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Do Pitbulls Like Water? (Pitbull Swimming Tips With Picture)

Do Pitbulls Like Water? (Pitbull Swimming Tips With Picture)

Normally, we think that all dogs can swim and all of them like water but its not accurate. Itis misconception that all dogs like water. However, if you are a swimmer or love to swim then you may also want your dog to enter the pool or any kind of water.

Yes, there is some dog breed that loves to take a bath as well as they get their paws in the water, not to mention there are also some breeds that often used in the rescue of the drowners but, on the other hand, there are other dog breeds as well that don’t even want to know about water.

Do Pitbulls Like Water?
Do Pitbulls Like Water?

So, when it comes to adopting a Pitbulls in your home, you may want to know if they like water or not. So, it’s become a very obvious question to ask do Pitbulls like water.

In this guide, I am going to give you a brief idea about your Pitbulls and their relation with water.

In this Guide, you will get to know what do they feel about water and what you can do in order to make your Pitbulls more comfortable in deep water or overcome his fear of water. But before that, let’s learn, do Pitbulls like water?

Do Pitbulls Like Water?

Do Pitbulls Like Water?
Do Pitbulls Like Water?

Do Pitbulls Like Water? No, most of the time, it has been observed that Pitbulls don’t like water and they don’t want absolutely anything to do with water. However, they can swim and some of them can also love water.

But most of the time, the majority of Pitbulls is not going to like it.

After knowing that most of the Pitbulls don’t like water, you may fool Yourself by thinking that they are going to love swimming because if they don’t like getting their feet in the water then how you are going to make them swim.

However, there are some dog breeds that are better. Some Pitbulls can love the water because each Pitbulls puppies are going to be different from one another depending upon the parent’s genetic.

If parents were a good swimmer and had a tendency to swim then the offspring is always equal to love the water. However, according to the recent researches as well as according to my researches, I have found in most of the forums people discussing how much their Pitbulls hates the water.

Yes, there is some ways that can help you in making your Pitbulls overcome his fear of water and yes, there were some people who had Pitbulls that not only like the water but was also a good swimmer, it is very important to know everything about it in detail.

Are Pitbulls Afraid Of Water?

Do Pitbulls Like Water?
Do Pitbulls Like Water?

Well usually, it has been noticed that they don’t like water because they are afraid of water so, yes. But, let me tell you, fear of water occurs only in anxious Pitbulls and it has nothing to do with the water directly itself.

In other words, you can also say that Pitbull can also derive from a trauma when they suffered as puppies. Whatever the cases will be, it is always advisable to provide your Pitbulls with everything that he needs in order to feel comfortable secure and healthy.

Your guidance, support, and trust is what going to come very handy and is going to help them overcome his fear of water. Another fact about being a Pitbulls anxious can also be because of feeling unsure about the place or his place in the family.

This kind of thing can also put your Pitbulls in a condition in which he may feel obliged to take on the responsibility which he doesn’t want to, he has difficulty in coping with.

In such an anxious condition, your Pitbulls might become afraid of what due to specific trauma like for example he was drowning like a puppy or was thrown in the water against his will can always make them hate water as well as afraid of water.

However, you can always help your Pitbulls overcome his fear of water but in order to do that, you need to learn what you should do and what you shouldn’t.

From here, I am going to help you in understanding what you should do in order to help your Pitbulls overcome the fear of water as well as what are the things that you should never do if you really want your Pitbulls to overcome the fear of water.

What You Should Not Do When You Are Helping Your Pitbulls Overcome The Fear Of Water

Do Pitbulls Like Water?
Do Pitbulls Like Water?

If your Pitbulls is in fear of water and you want to resolve it overnight then it is not going to happen because it is not possible.

It is always going to take some time as well as patients as well as intention to change your Pitbulls’ reactions. Here are some things that you should never do when you are helping your Pitbulls on overcoming fear of water.

  • You should never expose your Pitbulls to water without keeping it under control.

  • You should never punish the Pitbulls otherwise, his reaction can get much worse.

  • You should never force them to do something it doesn’t want to. The Pitbulls must advance in therapy on his own – they shouldn’t feel that he is forced.

  • You should never scold or punish them which also includes anti-bark law, shocking collars and choking.

  • You must not reinforce negative behavior such as biting, barking, or crime.

Things You Should Do When Helping Your Pitbulls Get Over His Fear Of Water

Do Pitbulls Like Water?
Do Pitbulls Like Water?

Don’t feel alone because there are lots of Pitbulls that hate water and their behavior still might be very anxious even when you stay very close to your Pitbulls when near the water.

This kind of variable temperament will always be visible because it is very certain to be visible whenever you have to take a bath or when you are bathing them.

This kind of variable temperament can also be visible when you go for a walk and by chance, you walk passed by a body of water.

But, you should never be worried about it because there are some simple effective things that you can do which is going to help your Pitbulls get over his fear of water.

  • You should always introduce your Pitbulls early especially the puppy with water and try making all the experience very fun and exciting for him.

  • Handle them very gently as well as try to use a shampoo that is not going to irritate their skin because they are not going to understand that the any pain or irritation is being caused on their body is by shampoo or water.

    They’re always going to blame the water. So always a good quality natural shampoo that perfectly suits your Pitbulls coat & skin need. Here are some recommended shampoos that are going to be very helpful for you.

  • Try making your Pitbulls spend some time with water like in his bathtub or in a pool where the water is very Shallow and is not deep enough. In this way, you can easily make them comfortable and make them aware that water is not something to be afraid of.

  • Whenever you bath the Pitbulls, prefer keeping the water temperature stable because if the water is too cold or too hot – it is always going to make your Pitbulls freaked out.

  • Always make sure that whenever you getting your Pitbulls in the water, he is able to get out of the water because you might not want them to feel that you are forcing them to do something that they don’t like.

  • Always go or enter the water with your Pitbulls and always encourage him to go out on his own like in the backyard pool where the water is very minimal.

  • At first, when your Pitbulls has completed all the water activities, you should always reward them with some treats so that they can associate the water as well as this kind of behavior as a rewarding behavior not as a freaking disastrous experience or moment.

  • Try teaching your Pitbulls swimming because by teaching them how to swim, you can also run away their fear of water.

  • Always help your Pitbulls in getting more and more comfortable in deep water

  • Before entering a deep pool or a lake ok, you should go first because, in this way, they will realize that you are very comfortable in the water and being a very protective dog breed, they will know that there is nothing to be afraid of.

  • If nothing seems to work perfectly, then you can also have a good trainer who can help you associate them with the water properly.

Teach Your Pitbulls To Swim

Before you teaching Pitbulls how to swim, let me tell you, as Pitbulls consider a very sturdy dog breed they are always at particular risk of not being able to swim or not being able to swim properly.

Their thick neck and large heavy heads can easily make them very difficult to swim and keep the water above head above the water, your dog can easily begin to shrink or even may drown if a quick action has not been taken.

So, as a result, you should always take a proper dog water safety precaution in order to make sure that your Pitbulls not only enjoy the water but it is out of danger.

Precaution should always be taken. You should never leave your Pitbulls alone or unattended while they are playing near the water or when they are spending time.

It is always recommended to invest a good life jacket if you really want to make them swim as well as want to sure that the water doesn’t pose a danger to your Pitbulls.

You may want to go for the floatation device but let me tell you your Pitbulls safety on the water is not guaranteed – so make sure to always keep a close eye on your Pitbulls all the time, as well as they, have the life jacket on the body.

This is the recommended life jacket that I would recommend you to use while you teach your Pitbulls how to swim. If you are really looking for a good life jacket for your Pitbulls, then there are lots of things that you need to consider first because a long life jacket can also prove to be a guardian.

We should always consider a few things like the size and materials. You should always make sure that the life jacket is not very loose otherwise, he will be able to slip out especially once in the water.

Always check the reviews and ensure that the product has been made from the best quality. Always life jacket perfectly fits them. Apart from that, it is important to check the buoyancy. floatation material that has been used in making a dog life jacket is extremely important because this is the thing that is going to keep your Pitbulls afloat.

For Pitbulls, you might want to take a look in a large jacket that comes with the floatation beneath its throat. This kind of life jacket will always help your Pitbulls to swim because it is going to support his head as well as is good to keep them afloat.

The other thing that is also important is visibility because it is very important to ensure that your Pitbulls is always visible when in the water. So, always find a jacket that comes with a very bright color.

Last but not least thing that you should look out for the emergency rescue feature in case if your dog falls in the water, you are going to need a very durable. reliable and easy way to lift him out.

Always look for the life jacket that comes with the back strip that is also very durable in construction and you can rely on it? After knowing what things, you should consider this is the life vest that is a guarantee of safety.

This is the life jacket that I will always recommend you for your Pitbulls when you are teaching them how to swim as well as to while you are helping your Pitbulls overcome its fear of water.


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Final Thoughts

I hope that you understand that your Pitbulls do like water but they can hate and can also get afraid of it if they have been suffering from trauma. You can always make them overcome their fear of water by following the steps but just remember before you teach them how to swim invest in a good life jacket.

Due to coming with a very large head and compact body, there is always a risk of drowning. I hope that I managed to give you some space of information about Pitbulls and its relation to water and if I did a good job then do share this post because it is going to encourage me to write more about them.

Apart from that, if you have any questions regarding your Pitbulls then you can comment below and let me know and I will try to give your answer as soon as possible. See you in the next post, till then, take care and goodbye.