other end for reading. 

It is essential to measure the temperature on both sides of the enclosure along with the basket spot. Let’s learn what will be the best heating equipment for your crested gecko.

Best Heating Equipment For Crested Geckos

As you know, crested geckos don’t need any special lighting or heat equipment, but still having heating equipment will always give you an advantage/edge over their care. 

One of the best heating equipment that I find to be suitable for crested geckos is heat lamps. There are two types of heat lamps available in the market – one is a metal reflector dome, and the other is an incandescent light

I would recommend you to look at the Zilla Reptile Terrarium Heat Lamps Incandescent Bulb because metal reflected reflector dome light will affect their vision. 

The low-wattage incandescent bulb will produce heat and light in one area in the enclosure. Make sure to get the low wattage according to the tank temperature without any heating source. The higher the wattage will be, the higher the temperature is going to be inside the terrorism. 

I recommend getting a heat lamp with a ceramic base rather than a plastic one to reduce the fire risk.