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Do German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes? Or Green Eyes?

Do German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes? Or Green Eyes?

Having a German Shepherd in our home creates a stimulating and fun environment. German Shepherd tends to be a very loyal and protective dog breed, which is why they have been popular among service work as the police. Almost all of us have come across a German Shepherd once in our lifetime. 

We all want a German Shepherd that is better than our neighbours or relatives. So, some may ask – Do German Shepherds have blue eyes or not. 

Here, I will talk about the different German Shepherd eye colours and their body colour combination.

Do German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes or Green Eyes?

Do German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes or Green Eyes?
Do German Shepherds Have Blue Eyes or Green Eyes?

Can a German Shepherd have blue eyes? Crossbreeding a German Shepherd with a blue-eyed husky or another blue-eyed breed can cause the offspring to have blue eyes.

A genetic variation can cause a case like this, but it is rare. This kind of German Shepherd with blue eyes are known to be a fault by the breeders generally. German Shepherd Blue Eyes price can touch the sky as they are so rare.

Can a German Shepherd have green eyes? A genetic variation can cause a German Shepherd to have green eyes, but it is almost impossible to find one.

It is rare to find a German Shepherd with green eyes because mostly, it happens due to the fault during breeding. You will find a different shape with the variation as well. 

However, talking about different shades of colour. You can get a different colour of German Shepherd. A German Shepherd can come in different colour combinations, including rare white. White German Shepherd is rare to find, but still, it is possible.

After knowing that only a genetic variation or a mixed breed of German Shepherd could have blue eyes, you may also want to see if they are available in different eye colours or not. First of all, there are different shades of brown depending upon the pigmentation in their eye colour. 

Colour German Shepherd can have green, brown, or grey eyes at times due to genetic fault. The acid amino melanin present in their eyes determines the intensity of the colour brown shade. There are some instances where the breeder successfully bred a Blue Eyed German Shepherd.

Plus, the American Kennel Club does not recognize any existence of blue-eyed German Shepherd other than fault. Plus, even a German Shepherd with blue eyes cannot be recognized as a pure breed. A blue German Shepherd is also possible but rare. 

It is just the same breed with different colours. American Kennel Club and Breeder call other German Shepherd colours – a wrong colour. However, we have seen how much blue German Shepherd is popular among family pets. So here, you can expect to pay a bit more for a blue German Shepherd. 

Blue German Shepherd is the subject of a lot of argument and debate. Many people, including me, believe that breeding such a hybrid dog to get a blue-eyed German Shepherd is solid or immoral. This kind of breeding often gives birth to offspring with more health issues and are prone to behavioural problems.

On the other side, some people may disagree strongly with the notion. It is possible to find a blue-eyed German Shepherd if you look globally.

If we try to cite the history of blue-eyed German Shepherd, no data or record is present to trace back any of them. It is still unclear whether a blue-eyed German Shepherd was ever born or not. However, words from the.

Europeans do state that a German Shepherd with blue eyes was seen in Ohio in 1978. Other than that, there is no further information. This information can also be misleading as these are just words without evidence roaming among European breeders.

Due to not having any evidence of blue-eyed German Shepherd found in the past and present, it is still safe to say that a blue-eyed German Shepherd can cost you a fortune. A blue-eyed German Shepherd is likely to come with a very high price.

What Color Eyes Can German Shepherd Have?

What Color Eyes Can German Shepherd Have?
What Color Eyes Can German Shepherd Have?

colourGreen eyes & Blue eyes are always considered as a fault in German Shepherd. The most common colour of a German Shepherd’s eyes is brown.

Blue-eyed German Shepherds are becoming rarer and rarer because German breeders deliberately don’t want to practice blue-eyed dogs for breeding. 

If the breeder wants the dogs to have extraordinary features, it is possible to find a breeder who might use a blue-eyed dog for breeding purposes. However, this is rare to happen. Believe it or not, the blue-eyed German Shepherd can only be possible if both parents are the carrier of blue-eyed genes

If any of the parents had different eye colours, it might hide the Blue eye due to being dominant. Some dogs may resemble Blue Eyes at first, but they will end up turning brown due to the dominant brown-eyed gene. If you’re lucky enough, then you will be able to find a blue-eyed German Shepherd because breeders don’t always want to breed healthy dogs. 

Plus, breeders who breed show dogs primarily focus on breed standards rather than breeding specialized designer dogs. But, you can find a local breeder who focuses on breeding pet dogs rather than show dogs. The majority of the German Shepherd has brown eyes.

Evolution Of German Shepherd Eye Color

Evolution Of German Shepherd Eye Color
Evolution Of German Shepherd Eye Color

You might have noticed many dog breed changing their eye colour. Just like those dogs, German Shepherd also can change their colour as they grow up. A recent study shows that in the first few weeks of their development, the German Shepherd’s eye colour will keep changing from one to the other until it settles. 

Usually, their eye colour changes from light brown to dark brown or from Hazel to golden yellow. Plus, they can acquire different shades of colour at this time. This time frame usually lasts for the first ten weeks of the development.

You might confuse yourself by thinking that a German Shepherd puppy having Blue Eyes will have blue eyes till adult as well. 

Let me clear you, at first, German Shepherd puppies tend to have blue eyes because it is pretty standard, but with time, as they become adults, their blue eye colour changes to another shade. Believe it or not, it depends upon what kind of genes they are carrying or inherited from their parents. 

Sometimes blue eye colour can remain the same for the rest of their lives, but this kind of breed is always rare. Other than that, their eye colour also had an impact on their coat colour. The gene carrying the blue colour is the same that will determine its coat colour. 

 Like any other mammal, a German Shepherd’s eye and eye colour will develop over time. When they are young, just puppies, the melanin doesn’t produce at all, keeping their eye colour very light So, it is better to say that a blue-eyed German Shepherd may also have a Bluecoat on their body or blue hair colour. 

After knowing some German Shepherd does have blue eyes colour, it is still rare to stick around into adulthood. However, it will get darken as the puppy grows older and older, becoming an adult.

You might feel unfortunate but let me tell you, the better chances of you getting a blue-eyed puppy is by breeding two blue-eyed adult dogs. 

If you crossbreed blue-eyed husky with the brown-eyed German Shepherd, then you may end up getting 25 to 50% blue-eyed puppies.

One or two of them can retain their blue eye colour into adulthood as well. However, it is going to cost money and time.

Blue Eyed German Shepherd Coat Colour Variations

Blue Eyed German Shepherd Coat Colour Variations
Blue Eyed German Shepherd Coat Colour Variations

The attributes and genes present in the German Shepherd are responsible for eye colour change, and cause and impact indicate colour.

We have divided this variation into five possible German Shepherd.

  • Blue And Tan
  • Blue And Sable
  • Blue And Black
  • Blue And Silver
  • Blue And Grey

Any blue-eyed German Shepherd will have one of these coat colour variations for sure.

There are instances where you will find some German Shepherd with one blue eye and one brown.

Many myths or stupid superstitions attach to a German Shepherd having one blue eye and one brown eye.

Many people associate it as a sign of poor vision, while others as a hearing issue. However, it is not concerning.

Blue Eyed German Shepherd Personality And Attributes

Blue Eyed German Shepherd Personality And Attributes
Blue Eyed German Shepherd Personality And Attributes

A blue-eyed German Shepherd usually tends to be very loyal, just like a brown-eyed German Shepherd.

They tend to be bold, strong, compact, reliable, energetic, intelligent, and friendly.

Don’t think of German Shepherd with Blue Eyes any less loyal, courageous or friendly than another dog breed.

Their eye colour does not impact their personality. Their primary and essential characteristics will remain the same and changed. 

Just like other dog breeds or German Shepherd, a blue-eyed German Shepherd will also guard your house.

Their dietary need, training requirement, grooming needs, and temperament remain the same.

In a word, you can say that the blue-eyed German Shepherd has all the attributes that a typical German Shepherd with brown eyes carries.


Are German Shepherds with Blue Eyes purebred?

No. Even Blue Eyed German Shepherd does not concern; breeders still call it a faulty breed. Even the American Kennel club list does not include German Shepherd with Blue Eyes OR hair.

However, with the changing condition, a blue-eyed German Shepherd can be recognized as a pure breed dog because people are also starting to accept it. Designer dogs are becoming quite a trend nowadays.

Are German Shepherds with Blue Eyes hybrid?

A blue-eyed German Shepherd could be considered a designer dog or a hybrid dog if its parents had different genes. But, in the case of common genetic variation, a blue-eyed German Shepherd cannot be considered a hybrid but fault/anomaly.

Why my German Shepherd has only one blue eye?

Genetic variation causes a German Shepherd to have only one blue eye known as heterochromia. This kind of event can be seen in the lack of pigment melanin in their eyes. However, it’s not concerning.


After knowing how rare it is to find a German Shepherd with blue colour, you may still try to Google it. Let me tell you, searching or browsing online for a blue-eyed German Shepherd puppy is not going to work. The best advice would be to ask nearby and locate a well-known breeder who can avail you of the puppy.

If you are ready to pay a high price, then you can ask the breeder to breed a special puppy only for you. However, it may cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Nowadays, designer dogs are becoming quite the trend, and people have started to accept them. 

Due to such a trend, people often try to find a unique breed with a particular coat colour or eye colour. Due to the movement, you might also want a blue-eyed German Shepherd but let me tell you, this kind of German Shepherd is more prone to health issues. 

If you want a dog with Blue Eyes, then a husky could be the best option. Other than that, you can also look at another dog breed with blue eye colour or green eye color. I hope that I have given you all the information needed to know about the German Shepherd and its Blue Eyes. 

If you have anything to ask, then feel free to comment below. I hope I will get to give you more valuable information in the future through our website. Until then, take care and goodbye.