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Are Pitbulls Friendly? (9 Tips To Raise A Friendly Pitbull)

Are Pitbulls Friendly? (9 Tips To Raise A Friendly Pitbull)

When it comes to adopting Pitbulls, there are lots of things you need to consider first and one of those things is their friendliness.

This is an important factor because they tend to be very dangerous dog breeds and are one of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world, you may find them very aggressive. You always want to know if they would be friendly around you as well as your family member or not.

Are Pitbulls Friendly? (9 Tips To Raise A Friendly Pitbull)
Are Pitbulls Friendly? (9 Tips To Raise A Friendly Pitbull)

In this guide, I am going to talk about everything you need to know about Pitbull’s friendliness. You will also learn how to make your Pitbulls more friendly to a stranger as well as how we can make them behave well mannered around a stranger.

I will also discuss some other things that can help you in making your Pitbulls a good companion with another animal. But before that, let’s learn, are Pitbulls friendly because it is the most first question and certainly one that needs to be heightened properly. So, are Pitbulls friendly?

Is Pitbulls Friendly?

Are Pitbulls Friendly? (9 Tips To Raise A Friendly Pitbull)
Are Pitbulls Friendly? (9 Tips To Raise A Friendly Pitbull)

Are Pitbulls Friendly? Some Pitbulls are friendly just like the other dog breeds and some are not. It totally depends upon their training as well as what kind of care they have been getting. However, Pitbulls has been bred for fighting, and according to their blood lining, they can be aggressive.

After understanding it, that some of them can be friendly, you may think or even fool yourself that your one is going to be turnout differently but it’s not the case.

It is very important for you to understand that it takes hard work and dedication, patients, and lots of training in order to make them more friendly towards other people and animals.

You need to understand that according to their Bloodlines, they are very aggressive dog breeds that have been bred for fighting only.

There are lots of factors that can really influence your Pitbulls temperament against their owner and the treatment of the anima.

Some people love to have a crazy dog breed by their side but most people want to avoid one because they think that they can attack them because of their masculinity, aggressiveness, and vicious nature.

Any kind of past incidents can make your Pitbulls more aggressive and less friendly and that is why it is important to raise a good Pitbulls puppy and train them early in order to make or to get the friendly Pitbulls in your home.

Raising People-Friendly Pitbulls

Are Pitbulls Friendly? (9 Tips To Raise A Friendly Pitbull)
Are Pitbulls Friendly? (9 Tips To Raise A Friendly Pitbull)

Look, there is only a short span of time or short developmental window in every single Pitbulls life when he or she will be extremely sensitive to his environment.

It depends upon the number of positive Encounters he has with other animals as well as people during this period which ranges from just a few weeks old to three or four-month-old of age.

It can directly dramatically influence how friendly he will become as an adult. So, if you’re getting a Pitbulls puppy in your home then look for the one who has been raised around most people and another puppy.

Once you get your favorite Pitbulls puppy, regarding the age, introduce them to lots of different peoples and other animals – the best way to do so could also be to host a puppy party where another puppy as well another member and people will be there.

You should invite all types of people so that your Pitbulls can get to know more and more. Make sure to include every single man and kids on the guest list.

It is important to remember that you should always change a guest list very often because inviting the same people over and over again week after week is not going to do it and won’t do it unless they have been walked in public frequently.

Your Pitbulls puppy needs to learn how to behave around strangers so, in order with an order to do that, he needs to be exposed to meet familiar people very often.

It is also important for your Pitbulls to learn some commands and you should start some basic command – you should also include the kid’s hand feed him. You should make the kids give him lots of cuddles and pets so that they can get used to being a handle.

If your guest reward your Pitbulls puppy be the piece of cake or treat after each session or exercise – your Pitbulls is going to associate or probably conclude that humans are pretty much very nice bunch.

When they will be a puppy, you should also take your Pitbulls out because don’t think that your puppy is too young to be on the ground in a public place. You can still carry him to work, to the park, or even stroll around the neighborhood.

How To Make Your Pitbulls More Friendly And Teach Them Not To Bite

Are Pitbulls Friendly? (9 Tips To Raise A Friendly Pitbull)
Are Pitbulls Friendly? (9 Tips To Raise A Friendly Pitbull)

After introducing your puppy with 5 peoples and other animals, you should work on teaching them not to bite. Pitbulls are very aggressive dog breeds.

So, if you noticed the puppies play fight then it means that teaching them not to bite with their jaws whenever they play is important.

When your puppy will be one of them – playing around, you should notice that if your puppy bites too hard in play or one will start in and the bitten puppy takes time out from the urge to lick their body or his body.

In this way, you will get to know if your Pitbulls is getting more aggressive and its bite are getting more vicious.

So, at that moment, when your Pitbulls puppy will bite you, you shouldn’t respond with the shouting out at your dog. Just stop the play or ignore your Pitbulls for a minute or two so that it can give them some kind of notion that you don’t like it and you are getting hurt.

After that, if your Pitbulls puppy also ignores your help protest then give them a Timeout. You must stand up and walk out of the room and leave them alone for a few more minutes.

It should give your Pitbulls puppy to some kind of notion that if they bite you then the fun ends. This thing should also be taught to kids because your kids should know how they should react to the mouthing orbiting.

You don’t want to associate your Pitbulls with kids and other men as different peoples. If you really want to make sure that your puppy knows that the kids are the people then you also need them to treat your Pitbulls gently.

9 Tips To Make Them More Friendly (Socialize Your Pitbulls With Guests & Other People)

Are Pitbulls Friendly? (9 Tips To Raise A Friendly Pitbull)
Are Pitbulls Friendly? (9 Tips To Raise A Friendly Pitbull)
  1. Daily walk because daily works is the key solution. You should take your dog out to public places and walk around and make him or help him grow more comfortable with the environment and with a stranger around him.

  2. Invite more guests in your home to let your puppy know that guests are welcome in the home and are no a threat to their owner. This will make them more friendly and less aggressive towards visitors at your home.

  3. Expose your Pitbulls to socialize to a wide variety of people if you really want them to get acclimated to the idea of people. Start from men to women to children.

  4. Always be on time and make sure that you are repeating this method until they are 12 weeks old because it is the sweet spot for the socialization of a puppy.

  5. Dog classes come very handily. Bootcamp action isn’t going to hurt your Pitbulls puppy or a puppy Garden also for that matter. So, you can consult for your veterinarian about local dog socialization opportunities that might help your Pitbulls and can be a good fit for you as well for your pet.

  6. In the public, if your puppy Pitbulls is getting scared then firstly you stay calm and confident and don’t make a big deal out of it skittish behavior.

  7. Always make sure that the people who are petting on touching your Pitbulls have their hand visible like they touch your Pitbullss off on your dog chest or chin. In this way, you can ensure that they are not getting bullied by strangers.

  8. You should always reward his the as a positive Association with new people and its experiences

  9. Handover your Pitbull to a dog walker or drop them in a pet sitter so that it can also give your Pitbulls more exposure to different other caregivers during the day.

    This is for in case, in the future, you might have to go away for a week and leave your Pitbulls all alone on their own and want to hire a dog walker or a Pet Sitter.

7 Steps To Socialize Your Pitbulls To Another Dog And Make Them More Friendly Towards Them.

  1. At first, you should always introduce the dogs to each other with a long walk. If you suddenly bring a new dog in your home, your Pitbulls is going to be threatened and might also take it as an intervention to their territory and can behave very aggressively towards the new dog which you don’t want. By walking them together, you can allow them to sleep and greet each other.

  2. Always keep your Pitbulls and the other dogs separated at first and give each of them its own areas and space so that they won’t feel threatened by the other dog presents. You should keep your dog separated when their eating or sleeping.

  3. Now, it’s time to be dominant and establish dominance. If your Pitbulls see you as a leader then they are not going to see each other as a rival in their back and can also possibly get along well.

  4. When your Pitbulls and the other dog is allowed to interact with each other freely, keep an eye on them because you can’t trust a Pitbulls in this matter.

    Dog on dog aggression is quite normal in Pitbulls. Supervision is always and absolutely necessary and certain because it might occur. Your Pitbull has the ability to harm or even kill the other one.

  5. Now, it’s come on the obedience training because it will help you in having the better control of your Pitbulls and will also help you in need to sinking the chance of any possible fight happenings.

  6. Always look for body language or body posture in your Pitbulls because it can indicate any kind of aggressive behavior or defensive behavior.

  7. Now, last but not the least, always keep your attention and care for each dog equally. If you are giving more attention to the new dog in the house then the existing Pitbulls may feel neglected and its can worsen or reverse the relationship between the two dogs.


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Final Thoughts

As you know, they are very vicious, dangerous, and aggressive dog breeds, you may want to know how much time do they need to become more friendly with strangers or with another dog breed.

You are fooling yourself because if you think that you can make them friends in a few hours or within a few months then it is not going to happen. Talking about time is not the real factor here, it depends upon the personality.

Some Pitbulls get friendly within a few hours and some may not but in the case of Pitbulls, it is doubtful to happen because it will take more time. I hope that I manage to give me some space often formation about Pitbulls and in its friendliness.

If you find this post helpful then do share this post because it is going to encourage me to write more about them. Plus, if you have any questions regarding them then you can comment below and let me know and I will try to give your answer as soon as possible. See you in the next post, till then, take care, and goodbye.