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How Much Space Do Crested Geckos Need? (2022 Guide)

How Much Space Do Crested Geckos Need? (2022 Guide)

When considering adopting a new pet, we have to prepare with the new housing that can provide physical and emotional comfort. If you have recently adopted a crested gecko, then in this article, you will learn how much space do crested geckos need and what other things are required to house them.

Their habitat should have the right temperature, humidity substrate, food, and water available in terms of physical comfort. 

On the other hand, your crested gecko must feel safe and comfortable around you in terms of emotional comfort. Try to keep them in housing that mimics their origin as well.

I understand that it’s not possible to mimic nature inside its vivarium entirely, but with the help of substrate, decor, plants, branches, and rocks, you can still provide them with the essentials they need. 

As you know, crested geckos are crepuscular reptiles who tend to be active at night while sleeping and hide a lot all day long. Do you know, crested geckos sleep without their eyelids? find out how crested geckos sleep with their eyes open.

How Much Space Do Crested Geckos Need?

The tank should have at least 60 CM length, 40 cm height, and 30 widths for crested geckos. You can also keep a couple of crested geckos in 15 20 gallons tank. Make sure to give them sufficient space where they can roam around.

The bigger the tank is, the better it is. They need vertical rooms where they can climb and jump to. Being highly territorial, avoid keeping to males getting close together.

However, a female get course will get along quickly if given enough space with hiding places. The area inside the tank should be cleaned and well ventilated. Now let’s learn why do crested geckos need a lot of space.

Why Do Crested Geckos Need A Lot Of Space?

How Much Space Do Crested Geckos Need?
why do crested geckos need a lot of space
why do crested geckos need a lot of space

Crested geckos tend to have wings like a muscle around their limbs that helps them glide in the air whenever they jump. They are risk-takers and are not afraid of jumping from a height. Crested geckos need a lot of space where they can jump and climb very quickly. 

Keeping them in a tiny enclosure will result in stressing them out. Plus, holding two or more crested geckos together in the same tank requires a lot of space because each needs its hiding place, food bowl, and others. Here are 5 reasons why crested geckos need a lot of space.

  • To Hide

During the daytime, crested geckos love hiding around and sleeping. It is essential to have lots of space to place rocks and other ailments for them to hide.

During breeding, they also need to hide from each other whenever they need to, which also needs a lot of space. You don’t need a lot of room for a single crested gecko, but a larger tank is required to house more than three or four.

  • To Climb

Crested geckos are natural climbers who love climbing and hanging on tree branches. Their tails tend to wrap around your finger showing trust as well as the components of the trees whenever they fall. Their tank should have vertical areas & spaces where your geckos can easily climb and play.

  • To Jump

Crested geckos are excellent jumpers from height. They are not afraid of jumping from a height. The muscle that helps them glide in the air will also help them to jump around.

Make sure to have some branches, substrates, plants, and other decorations so that they can quickly jump around and play around.

  • To Eat

Most of the Geckos don’t eat frozen or dead insects. They eat live insects. Give them one insect at a time to each gecko. When there is more than one gecko in the tank, they will need space to prey on live insects you give turn by turn. 

In a slight tan, two or more geckos can fight over food. The larger tank is, the better you can provide food. Here is what size tank do crested geckos need.

  • For Warmth

If the tank is small and doesn’t have lots of space, the thermal gradient inside it will be very poor for your geckos to find the warmth and shade they need.

In a large tank with lots of space, a crested gecko can run around to the more relaxed end to cool down as well as to the hotter end to find warmth depending upon their need.

Is 12X12X18 Big Enough For A Crested Gecko?

Baby crested geckos can be kept in 12x12x18 housing built-in plastic or standard quality. Get a 12x12x18 glass cage with the mesh screen top for your baby crested gecko. 

Adult crested geckos can be housed in a 12x12x18 sized tank, but the space will not thrive efficiently. 

Plus, Smaller tanks will also give a poor display. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, there is a vast difference in their habitat and care. 

Setting up a tank for baby geckos needs minimal effort. . You can keep baby and hatchlings in a smaller tank of fewer than 3 gallons as well. However, a 2-gallon tank is the smallest to have for baby crested geckos. 

Avoid keeping baby crested geckos in a large tank because small tanks offer better and closer proximity to their food, helping them continue consistent appetite and feeding frequency. It is also very beneficial for your baby crested gecko health and development.

However, setting up an adult crested gecko tank will require effort and time. They come in a tiny size, which makes them capable of living in a small enclosure. 

But anything bigger than 12x12x24 is excellent as it offers space and better display. 8x8x12 is enough to house a tiny 6-month-old Juvenile crested gecko.

Why Is A Small Tank Good For Baby Crested Geckos?

why is a small tank good for baby crested geckos
why is a small tank good for baby crested geckos?

In a small tank, baby crested geckos will make them feel more secure. Keeping them in a larger tank will keep them from their food as well. As I told you, keeping them in a small tank gives them better proximity to their diet.

Some baby geckos can also exhibit an indication of stress when they are relocated in a large tank. Sometimes, baby crested geckos find it intimidating to leave their sleeping and resting spot.

Is A 10 Gallon Tank Big Enough For A Crested Gecko?

No, 10-gallon time is not big enough for an adult crested gecko. However, baby and Juvenile crested geckos can be kept in a 10-gallon tank. Adult crested geckos need at least 20-gallon tanks to grow, thrive, and live.

Is A 18X18X24 Too Big For A Juvenile Crested Gecko?

18X18X24 Is too big for a Juvenile crested gecko because it often keeps them away from accessing its food. 18X18X24 much of space is suitable for 2 or more Juvenile crested geckos of the same size and age. Avoid keeping males together to prevent territorial fights. In being together, females cresties do best.

How Big Of A Tank Does A Crested Gecko Need?

Crested geckos need at least a 15-25 gallon tank to live, grow and thrive. A space of 18X18X24 is excellent for crested geckos to live and be happy. A big tank will also offer a good display. Here is a good guide on how big of a tank does a crested gecko need.