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Do Crested Geckos Need UVB Light? (2022 Guide)

Do Crested Geckos Need UVB Light? (2022 Guide)

Here, in this article, we will talk about the need for UV light on crested geckos. In this post, I will answer a fascinating question: do crested geckos need UVB Light? If so, what kind of UVB does a crested gecko need?

Later, I will also share my favorite picks of the best UVB light for crested geckos. Let’s first learn: Do crested geckos
need UVB?

Do Crested Geckos Need Uvb? 

Crested Geckos don’t necessarily need UVB. However, keeping them in UVB light is better to make them more active and closer to nature. UVB will not hurt your crested gecko but not buying one will save you money. 

In the case of crested geckos, a UV bulb is optional. However, depending on their health, need, diet, activity, and varying conditions, the purpose of these bulbs shifts.

Some owners may need a UV bulb if they reside in a place with a cold temperature. Let’s first learn: do crested geckos need UVB light at night?

Do Crested Geckos Need Uvb Light at night?

Crested geckos don’t necessarily need UVB light at night in their habitat. However, keeping UV light in the daytime in their housing can still be beneficial. Being nocturnal, UVB is not required, but it will always be for their health and activity. 

I have found geckos being more active after setting up the bulb. Hence, crested geckos don’t even need UVB light to survive as they are quite sensitive to it. Adding to that, long periods of lighting from UV bulbs are not beneficial for their health. 

The amount of exposure should be monitored and maintained as well. It is unnecessary to invest in a UV light for a crested gecko setup, but if you consider breeding them, getting one is a must.

Later, we’ll discuss the multiple benefits of setting UV light for crested geckos, even if it’s optional.

Do Geckos Need Uva Or Uvb Light?

do geckos need uva or uvb light
do geckos need uva or UVB light

Choosing a good quality UV spectrum is usually in three different segments, UVA, UVB & UVC. Here, we are going to talk about the need for UV light for crested geckos. 

Crested geckos need UVA light for their well-being, behavior regulation, mating, proper daily activity, and appetite. At the same time, UVB helps produce Vitamin d3 in the body to promote its calcium absorption capability. Crested geckos do not need UVC. 

However, UVC is beneficial in killing bacteria that are present inside the tank itself as well. Plus, make sure not to expose UVC too much as it can be harmful as well. Keeping them in poor UV output will lead to critical health issues. 

Bulbs should be directly exposed in their housing rather than on geckos themselves. Consider replacing the UV bulb every 12 months because its output gets worn down and poor over time.

It is important to regulate the UV bulb exposure, so your crested gecko is always in its adequate lighting setup

What Kind Of UV Does A Crested Gecko Need?

Crested geckos need UVA and UVB light for their well-being. Both help in calcium absorption, production of Vitamin d3, proper appetite, daily activity, and movement. It helps in behavior regulation for your crested geckos as well. 

Although without UVB, crested geckos can do very well in captivity as it is not needed for them to be healthy. However, it can be beneficial if you keep them under exposure to UV light for some days. 

It has been a critical argument and debate between breeders whether crested geckos need UV bulbs or not. Hence being such a hot debate; the community should not forget that even in captivity, crested geckos should experience and feel a natural wildlife-like environment even in their enclosure. 

It’s not the early 90s where you have to keep them in direct sunlight. It is important to keep a proper temperature gradient inside their enclosure with the help of a UV bulb as well. Here you can learn about the crested geckos’ temperature needs. 

Keeping the proper temperature and heat gradients inside their housing will let your cresties go where it’s comfortable at any given moment.

Are Uvb Lights Good For Geckos?

Crested geckos don’t need UV bulbs, but they can be good for their health and well-being. It can promote their behavioral activity, movement, activeness, and health. Breeders should always have UVB lights for their crested geckos. Let’s learn what Wattage UVB bulb you should use for crested geckos.

What Wattage Bulb Should I Use For My Crested Gecko?

It’s time to learn the best UV light for crested geckos. 25 Watt UV bulb is best for crested geckos well being. They don’t need too much heat. However, it is good always to know if crested geckos need heat lamps or not.

Plus, Consider placing the bulb in the lampstand situated away from the enclosure, not interfering with the temperature gradient present inside its captivity

Best Uvb Light For Crested Gecko

Talking about the best UVB bulb or Light for the crested gecko, we would love to recommend you a t8 fluorescent tube that comes with different Wattage and lengths.

It is great for all kinds of reptiles and simple to use. It is one of the strongest UVB fluorescent tubes that you can find on the market – online and offline.

It also makes them the best candidate for the larger tank. So if you have lots of crested geckos, consider using them. It also gives high UV output from a height, ensuring that the UV radiation penetrates deep into the tank. 

It is the best choice for reptiles with high UV doses. In particular, for crested geckos, you don’t need a high-watt bulb.

The Repti-Sun 10.0 T8 UVB Fluorescent tube 30 watt or 18 watt is good for crested geckos. 

Another advantage of having this tube is its durability. The review says it’s legendary when it comes to reliability and durability. You don’t need to replace this bulb after just a few months of usage because it lasts long and continues to provide good quality UV radiation. 

It is a full spectrum light tube that can also produce the necessary daylight needed by crested geckos. This bulb is not only going to benefit their health but also going to stimulate its natural environment. 

To help reptile owners find the right size and performance according to their pet, this Zoo Med offers its t-8 10.5 fluorescent tubes in 4 different versions.

  • Zoo Med Reptisun 10.0 T8 UV-B fluorescent 15 Watt, 45 cm length
  • Zoo Med Reptisun 10.0 T8 UV-B fluorescent tube, 18 Watt, 60 cm length
  • Zoo Med Reptisun 10.0 T8 UV-B fluorescent tube, 30 Watt, 90 cm length
  • Zoo Med Reptisun 10.0 T8 UV-B fluorescent tube, 36 Watt, 120 cm length

Do Crested Geckos Need Blue Light At Night? 

do crested geckos need blue light at night
do crested geckos need blue light at night

Crested geckos can be kept in blue Light all night. You can get red infrared and blue spectrum moonlight inside their housing as well. Make sure it doesn’t interfere with their day and night cycle. 

It is not recommended to use it all the time because, depending upon the temperature gradient inside the housing and the outdoor season, it should be used for brief periods in the evening or early morning. 

Using this Light frequently can disturb your crested geckos’ nocturnal behavior and day & night cycle. You can try a little red-colored glass bulb that is less harsh and disruptive to their eyes.

Can I Use A Red Light For My Crested Gecko?

Yes, red Light, especially infrared red Light, can be used inside cresties housing but it should not be disruptive. Too bright or harsh Light can disturb your crested gecko’s normal nocturnal cycle and behavior

What Lighting Do You Need For A Crested Gecko?

As you know, they are mostly active at night; crested geckos don’t need any special lighting. Here you can read a proper guide on if crested geckos need special lighting. 

Light will be helpful to locate live insects inside a big tank during feeding time at night. Plus, it can also help in the production of Vitamin d3 to promote calcium absorption. Keeping them in a good quality UV radiation bulb with optimal exposure settings can make them more active and benefit their health.