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7 Mistakes That Every New Puppy Owner Must Avoid

7 Mistakes That Every New Puppy Owner Must Avoid

Well, previously I have shared 9 things that you must do when you are getting a new puppy to your home and now I am going to tell you the 7 mistakes that are very common in new puppy owners.

My only intention to share this one is too aware that you must avoid these 7 common mistakes while getting a new puppy. If you are reading this post then there is a high probability that you are planning to adopt a new puppy or you have already adopted a new puppy in your home.

This post will be very helpful in knowing what you must consider avoiding and not over-looking.

1. Overfeeding

We always want our puppy to be very healthy and at the same time, it has been noticed that most of the new puppy owners fell into a well of overfeeding.

If you are overfeeding your puppy then there is a high probability that your puppy will get unhealthy as soon as they get overweight.

An overweight puppy or dog is always going to carry lots of diseases or can invite certain diseases. I highly recommend you always look at the amount as well as the frequency of feeding. You must know the right frequency and the amount that you should feed your puppy for the first six months

2. Bathing them often

Most of the new puppy owner thinks that they should bath their puppy to keep them clean and healthy but this is something that you must ignore. You should never bath your puppy more often because it can lead them towards very bad quality of coat as well as a dander forming.

Dander forming can irritate your puppy as well as you if you have an over-sensitive immune system. Let me tell you, dander is what causes most of the allergy to people who have an oversensitive immune system.

Apart from that, your puppy coat can get matted which will cause you a lot of hassles during brushing them.

So always bath your puppy when needed or only once a month after a few weeks. Always bath your puppy with the good quality 100% natural organic shampoo and conditioner because chemical shampoo or conditioner can irritate their skin as well as can damage their coat quality.

3. Overtraining or over-exercising

Over-exercising or over-training, your puppy little paws can not take a lot of exercising or training at the beginning. Always what our puppy to perform some pics as well as to get well mannered as soon as possible but you should avoid overtraining them.

I will recommend starting training your puppy early but not forcing them into doing something that they don’t want or they can’t do. You can’t force your puppy into doing something that is beyond their control or power.

4. Allowing your puppy in the kitchen area

The furs/hair of puppies will be very minimal and can’t seen by the naked human eye. This really means that if you allow your puppy to roam around your kitchen then the probability of their hair getting in your food is very high.

Just from the beginning, you should teach your puppy not to enter the kitchen area otherwise, it will be very difficult to teach an adult dog. That’s why I always recommend teaching your puppy and make them aware where they allowed to roam and play and where they are not.

5. Ignoring the Occasional testing

Yes, you might already made an appointment to your vet but most of the new puppy owner ignored the occasional testing that should be done on your puppy hips, skin, and elbows.

The occasional testing is done on their hips , skin, and elbows is very crucial because it can make you aware of the little things that you must correct before it converts into any disease.

If you find any disease then you will be able to treat it early. It can save a lot of time, effort, and money. Occasional testing done on your puppy is mandatory according to lots of veterinarian.

It doesn’t mean that you should always make an appointment with the vet for your puppy. Once in two or three months is enough. So make sure you make an appointment for your puppy to have the occasional testing done on their hips, elbows, and skin.

6. Using Pee Pad to potty train

Every new puppy owner wants to teach their dog where they should be as well as to potty but don’t make the mistake of using any kind of PEE PAD to potty train your new puppy.

You might have read lots of articles about potty training but frankly speaking, I find the pee pars a little bit weird potty train your puppy. When you will be teaching your puppy you will have to make your puppy go inside which will be very difficult later on.

Instead of that, you must be sure to teach your dog to give a signal right away when they have to go for it like a potty bell system somewhere around your home.

7. Free meals

This is the most popular common mistakes that you may have done. You should never provide your puppy’s free meal because mealtime is a perfect time to train your puppy.

You must train your puppy before you feed them and make them realize that there is no free piece of feeble if they miss their training session. It will also motivate your puppy to put more effort and do their best in the training session.

Yes, it is important to reward your puppy with the delicious treats but mealtime can also be the perfect time to train your new puppy.

Final thought

I hope that I managed to give you some valuable information on the mistakes that you must avoid and prevent. If you do any mistake that I have mentioned above then it can create new problems for you later on in the long run.

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