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Do Pitbulls Drool? (9 Major Causes of Excessive Drooling)

Do Pitbulls Drool? (9 Major Causes of Excessive Drooling)

If you are a dog person or an owner then the chances are at some point, you might have to deal with some drooling. Normally, drooling is very normal and a natural part of the most canine digestive process.

However, excessive drooling or irregular drooling can be a sign of health issues or an injury that you might have not noticed yet.

Do Pitbulls Drool a lot
Do Pitbulls Drool a lot

In this guide, we will learn, do Pitbulls drool, or not. You will get to know everything about Pitbulls drooling as well as some causes and treatments for that drooling. So, let’s learn, do Pitbulls drool a lot?

Do Pitbulls Drool?

Do Pitbulls Drool a lot
Do Pitbulls Drool a lot

Do Pitbulls Drool? Yes, just like other dog breed Pitbulls do drool and the reasons are the same. However, excessive drooling can be a major sign of serious health problems. So, you always look out for a few things that can make you understand if it’s normal for your dog or not.

After knowing that Pitbulls do drool, you might want to know how much, and in order to learn that, you need to understand, why your dog will drool. It’s very important and very concerning for every single Pitbulls owner to learn why their Pitbulls drool so much.

There can be tons of causes and treatments behind your Pitbulls drooling. Too much drooling which is also known as hypersalivation that can also be a sign of illness.

Let’s learn is Pitbulls drooling normal or not? We will also learn about the cause and treatment of excessive drooling and along with that, we will also get to know some FAQ that often seems to bother most often the Pitbulls owners. But, let’s begin with the first one.

Is Pitbulls Drooling Normal Or Not

Do Pitbulls Drool a lot
Do Pitbulls Drool a lot

If your dog is drooling then it is a clear indication that your dog might be waiting in anticipation of something really like – like the anticipation for playing or eating.

This is one of the most common reasons behind a Pitbulls drooling and this kind of drooling is a part of their personality. Plus, on the other hand, when your Pitbulls is not drooling as he used to or it does not seem to be normal then this kind of drooling can be accompanied by the possible traveling or other signs of nervousness.

So, If your dog is suffering from stress then this kind of drooling is the indication of anxiety. This kind of drooling should go once you remove this stressor but, if it is continuing to drool then there is definitely something wrong with your dog. Let’s learn, what are the causes of drooling.

9 Major Causes Of Excessive Pitbulls Drooling

Do Pitbulls Drool a lot
Do Pitbulls Drool a lot

I told you, excessive drooling or hypersalivation is a complete and straight sign of illness and it is very important for the owner to learn what are some causes as well as what would be the suggested treatment for the drooling. Here are the major causes of excessive drooling from Pitbull’s.

1. Breeding

There are some breeds that come with loose upper lips that can make them drool more than the other dog breed. This is normal for this kind of breeds to drool as they come with the loose upper lips.

2. Tooth Decay And Mouth Disease

I hope that I don’t need to tell you that the tartar can easily builder and get rubbed against the inside of your Pitbulls lips and can make your Pitbulls drool.

If you really want to check whether they are already suffering from mouth disease or tooth decay that making them drool or not then you can pull his lips toward his ear.

If you are noticing the teeth looking like the concrete or brown in color or you are noticing any redness, swollen, or even bleed then there is definitely something wrong with Pitbulls and you should try professional services before going for daily brushing.

3. Organ Disease

There are some diseases like liver disease or Kidney Disease that can cause your Pitbulls drooling. As the age, Pitbulls are more likely to get sick or you can say they become more prone to health concerns. So, it is important to look at this kind of issue because this kind of issue can be the major cause of Pitbulls drooling.

4. Anxiety And Motion Sickness

If you only notice your dog getting nervous or anxious when your dog gets in the car to go to the vet then they might drool.

At that moment, you might notice them opening their mouth panting and breathing which is a clear sign of anxiety and can also cause your dog to drool.

At this moment, you should be very cautious about it and try to make him more and more comfortable.

5. Toxic Animal

You should always keep your dog from eating poisonous animals because there are some animals that your Pitbulls might also lick or eat like certain toads, spiders, frogs, and Scorpions are poisonous. So, it is important to keep your Pitbulls away from them especially from eating them.

6. Toxic Plants

Toxic plants or even common plants can make your Pitbulls drool and can also make them very sick.

7. Stomach Aches

The dog never thinks before eating anything and according to the recent report published by the most professional vets says that your Pitbulls can easily put some strange things from the stomach like socket wrenches or tennis balls which can also cause them nausea, discomfort, and can make them feel pain.

You should always keep the dangerous items special this kind of thing away from him and try to focus on keeping them in a Pitbulls friendly environment.

8. Heatstroke

I think that I don’t need to tell you that the dog breed that comes with the short nose like pugs or Boxers or Bulldogs are more likely to have a heatstroke.

In the summer, if your dog is wearing a thick coat and they are stuck in the sun without any kind of access to water then they may catch heatstroke and it can also cause them to drool.

9. Upper Respiratory Infections

Told you, drooling is a very obvious sign of infection. Any king of nose infections, throat diseases and sinus infections can make them drool.

A dog that lives in a shelter or home are more prone to this kind of infection and has a higher risk. Stress and anxiety is also a factor.

So, make sure if you’re noticing any excessive drooling from your dog then this is it, you need to take them to vet so that they can properly treat an infection or any kind of underlying issue that is making BroadPitbulls to drool.

11 Tips & Treatment Of Pitbulls Excessive Drooling

Do Pitbulls Drool a lot
Do Pitbulls Drool a lot

If you noticing any kind of drooling that is not a normal part of their behavior then you should schedule a visit with your veterinarian to get it checked out as soon as possible because there might be something wrong with your buddy or your Pitbulls might have consumed something very toxic or harmful thing. They must seek immediate veterinary attention.

Here Are Some Common Preventions, tips and treatments That Can Help You Out Keeping Your Pitbulls From Drooling

  1. As I told you, you should always look for infections because they can drool due to any infection in the throat, sinuses, and nose.

  2. You should always keep them indoors and as much as possible away from other pets.

  3. You should always wash your hand between handling different animals or pets.

  4. You should always keep dangerous harmful or toxic elements or items away from him.

  5. You should always go for the annual checkup to diagnose and treat the disease early before it spread or do more harm to the Pitbulls.

  6. Whenever you are getting your dog in the car to visit the vet, try to make him feel more comfortable. You can try putting him in a pet harness or also dwelt in the backseat without driving him anywhere.

    In this way, you can slowly walk up to back out of the private, and driving around the block always follows this routine and repeat this routine to treat the car sickness of your Pitbulls.

  7. If you are sure that your Pitbulls is suffering from anxiety due to getting the car and you can’t seem to you get any results with any kind of remedies then your Pitbulls might need prescription medication to find relief. So, do that.

  8. Always make sure that you are keeping them in a shady place and providing them fresh and clean water.

  9. You should always provide them a Shady place for him to cool off during the summertime. On very hot days or sunny days, you should always keep your Pitbulls indoors and limit their exercises.

  10. It is always recommended to brush Pitbulls’ teeth frequently at least 3 or 4 times a week to clean up all the tartar that can easily get build up around their mouth.


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Final Thoughts

Look, excessive drooling can look very different from animal to animal or dog to dog but you can easily know and you will know by spending some time with your dog how much drooling is normal for them.

You should always judge the best of your Pitbulls behavior and comfort. If noticing your Pitbulls drooling suddenly or in excess or you might have noticed your dog acting strangely or stress from the last couple of days then contact a veterinarian as soon as possible right away.

But, thankfully, most of the time, it has been noticed that drooling is a very normal expression of a dog’s body function and it can be a little bit Messy or gross but it’s the fact of life with Pitbulls. Also, there is nothing you can do it completely dog your Pitbulls from drooling. See You in the next post, till then, take care, and goodbye.