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Do Great Pyrenees Drool? (11 Tips To Control Its Drooling)

Do Great Pyrenees Drool? (11 Tips To Control Its Drooling)

Adopting a Great Pyrenees in your home can be very fun and exciting for you as well as for your family member but there are lots of things that you need to consider first because few things can really affect your lifestyle as well as your family Lifestyle to different degrees.

If you are a Great Pyrenees person or an owner then the chances are at some point, you might have to deal with drooling.

Do Great Pyrenees Drool?
Do Great Pyrenees Drool?

Normally, drooling seems to be a very natural part of the most canine digestive process but, excessive drooling or irregular drooling can also be a sign of health issues or injuries that you might not know yet.

In this article, we will learn to do Great Pyrenees drool or not, and along with that some causes and treatments for that drooling. So, let’s learn first do Great Pyrenees drool?

Do Great Pyrenees Drool?

Do Great Pyrenees Drool?
Do Great Pyrenees Drool?


Yes, Great Pyrenees are likely to drool especially when they are walking or eating or drinking water, or panting excessively. The great Pyrenees can also drool more often depending on their lips structure because if they come with the loose upper lips then they are going to drool very often.

After knowing that your Great Pyrenees can drool at some point, you might fool Yourself by thinking that it is not going to be the big deal but let me tell you it can be a sign of major health concern as well.

There are tons of causes and treatments behind your Great Pyrenees droolings and let me clear you, too much drooling is also known as hypersalivation which can also cause a sign of illness.

So, it is very important and certain to learn if the Great Pyrenee’s drooling is normal or not. We are also going to learn about the treatment and the cause of excessive drooling.

Are Great Pyrenees Drooling Normal Or Not?

Do Great Pyrenees Drool?
Do Great Pyrenees Drool?

If your Great Pyrenees are drooling then the possibility is your dog might be waiting in anticipation of something they really like. Anticipation for eating a treat or playing their favorite game can cause them to drool.

These are the most common reasons behind the Great Pyrenees drooling and this kind of drooling is a part of the personality.

On the other hand, when your Great Pyrenees is not drooling as he used to or does not seem to be normal then this kind of drooling can be accompanied by possible traveling or other signs of nervousness.

The great Pyrenees can also drool from stress or anxiety. This kind of drooling should be stopped once you remove the stressor but if it seems to be continuing then there is definitely something wrong with your buddy. Now it’s time to learn what are the causes of excessive drooling?

7 Major Causes Of Great Pyrenees’ Excessive Drooling

Do Great Pyrenees Drool?
Do Great Pyrenees Drool?

As I told you, drooling is also known as hypersalivation which is also a sign of illness and it is very important for every single dog owner to learn what are the major causes as well as what would be the suggested treatment for that drooling to stop.

To know that, we are going to learn what are the major causes of excessive drooling from the Great Pyrenees.

1. Breeding

Any kind of dog breed that has developed very loose upper lips tends to be excessive droolers. They may very often than the other dog breed. This is quite normal for this kind of dog breed.

2. Mouth Disease And Tooth Decay

I hope that I don’t need to tell you that tartar can easily build up inside the mouth and get rubbed against their lips. It can also cause and mouth disease which can cause them to drool.

If you really want to check out whether your dog is already suffering from any kind of mouth disease then always pull his upper lips towards his ears and look out for the signs like brownish color On The Teeth or the teeth looking like concrete.

Plus, noticing any kind of swollen, redness, or bleeding indicates that there is something definitely wrong with your Great Pyrenees and they need professional care.

You should always try going for a professional service before going for a daily brushing by yourself.

3. Anxiety And Motion Thickness

If you are noticing your Great Pyrenees getting nervous or anxious when they get in the car then you might expect to notice them opening their mouth painting and breathing as well as drooling.

Painting or breathing can always make your Great Pyrenees drool. In this kind of situation, you need to be very calm to make your Great Pyrenees more and more comfortable because anxiety can always cause the Great Pyrenees to drool.

4. Organ Disease

Liver disease or kidney disease is the major cause of Great Pyrenee’s drooling. As the old age. your Great Pyrenees are more likely to get sick because older Great Pyrenees are prone to health concerns.

It would be advisable to go for the occasional testing because it is something that is going to do the work for you. Plus, it is very mandatory to have occasional testing done.

In this way, you can easily eliminate any kind of possible disease that may occur in the future.

5. Toxic Plant

In the backyard, in the garden, or in the lawn, your Great Pyrenees is likely to get in contact with some toxic plants that can make them sick. It can also make your Great Pyrenees drool because of getting something toxic in their mouth.

6. Toxic Animal

Your dog is not only going to lick it but can also eat some toxic animals. Toxic animals like spiders, toads, frogs, and Scorpions can not only make your dog sick but can also be life-threatening. They can also drool if they consume any kind of toxic animal.

7. Upper Respiratory Infections

Throat infection, nose infection, and sinus infections are the major cause of drooling when we talk about upper respiratory infections. The dogs that are living in a shelter or home are more prone to these kinds of infections and have higher risks to caught them.

Always visit the vet frequently if notice any kind of excessive drooling so that you can properly identify and clarify if they are healthy. In this way, you will be able to eliminate any possible health concerns early before it gets spread or does more harm.

11 Suggested Tips & Treatment for Excessive Drooling

Do Great Pyrenees Drool?
Do Great Pyrenees Drool?

If you notice them drooling when it’s not the right situation or not the right time then you should consult with your veterinarian first.

There can be any underlying health issues as well as your Great Pyrenees might have consumed something toxic or harmful that needs veterinary attention.

So, always go for the occasional testing as well as for the occasional check-up at the vet if you notice your Great Pyrenees drooling.

Here are some treatments as well as preventions that can help you out in keeping your Great Pyrenees drooling at a minimum.

  1. You must wash your hand properly before touching your Great Pyrenees or early between different animals or pets.

  2. You must keep your Great Pyrenees indoors if you really want to ensure that they are protected from the outer elements as well as are always healthy.

  3. When you are getting your Great Pyrenees in the car, they can easily get anxious or feel discomfort so, try to make him more and more comfortable. You can also try putting him on a harness but it is recommended to focus on the remedies.

  4. If you are noticing your Great Pyrenees suffering from anxiety due to getting in the car and nothing seems to work because you can’t seem to get any kind of result by applying any kind of remedies then your dog might need prescription medication to find relief.

  5. Always provide your Great Pyrenees a shady place where they can rest or hide and can easily cool off their body due to getting overheated from the direct sunlight. In the Summertime, it is important to keep them in Shady places.

  6. Always provide your Great Pyrenees with fresh and clean water and make sure they are getting full access to them in the Summertime.

  7. In the hot sunny day’s corner, they can easily get overheated so, prepare yourself to keep your Great Pyrenees in your home and try to Limit their exercise as much as possible.

  8. Always visit for the annual health check-up so that you can diagnose or treat any kind of possible disease early. Occasional testing is mandatory for Great Pyreneess.

  9. Always look for diseases and infections because your Great Pyrenees is prone to various diseases and infections like sinus infections, throat infections, tooth infections, gum diseases, dental problems, and nose infections.

  10. It is recommended to brush your Great Pyrenees at least four times a week to ensure that all the tartar gets cleaned up because it can infect them and cause them to drool.


Do the Great Pyrenees Drool When They Are In Pain

Yes, Great Pyrenees can drool when they are in pain because pain is tightly related to drools. Pain in the throat, in the mouth or any kind of oral same that are caused by General dental problem or come diseases, can cause them to drools

Do Great Pyrenees Drool When They Are Nervous

Yes, Great Pyrenees do drool when they are nervous pr feeling stressed. Noticing the Great Pyrenees drooling suddenly in any kind of unusual situation can be caused by nervousness

Do the Great Pyrenees Drool When They Sleep

Yes, my Great Pyrenees do drool when they sleep just like you because just like us, their muscle also relaxes and they don’t have any kind of control over their body as well. So, your dog is going to drool when they sleep

Final Thoughts

Abnormal drooling or excessive drooling can differ from dog to dog but you can easily know by spending time with them to understand how much drooling is normal for your Great Pyrenees.

You must remember that you should judge the best of your Great Pyrenees’ behavior and personality. It is recommended to keep George Great Pyrenee’s diet routine perfect so that they won’t suffer from any kind of dental problem.

If you notice your Great Pyrenees drooling suddenly or in excess or you might have noticed your Great Pyrenees acting very strangely in your home from the past few days then contact your veterinarian right away.

Personally, most of the time it is seen that drooling is the normal expression for the Great Pyrenees body function.

I understand that it can be a little bit messy and can also be gross to some dog owners but it’s a fact of life with the dog and there is nothing you can do to completely stop your dog from drooling.

I hope that I managed to give some space of information about Great Pyrenees drooling and if I did a good job then do share this post because it is going to encourage me to write more about them.