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5 Benefits of Adopting a Shelter Dog

5 Benefits of Adopting a Shelter Dog

Owning a dog brings profound happiness into your life as a pet owner. But adopting a shelter dog gives you a whole different sense of purpose.

On top of enjoying the warmth and comfort a dog brings, there is a humble pride that comes with saving a dog’s life. 

According to online statistics, approximately 3.1 million dogs are brought into animal shelters every year.

If that wasn’t horrifying enough, close to 400,000 dogs are euthanized in these animal shelters. For dog lovers, these numbers are painful to hear.

If you are inspired to take part in saving unwanted animals, you may want to consider adopting a shelter dog.

In this article, we’re sharing five benefits of adopting a shelter dog. Keep reading, and it might help you make a decision.

5 Benefits of Adopting a Shelter Dog

1. You will save a dog’s life.

Any dog owner would agree that dogs are emotional animals. That is why it is hard to imagine one without an owner to love them. So, Is adopting a dog from a shelter a good idea?

While animal shelters help provide dogs with daily essentials to survive, it is nothing close to a real home. Adopting a shelter dog, give it a chance to have a normal and loving life.

And if so, you will be among the many who have joined the movement. According to APPA, 23% of dog owners in the United States got their pets from an animal shelter.

These numbers are encouraging, and they might convince more people to consider animal shelters when looking for a new pet.

Additionally, not only are you saving your dog’s life, but you are also making room for another. When animals are adopted from a shelter, it frees up space to accommodate new animals.

If more people choose to purchase pets through this method, we are encouraging a better quality of life for more animals. 

2. You will spend less than buying from a breeder.

As an incentive, animal shelters include neutering and first vaccinations in the cost of adopting a dog. Overall, you will be able to cut down on necessary veterinary expenses that come after purchasing a dog. Plus, it saves you a trip to the vet.

However, keep this in mind. If you have never owned a dog before, these services are just a few of the many health-related expenses you will spend throughout your dog’s life.

That said, you must be financially prepared before adopting a shelter dog. Our best advice would be to invest in dog health insurance to cut costs whenever you can.

Once you get your shelter dog, apply for a policy immediately. It will cover veterinary services in case of accidents, illnesses, and other unforeseen health issues.

By paying an annual premium, you will hardly need to worry about costly health expenses in the future.

3. It is a better option than buying from puppy mills.

Many are unaware that dogs sold at pet stores, online stores, and flea markets usually come from puppy mills. Dogs are bred in a factor-style facility prone to inhumane and unhygienic conditions.

Owners of these facilities treat dogs badly. They are kept in cages to breed for years, without proper care and love. Once they are past the breeding age, they are sold, abandoned, or even worse, killed.

Puppies coming from these facilities may come out with health conditions and troublesome behavior.

By opting for the animal shelter route, you are avoiding this type of factory-bred pet. More importantly, you are showing a sign of protest against these profit-hungry breeders.

4. Owning a shelter dog has a lot of physical, emotional, and mental benefits.

On top of doing your part to save a dog’s life, having a pet is beneficial to your life as well. For one, they help keep you fit and active. Dogs love outdoor walks and playful activities.

By having one at home, your life will never be stationary. Whether you like it or not, you will be forced to walk and run.

Apart from physical movement, studies show that dogs help lessen cardiovascular disease and stress levels.

In terms of emotional and mental wellbeing, dogs help against feelings of depression, loneliness, and anger.

To state the obvious, dogs are cute and cuddly pets. Just looking at them will soften anyone’s heart.

Moreover, daily cuddles will ease your mood and calm your worries. They are also great companions in single-person homes, especially for seniors and the elderly.

Moreover, owning a dog helps with social interaction. Pet owners are known to be more open to fellow pet lovers. You are bound to form friendships during playdates in the park.

Owning a shelter dog, in particular, is a great topic of discussion as well. You will gain respect and admiration for your noble deed. You may even inspire someone to do the same.

5. Owning a shelter dog is fulfilling.

Lastly, having a dog at home will keep you fulfilled and purposeful. Your daily responsibility as a pet owner will force you to stay productive.

Your days will be filled with activities like running errands, preparing food, trips to the vet, and budgeting pet expenses, among many others.

While these tasks may seem time-consuming on busy days, taking care of another being is meaningful. This is the case with owning any pet, more so with a shelter dog. You will feel even more responsible so you can give it a bright and happy future.

Benefits of Adopting a Shelter Dog

8 Reasons to Adopt a Dog from an Animal Shelter

  • Well, You are saving a life 🙂
  • It helps out to reduce the mistreatment pets face in breeding facilities.
  • Adopting them controls interbreeding and population bombardment.
  • Pet shelters provide you the option to go for adult or Juvenile 🙂
  • Shelter employees, volunteers, and Staff give you lifetime resources.
  • You get access to a wide range of pet animals which you can select as per your liking and needs.
  • Pet shelters are economical and cost-effective, Unlike private and professional breeders who charge pretty higher.
  • You became a member of charitable organizations and community institutions and can always help out animals in need.

In Conclusion

Owning a shelter dog offers countless benefits for both you and your new pet. You will live with a new purpose knowing that you saved a dog from unfortunate circumstances. In turn, they will give you a lifetime of joy and companionship.

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