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Why Are Pitbulls Dangerous? (7 Reasons Why They Attack)

Why Are Pitbulls Dangerous? (7 Reasons Why They Attack)

we all are aware of the Pitbull reputation. You are in the right place If you want to read or want to know if they are dangerous or not. It not it is not only about Pitbulls but also about other Dogs. Any dog can be dangerous if not trained properly.

But, in this guide, we are going to talk about or learn about Pitbulls and their vicious behavior. We will also learn about their temperament so that we can understand why are Pitbulls dangerous or are considered as dangerous or attacking dog breeds. Before that, let’s learn, are Pitbulls dangerous

Why Are Pitbulls Dangerous? (7 Reasons Why They Attack)

Are Pitbulls Dangerous?

Are Pitbulls Dangerous? Yes, any Pitbulls that have been not been trained properly can be considered dangerous dog breeds. Plus, according to recent research, out of 63% dog attacks, 51% of The Attacks were constituted from Pitbulls

There are lots of reports that confirm these statistics and that is why Pitbulls are always considered dangerous or attacking dog breeds.

But, there are so many misconceptions about the breed and around them like most people think that they have been bred to be attacking dog breed but they are not.

We will also learn some facts in order to help you in understanding, why are Pitbulls dangerous? So, let’s learn, what are the reason that makes Pitbulls dangerous.

7 Reasons Why Are Pitbulls Dangerous

Why Are Pitbulls Dangerous? (7 Reasons Why They Attack)

1. Grabbing And Shaking Style

I hope that you may have heard of Pitbull having locking jaws but let me tell you, it is not true it’s a misconception only

(myth #1). Pitbulls do come with a very strong jaw muscle and the fighting style is definitely very different.

Yes, they are dangerous because of their driving and shaking style. But it doesn’t mean that if they get a grip, they won’t let go or leave.

Actually, due to their unique style of grabbing and shaking, it makes people think that they are not going to let go. They can be very dangerous to anyone, except a hard grip from them. So yes, their fighting style is also one of the major reasons why are Pitbulls dangerous.

2. Pitbulls Are Aggressive

Not only dangerous but they are also very aggressive and there is no doubt that they can also get more aggressive if they are lack training.

Any kind of irresponsible ownership or treating can develop or make aggressive Pitbulls which also makes them very dangerous.

It is very important that they are treated with respect as well as trained properly so that they will have less likely to fit any random negative traits.

3. Violent Nature

No doubt that Pitbulls are naturally violent and can always get more aggressive. Due to their natural violent nature, they may develop temperament issues and you may have to deal with it.

4. Bred To Fight

Look, Pitbulls are not ready to rage into another dog breed or animal, or human being. Most of their ancestors have been developed so that they can be trained to fight by people or owners who are interested in making money by entertainment in the form of a dog fight.

5. Pitbulls Can Fight To The Death In Many Instances

Pitbulls were developed or been made so that they can be forced to fight to the death in many instances and that canines who cannot go on often get killed by gunshot or other crucial means or get abandoned.

It is not about the cruelty at that time but whether those canines that easily break off of a fight or those ones that are not trained properly get killed or get abandoned.

That is why you may have noticed in modern Pitbull’s being aggressive and independent and are always ready to pick up a fight

6.Wrong Training

Look, if you give your Pitbulls the wrong training then it is very important for you to know that it is going to promote them to be more aggressive and it will also be very difficult to handle them.

It is going to be difficult for you to handle an aggressive dog especially if you have Pitbulls in your home. In this time, you should always remember that it is also one of the reasons why are Pitbulls dangerous if they are not trained properly.

They can be very dangerous to you as well as your family member.

7. They are Not For Senior Citizens Or Sensitive Peoples

Look, don’t get hurt but it is true, it is very important to be a strong owner if you want to have Pitbulls at home.

It requires a strong grip in order to control Pitbulls because they can be very aggressive and violent towards anybody.

Most of the family member who has kids should adopt another dog breed instead of Pitbulls but, if you are in love with Pitbulls, let me tell you, you can always train or teach them not to be so violent or aggressive around your family member.

If you can’t hold them tightly or if you think you have a break then avoid a Pitbull. It is also a reason why are Pitbulls dangerous.

11 Tips To Control Dangerous Pitbulls

Why Are Pitbulls Dangerous? (7 Reasons Why They Attack)
11 Tips To Control Dangerous Pitbulls

There are some tips that can help you control your dangerous Pitbulls and it is very important for you to learn if you really want to get a well-mannered Pitbulls in your home.

  1. Always Train Your Pitbulls perfectly and always choose the right training for Pitbulls.
  2. Always teach your Pitbulls how to stay in one place and make them follow your command.
  3. Teach them not to bark or bark on command. Making them bark on the command can be very helpful. In this way, you will be able to keep them silent when they don’t want you don’t want them to bark
  4. Hold Pitbulls with a strong grip whenever any visitor visits you because they can not only be very aggressive but can also be very violent and may attack with a warning.
  5. On Christmas Eve or new year eve always chain your Pitbulls in one place so that they don’t start roaming around and start biting you guests because if they are allowed to roam free when there are lots of people around, it can be very dangerous.
  6. Don’t make your Pitbulls left chained up always because being alone or chained can also develop aggression in your Pitbulls. Allowed them most of the time to be free when there are not people who can get harmed by them.
  7. Always handle your Pitbulls with a firm hand and show them some respect because if they feel they threatened, they can be aggressive and dangerous
  8. Always socialize your Pitbulls properly because any dog breed that is never properly socialized is more likely to be more aggressive as well as dangerous.
  9. There are certain triggers that can make your Pitbulls to be more aggressive and dangerous. Make sure, this kind of trigger is not around your Pitbulls. These triggers can include sudden noises, sirens, other things.
  10. Always keep other pet animals and dogs at a distance because the dog on dog aggression is very common as Pitbulls is known to be very dominant.
  11. If you are noticing your Pitbulls becoming very violent then try to calm him down as well as calm yourself and keep firm voice.

Pitbulls Being Labeled Dangerous

Why Are Pitbulls Dangerous? (7 Reasons Why They Attack)

The most common dog breed that has been labeled as dangerous is Pitbulls another dog breed that has been labeled as dangerous like a boxer, Alaskan malamutes, American Bulldog, American Staffordshire Terrier, and American Pitbulls Terrier.

The dangerous dog breeds are labeled due to their aggressiveness and vicious nature and according to history, it has been found that Pitbulls have been bred and always been bred to fight till death no matter what otherwise, they may end up getting abandoned.

This is why you may find most of the Pitbulls being dominant at others and pet animals it doesn’t matter how much stronger the opponent are

Some Pitbulls can also be very friendly to their owner as well as their family member if they are trained property as well as handled very firmly. Every individual dog can have their own traits.

If any kind of Pitbulls has been reported for aggressive behavior then the restrictions will always be placed on that dog as well as their owner like wearing a muzzle in public or not being allowed in public.

Lots of states have already banned Pitbulls as a pet because of their aggressiveness and dangerous nature. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t have Pitbulls.

Breeds like Saint Bernard, a wolf hybrid, Siberian Husky, Great Dane, German Shepherd dog, Doberman, Rottweiler, and Bull Terrier are some other dogs that can also be considered as dangerous but have lesser urge to urge to fight or attack than Pitbulls If compared. In the list of most dangerous dog breeds in the world, Pitbulls come at first.


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Final Thoughts

I hope that I managed to give you some space of information about why are Pitbulls dangerous and what makes them dangerous. If I did a good job then do share this post because it is going to encourage me to write more about them.

If you have any questions regarding your Pitbulls then let me know in the comment section and I will try to give your answer as soon as possible. See you in the next post, till then, take care, and goodbye.