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Do Blue Tongue Skinks Like To Be Held? 3 Dangers + 4 Safety Tips

Do Blue Tongue Skinks Like To Be Held? 3 Dangers + 4 Safety Tips

We all know that dogs enjoy belly rub while cats like to sleep, showing affection to their owners—even other pets like goats, Hamsters, rabbits, and entire show evident appreciation to their owner. What about blue tongue skink?, Do blue tongue skinks like to be held? In this article, you will know if they enjoy being held or not, along with how to handle them.

You will also learn how cuddly and affectionate they can be to bond with humans. Even some reptiles appreciate; how can you tell if a blue tongue skink likes to be held or not. This guide will highlight everything about handling and enjoying quality time with your blue tongue skink.

Do Blue Tongue Skinks Like To Be Held?

Being solitary & tamed lizards, most blue tongue skinks enjoy interacting with their owner. They might like being held or not, depending upon the situation and your pet personality. Some blue tongue reptiles tend to pull away and hiss, while some enjoy if you know how to set them down and try again later. Many studies have already shown how reptiles like bearded Dragons have emotions and can bond with humans. We all love spending time with our serpent, similar to blue tongue skink.

However, it’s essential to know how often should you handle a blue tongue skink. Taming a blue tongue skink can stress them out if done in the wrong or for too long. You must know how to hold a blue tongue skink first before getting them out of their tank. 

How Often Should You Handle A Blue Tongue Skink?

In general, you should not hold blue tongue skin for more than 1-2 hours a day. Begin handling them for 10-15 minutes a day as a starting point. The temperature and the humidity outside the tank when handling them should be according to their need.

Sometimes, a reptile-like blue tongue skink wants to explore. If your pet is looking like wandering around, then let them enjoy spending time exploring new places. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to be careful of what your blue tongue lizards can put in their mouth as reptiles like this one are popular to try to eat anything they can, or that will fit in the mouth.

The best idea will be to provide a calm environment with the right temperature and humidity. Before you handle your blue tongue skink, always try to get to know them first. If your skink is wriggling around trying to escape your grasp as soon as you pick him up, the recommended move should be to be put him back

When Can You Start Handling A Blue Tongue Skink? 

Once you know how to hold a blue tongue skink, already practiced 1-2 sessions holding them or cuddling them you can hand tame them. if they are stressed out or relaxed, you can start Handling a blue tongue skink more often. If they look like a stressed-out reptile, consider avoiding touching or holding them. Even being very friendly, blue tongue skink does not want to be held at a particular session.

When they are basking or having a nap, you should avoid disturbing them. When they are busy exploring their tank or eating, you should never handle them. Handling a blue tongue skink when they are eating can again stress them out or even angry them. 

How Do I Get My Blue Tongue Skink Used To Be Held?

You can start holding your blue tongue skink for as long as it will tolerate being handled. According to general guidelines, you should start with 15 minutes a day taming them. As they get used to being handled, you can hold them longer. Some blue tongue reptiles may enjoy being handled several times a day for another couple of hours.

When you notice your blue tongue skink being restless, it’s time to put him back in their tank. If you want your blue tank skink to enjoy being handled, I recommend you scratch their cheeks, head, or chin. If you notice them pulling away, try setting them down. You can try again later to know if they are enjoying being scratched or not.

How To Know If A Blue Tongue Skips Stress When Held?

Do Blue Tongue Skinks Like To Be Held?
how to know if a blue tongue skips stress when held
how to know if a blue tongue skips stress when held

Stressed-out blue tongue skink will often start head hiding, open mouth breathing, hyperactivity, trying to interact with tank’s wall, and persistent food-seeking behavior. These are the potential signs of your stressed-out blue tongue skink. If they are angry or threatened, you will often notice them opening their mouth wide while sticking out their blue tongue to frighten you off.

It is a widespread behavior in front of predators. These are some common signs of a threatened, stressed-out, and angry blue tongue skink. If you notice any of these behaviors, get them back in their cage or tank as soon as possible. 

How Can You Tell If A Blue Tongue Skink Likes To Be Held?

Being friendly and tamed reptiles, they often like being handled. However, few signs help knowing if they enjoy being held or not.

  1. Allow themselves to be picked up without a struggle
  2. Rub against you
  3. They are comfortable when you are around or around you.
  4. They are approaching you
  5. Showing pleasure when being stroked or held.

How To Calm A Blue Tongue Skink?

Do Blue Tongue Skinks Like To Be Held? 3 Dangers + 4 Safety Tips
how to calm a blue tongue skink?

A blue tongue skink loves cushioning for comfort and often feels calm. You can work with a newspaper, paper towel, blanket, or anything you like as a cushion. In the winter season, blankets are recommended by veterinarians. Whereas in a wet situation, give them dry towels & in a dry environment, damp towel does its job. Another point to calm a blue tongue skink is not to touch them or their tank’s glass. Smashing or knocking on the tank’s glass will provoke them, which often leads to stress.

How To Hold A Blue Tongue Skink?

Here Are The Following Steps To Hold A Blue Tongue Skink.

  • Get your hand clean first.
  • Wait until they’re active.
  • Cup your hand under blue tongue skink’s belly to pick it up.
  • Now use your inter index finger up towards their neck between forelegs.
  • Ensure that their rear end is resting on your wrist.
  • If a blue tongue skin has a long body, support it using your hand or arm. Alternatively, you can even try passing it to someone.


Are Blue Tongue Skinks Affectionate?

Yes, being tamed, gentle, docile, and easy to acclimate pets, they enjoy spending time with humans. As far as I know, blue tongue skink is very affectionate to its owner. Bluetongue skinks show affection by approaching their owner or being comfortable when their owner is around. With proper care & guidance, Blue tongued skinks will grow into a submissive, approachable, and affectionate pet.

Do Blue Tongue Skinks Like To Cuddle?

It depends. Some blue tongue skink likes to cuddle, while some become restless. It depends upon each personality, the situation, and how your pet is used to being handled and touched. Some blue tongue skink hates being touched by humans due to past experiences.

However, a new blue tongue skink can become cuddly, friendly, and affectionate lizards. Bluetongue lizards are, as a whole nice, intelligent fellow.

Sometimes, blue tongue skink tends to be very tolerant and cuddly, snuggling in blankets with you. If a blue tongue skink likes to cuddle, they’ll often sit on your lap, approach towards you, always be on your shoulder whenever they’re out of their cage, nuzzle around your chin, and snuggle in with you.

Do Blue Tongue Skinks Bond With Humans?

At first, it can be hard to tell if your blue tongue skinks like to bond. However, they can learn to trust you as time goes. It is recommended to take your blue language lizard out every day for some playtime, offer a treat, and hold them for a few minutes. All this helps in reasoning to bond with humans for them. Try offering them varieties of food and quality routine. All this will help you born with your blue tongue skink better.

Final Thought

Blue turns skinks like to bond with humans as they are affectionate. They also like to cuddle depending upon each personality and past experiences. They will enjoy being handled or held by you if done correctly. Start saving your blue tongue lizard 15 minutes a day at first and gradually increase the period. Always look for behavior as indicating stress or illness.

I hope I have given you all the information needed on blue tongue skink handling and their affection. Whether they enjoy being handled or not, you should still try after a few days. Some lizards may want to avoid being handed, especially in a mating season. If you like this article, consider sharing this one to help others with their blue tongue lizard. I hope you read our detailed guide on how to care for blue tongue skinks.