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7 Best Pets for Kids: What are Good Pets for Kids?

7 Best Pets for Kids: What are Good Pets for Kids?

Kids are fascinated by animals. Almost every kid loves animals and wants to keep one at home. Keeping pets at home is highly beneficial in the growth and upbringing of children. Pets help in building the self-confidence and self-esteem of children. When kids see their adults dealing pets with humble and polite way, they learn to communicate in the same manner.

There is no harm in saying that keeping pets at home is a great idea, but where the shoe pinch is their maintenance. Usually, fancy pets require high maintenance which includes high grooming services along with costly vaccinations and expensive foods. Just because of these extra expenses you are compelled to break your kid’s heart by canceling your idea of keeping a pet.

If you are doing so, then get ready to welcome a new pet member to your family, because today we are sharing the top 7 pets for kids which require low maintenance and can be kept easily at home.

Remember, your child will learn to take and fulfill responsibility if they bring up a pet with love and care.

List of best pets for kids

7 Best Pets For Kids: What Are Good Pets For Kids.

BIRDS and PARROTS: low-maintenance pets for kids

Birds are the perfect animal to bond with. The best thing about birds is, that they do not require high maintenance. Birds have their own personality and interestingly they love to play like cats and dogs.

BIRDS And PARROTS: Low Maintenance Pets For Kids

There are many different varieties of birds available in many attractive colors. Some birds like African grey parrots learn to speak human language and that’s very attractive for kids.
Kids will definitely enjoy it if a bird will talk to them like humans.

Birds are known as excellent companion pets as they have a long life expectancy. Hence they are an ideal long-life companion. Birds are pet animals that have high IQ levels. They enjoy the time they spend outside the cage.

As far as food needs are concerned, every bird has different food requirements, If your kid is a beginner in pet keeping then bring him a Parakeet or an Alexandrine Parakeet. They are a relatively inexpensive and good starter for beginners.


  • They require low maintenance
  • Birds increase social interaction which is extremely beneficial for your mental health.
  • The musical sound of birds fascinates the kids.


If you think that your kids are small enough and they won’t fulfill all the responsibilities of a pet properly, then you don’t need to worry about it. Just buy them a small-size fish tank with different tropical aquarium fishes. Keeping fish is a great starter pet for your kid. They are so simple to maintain with less or zero mess.

Can I Put My Fish In The Tank Right Away?
Can I Put My Fish In The Tank Right Away?

Tropical aquarium fishes are small fishes with vibrant and colorful patterns. There are many different types of tropical aquarium fishes such as Guppy, molly, catfish, swordtail, and many other fish. These fishes can be easily petted in a fish tank.

Tropical fish means they are the fishes found in tropical freshwater and seawater, where the temperature is a bit warmer than the other regions of the world. Tropical fishes are really very easy to maintain. These fishes require warm environmental temperatures such as 75 -80F. Such a warm temperature is very suitable for tropical fishes to thrive.

That’s the reason you need to install an aquarium heater to provide suitable environmental conditions to fish so that they can grow and nourish easily. an increase or decrease in temperature may result in the death of fishes.

Some people believe that maintaining and cleaning a fish tank is a hectic job. I would say involve your kids in this cleaning and maintaining activity and transform this time into a family fun time. Your kids will enjoy every part of tank cleaning.

Kids love colorful and tiny objects. Believe me; your kids will gonna love you if you gift them a small size fish tank with few tropical fishes in it. Don’t forget to add Best Aquarium Heater to the fish tank.


  • Fish don’t require huge space.
  • They are quiet and produce less mess
  • Fish reduces stress and blood pressure
  • Fish are very affordable

Educational benefits for kids include:

  • Improvement in the cognitive development of kids
  • Boosts kids imaginations
  • Improve social and emotional skills

CATS: easy pets for kids

A perfect companion, cats are the most favorite pet of children. Their sweet meow with a cute face is enough to steal the heart of kids. Cat loves to play. Anything that is moving constantly becomes the center of the attention for cats.

CATS: Easy Pets For Kids

Their notorious and naughty nature keeps your kids entertained for hours. Cats require low maintenance as compared to dogs and other big animals. Their stay-at-home nature makes them less prone to outside harm and injury.

This way, you don’t have to visit the Vet every now and then. These adorable furry friends are warm to snuggle. They add so much value to the kid’s life. In short, cats can be a healthy and joyful addition to someone’s family.

As far as the maintenance is concerned Shorthair cats are very easier to maintain as compared to fancy breed cats. They require lots and lots of maintenance, especially their fur. Fancy breed cat looks attractive only if their fur is well maintained.

If you are planning to buy a cat for your little tots, then I would advise you to look for short hair cats as they are comparatively easier to maintain.


  • Cats encourage a sense of responsibility in children
  • Cats teach kids compassion for living things
  • They require a moderate level of maintenance.

Health Benefits For Kids:

  • Reduces the risk of the development of asthma and different allergies.
  • Strengthen the immune system of a child


Dogs are my favorite pet. They are lovable, loyal, and playful. Dogs can be your kid’s best friend. Also, they keep an eye on your kids and protect them from any harm. There are many different breeds of dogs available; each breed has different characteristics and personality traits.


Kids will love Labradoodle since they are real-life teddy bears. They look cute and innocent.
Remember, keeping a dog as a pet requires lots of attention, effort, and time. plus, frequent grooming sessions would be a must if you own a dog.

An animal with fur looks beautiful only if its fur is well maintained, the same goes with dogs. You need to maintain their fur. Dogs are the best companion of humans. They contribute to the growth and development of kids in many ways.

Dogs nourish the sense of responsibility in kids. It has been observed that children who have grown up with dogs have a higher level of EQ than other children. Such children seem happier because playing with dogs increase their serotonin and dopamine level, which are known to calm their mind and elevates their mood.


  • A dog can be your perfect family pet.
  • They are known to reduce cortisol levels- the stress hormone.
  • Kids with dogs have better cognitive skills.
  • Dogs as pets keep your kids active and energetic.
  • Dogs may help a speech-delayed child to speak out.
  • There are numerous benefits to keeping a dog as a pet.

Health benefits for kids:

  • Reduces the risk of the development of asthma and different allergies.
  • Strengthen the immune system of the child.

TURTLE and TORTOISE: Small Pets for Kids

Turtle and tortoise is the calmest animal that can be pet. As far as the maintenance is concerned, they require less maintenance. The only thing to care about is their diet. They require food with a large variety. They consume their dedicated turtle food.

TURTLE And TORTOISE: Small Pets For Kids

Some species of turtle have an insatiable appetite. It’s better to keep stock of their food.
Turtles are creatures that will fascinate kids and toddlers. Their unique shell becomes the center of attention for kids.

As per Indian Mythology, keeping a turtle or tortoise at home brings good luck. Turtles are the longest-living animal. They can live up to 150-200 years. For the long life of turtles, sunbath is very important. It makes their shell hard.

Turtles and tortoises are very easy to handle as compared to cats and dogs. But remember, turtles are the greatest source of spreading Salmonella- a type of bacteria. So if the child is younger than 5 years, then avoid getting a turtle.


  • Their calm and relaxed nature is extremely beneficial for children suffering from ADHD.
  • Turtles attract positive energy. Therefore it makes a positive environment in your home.
  • They don’t require lots of space.
  • They don’t create a mess.
  • They require low Maintenance.

HAMSTER: pets for little kids

Though hamsters are tiny they are very entertaining. They never get out of energy. These small packs of energy could be the best option if the child is keeping a pet for the first time. They do not require attention and high maintenance. They love to wander around here and there.

HAMSTER: Pets For Little Kids

Hamsters are short-lived animals. Their maximum age is around 2-3 years. Their small and flexible body allows them to escape from narrow spaces, so you need to block all the narrow ways to the outside.

Since these small creatures are full of energy so they need plenty of food and water. Apart from this, they need plenty of bedding and nesting material. Making and arranging bedding and nesting material is a quite fascinating activity for kids.

It’s interesting to make your tiny hamster sleep on his cozy and snugly warm bed. Hamsters are very delicate pet animals; they require soft and cautious handling. Harsh handling may harm them. Buy hamsters only, if you are assured your kid will handle them cautiously.


  • They require no special grooming sessions.
  • They require simple and inexpensive habitat.
  • They do not require lots of space.
  • They are easier to maintain.
  • Petting a hamster teaches kids a sense of responsibility.


Bunnies are adorable and smart creatures. They are low-maintenance animals but they need lots of love and care as required by a cat or dog. If you want to keep your child active and you have a big lawn in your house then rabbits are the perfect pet for your kid. They keep your kid physically active.

Let me add fee word of caution, “rabbit is not an appropriate pet for toddlers and small kids” it is more reasonable for kids age 7+. The reason is rabbits are timid creatures. Loud noises or children running around them might scare them. Also, they are quite delicate and need to be handled with light hands. Harsh handling may harm them.

Most of us assume that rabbits only love to eat carrots. This is what we have seen in cartoons, but in reality, rabbits need more than carrots. They love to eat hay or grass. Their total diet consists of 70% of hay and grass. The remaining 30 % include different vegetables such as kale, broccoli, lettuce, and parsley.

Watching rabbits eating vegetables might encourage the child to start eating healthy too.
Furry bunnies need more attention because If they are not socialized correctly they would become aggressive.

Also, you need to keep a strong eye on a rabbit as they can escape easily if they are left untreated. Remember, keeping a rabbit is like having energy like a rabbit. You have to remain vigilant, fast, and proactive.


  • They don’t need much room.
  • Rabbits are happy in their cage and on lawns with soft soil for digging,
  • Rabbits are generally easy to toilet train.
  • They are easier to maintain.
  • Rabbits can live for a long time.
  • Rabbits give many litters so keeping pair would turn into a huge family within a year.


Keeping a pet is a healthy activity no matter whether the pet is caged or not. It develops healthy habits in children. Remember, keeping a pet is not an easy task. It’s a 24 hours commitment or you can say it’s a lifestyle change.

You have to keep your pet’s needs before you. So if you think your child is capable of taking and fulfilling a pet’s responsibility then it’s time to show some love and bring some low-maintenance pet to your home. Start by keeping a tropical aquarium fish, it’s very simple and easier to maintain as compared to other pets on the list.

The animal needs love and affection! Shower it on them and make them part of your family.