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Are Pitbulls Safe? (Here’s What You Need To Know)

Are Pitbulls Safe? (Here’s What You Need To Know)

There are some dog breeds that are considered the most dangerous dog breeds in the world. In the most aggressive & dangerous list, Pitbulls makes in the first. Pitbulls are the most dangerous dog breed of all and is always considered as a hyper-aggressive dog breed that tends to attack without warning.

So, in this matter, it was very obvious to know if they’re safe to have or not. So, you are here to know if they are safe or not. Well, you are in the right place because in this guide. I am going to give you all the information that you need in order to understand what would be like to have a Pitbull in your home and are they safe for you or your family member & children’s or not. so, let’s learn, are Pitbulls Safe?

Is Pitbulls Safe?

Are Pitbulls Safe
Are Pitbulls Safe

Are Pitbulls Safe? No, Pitbulls are not safe if they are not trained properly especially around children. They are known for their vicious and aggressive nature, and they tend to be more aggressive than other dogs breeds.

It requires more patience and a strong owner to handle a Pitbull in their home.

If you have kids in your home then Pitbulls are not what you need because, in terms of getting along with the kids easily, Pitbulls is nowhere in that list because Pitbulls are only known for their vicious nature, which makes them dangerous.

They love attacking people without giving them any kind of warning. Proper training and early socialization is required to make them well mannered. Is Pitbulls Easy To Train? (9 Things To Keep In Mind)

They also very hard to handle, and they consider balance from their muscles. They are not only aggressive but also very dangerous dogs who are like canine time bombs.

However, in general, Pitbulls are not always aggressive dogs but they do have less tolerance for another dog than any other breed. They also have great tenacity because if they put something in their mind, they do it – no matter what.

That’s why Pitbulls are also a very popular dog breed for Sports. They are also very athletic and strong dog breed that makes them an energetic and hyper-active dog breed.

But, still, having a Pitbulls or owning a pit bull should not be taken lightly because some towns and cities have already band The Breed. You will also have to face rising insurance rates for cancellation of any kind of your policy and may even find difficulty in getting one.

If you really want to know how much there aggressive or dangerous then read this guide in which I have mentioned 6 reasons why are Pitbulls so dangerous.

Pitbull Bites, Nature, And More

Are Pitbulls Safe
Are Pitbulls Safe

Out of 63% of dog attacks, the Pitbulls cover the majority. 51% of the dog attack has been made by Pitbull, According to the recent research, it has been proved that Pitbulls are more likely to attack than other dogs breed.

The data which focused on fatal dog attacks noted that there wasn’t consistent data on breed bites and population especially when the injured victim does not get proper treatment or serious enough to require a hospital visit.

Pitbulls get aggressive. They don’t hesitate to attack. There are lots of things that can lead them to one’s aggression and make them wish for protection.

It is very important to train them under a professional trainer to keep them fully protected so that they won’t get any chance to attack any human or animal passing by.

Pitbull’s Traits

Are Pitbulls Safe
Are Pitbulls Safe

Pitbulls are famous for their two traits. Hyper aggressiveness and attacking without warning are the two traits of the Pitbulls’ popularity. It also acts as an advantage in a fighting dog but when compared to another dog breed that is more lapdog or family dog, it can be a disadvantage.

However, this dog breed will never break off after being injured. Pitbulls are not afraid because they have been taught for centuries to not give up until they died.

There was a time when they were used as fighting dogs in sports and any Pitbulls breeds that break off of a fight were killed or abandoned by the owner.

On the other hand, the great of attacking without warning keep also give them the tactical advantage of surprise which can make the opponent surprised and can break them off of a fight.

Is Pitbulls Safe For Kids?

Are Pitbulls Safe
Are Pitbulls Safe

Well, as I told you they are one of the most dangerous and the aggressive dog in the world, you can understand that Pitbulls are recommended for families with children. They can bite them.

Yes, they could do such a thing because due to their vicious nature and other traits. This is the reason why you may have noticed most of the pitbull’s owner abandoning their dog.

This is the main biggest reason why we have so many Pitbulls attack today but most of the Pitbulls owners doesn’t want to accept the fact that their Pitbulls can be a canine time bomb because they always tend to think that their Pitbulls will somehow turn out differently but it’s very weird because it requires a lot of work patience and dedication.

But still, they can get along with kids if they have trained properly as well as socialized early & perfectly. If they’re forced into doing something then they can be aggressive but they won’t bite their owner if they recognize their owner as a guardian.

However, it is never recommended or advised to have Pitbulls if you are a first-time dog owner because it can turn out things differently.

Is Pitbull Safe To Other People?

No, they are not safe to other people especially to strangers because they only accept their owner as their owner and their family member as friends mostly and as guardians in rare cases.

Yes, they are very protective by nature and they are going to bark at every single people passing by your house. Plus, they can also attack if they get a chance.

This is why you may have noticed most of the Pitbulls been chained up in one place. It is not recommended to always chain your Pitbulls because it can make them more aggressive towards you or your family member.

Before you adopt a Pitbulls in your home, be sure that you always tell the breeder that you have a child and you always want to talk about your expectations and if they are suitable for your household environment or not.

You should always adopt a Pitbulls with good temperament that can get easily socialized. They don’t attack or bite any children that they have been placed alongside.

Should You Own A Pitbulls?

Well, it’s a very difficult thing because there are lots of things that you need to conserve first before having a Pitbulls in your home and we have shared many articles about Pitbulls because we do know that Pitbulls are very aggressive dangerous dog and we want to share everything with the dog owner.

Every people who want to own Pitbulls should know everything about them before they adopt any kind of Pitbulls in their home.

There are lots of things that can make a huge difference to different degrees for sure. They can also affect your lifestyle and your family lifestyle to different degrees.

It is always recommended to do proper research and to understand what would happen if they are not properly cared and they are all free to do anything around your house.

If you are a first-time dog owner or second-time dog owner then it is not recommended to adopt Pitbulls in your home.

However, you can consider the other dog breed over Pitbulls because they will be less aggressiveness and you will be able to understand how you should handle an aggressive dog.

If you have any experience in handling an aggressive dog breed then yes, you can have one but it also requires proper training, education, and hard work in order to keep them in a good manner.

In terms of loyalty, they are not very behind because they are also very loyal dogs but, it is always recommended to consult a good breeder before you adopt any kind of pet in your home.

Pitbulls can also cause allergies as their allergens can irritate but with proper medication, you can prevent any allergies. Most people think that Claritin can cure allergies as well as rashes but let me tell you Claritin does not cure allergies.

There can be tons of reasons behind it not working like not being consistent with your medication or not started consuming early. It can act as an antihistamine but is only effective in reducing the response of your body to the allergens.

Do make sure that you tell them what kind of dog you want to have in your home and if a Pitbulls is going to be perfect for your need or not.

3 Things To Keep In Mind About Pitbulls

1. Bite And Its Strong Muscle

I hope that you do know that they can bite because they are the most aggressive and dangerous dogs in the world and it also makes to the top of the list of dangerous og breed. Let me tell you that comes with a very strong muscle.

So, if they bite you, it doesn’t mean that they are not going to release you or let you go but, It would be very strong grip and hold.

It has the ability to break your arm also so, you do need to remember that if you are going to have a Pitbulls in your home then you need to understand how you can Train Your Pitbulls not to bite anyone.

2. Aggression

Adopting a Pitbulls puppy will make their aggressiveness less noticeable toward you because they may see you as their guardian or protector but aggression is the main issue that comes with the Pitbulls.

It is one of the dog’s traits that makes them very dangerous. They are not only going to get aggressive with any people but also going to be hyper-aggressive towards other dog breeds and animals.

Let me tell you, your Pitbulls are going to handle any stalker perfectly because they won’t break off a fight.

On the other hand, if they Attack any human, then it can also be very worrisome for you because you may have to deal with the law or with the victim’s family. It is very easy to become a victim of a Pitbull’s aggressiveness.

3. Attack Without Warning

As I told you earlier, they are going to attack without warning, and yes, within few minutes you will see them changing their temperament.

At any moment when you will see them very quiet can suddenly make them very aggressive as soon as they find any kind of Trigger that makes them more aggressive like any stranger or any other pet animal or siren, or the loudness.

It can not only make them aggressive but can make them attack without giving the warning.


Are Pitbulls Safe To Small Kids?

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Are Pitbulls Safe To Guests?

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Are Pitbulls Safe To Other Animals?

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Final Thoughts

I hope that I managed to give you some space of information on Pitbulls and safety and if I did a good job then make sure you share this post because it is going to encourage me to write more about them.

Plus, if you have any questions regarding them then you can comment below and let me know and I will try to give your answer as soon as possible.

Let me tell you, even you may find them very dangerous they can be very loyal and lovely pets if they are trained properly.

However, if you have kids in your home or if your family has more than four members then it is not recommended to have Pitbulls as it will be difficult to keep them friendly around every single one. See you in the next post, till that, take care, and goodbye.