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9 Things Every New Puppy Owner Should Do

9 Things Every New Puppy Owner Should Do

There are 9 things that you must do when you are getting a new puppy. Yes, it can be fun and exciting for you as well as for your family member when bringing a new adorable puppy right away. No doubts that it can be such a great time for all of you.

But there are certain things that you need to make sure that your puppy gets to start out on the right foot with the proper care.

It is impossible to know the exact care that is needed to keep your puppy healthy all life long but if you know 9 things that you must do you when you are planning to bring your new puppy home.

I have been petting lots of dogs for the last 30 years and my family loves it. Whenever we plan on getting a new puppy, I always see the excitement right away on their faces.

When you bring a puppy in your home they go through a lot of changes that can make them or can lead them towards stress.

Our primary goal is to educate our new family member who is getting their new puppy in their home for the first time. So, here are 9 things that is must to know to keep your new puppy healthy and happy.

Get your puppy to the vet within the first week

I would highly recommend you to get your puppy to your nearest vet and make an appointment within the first week after bringing them home. Maybe your puppy has already been checked by the Vet before but it is always recommended to double-check it.

It is important to know if a puppy is healthy or not as well as have no issues. If your veterinarian finds any issue then you can get them the treatment right away.

Most of the time, it has been seen that the puppy that has been adopted by the family from the puppy mill needs minor treatment so it is is always best to treat the problem early before it spreads out.

If you ignore visiting the vet then it may cause you a bigger issue in the future and can result in your puppy constant vaccination schedule, neutral plans, tick, and a flea treatment.

Make sure you discuss your every concern with the veterinarian that you have for your puppy.

Ask your Breeder about the food

When you adopt a puppy it is very important to know what are the foods that The breeder has given to the puppy to keep themselves healthy. Not all puppy can adapt according to your home environment as well as the food that you are planning to feed.

At first, it is important to keep them on the food that they had always got from their first parents. If you don’t know what food was the ideal one for your puppy then you must contact your breeder to know about it.

There are lots of Puppy food available in the local market online as well as offline but not all of them have the right balance of nutrition that is needed for your puppy to survive, to keep themselves healthy, and keep going.

That is why I highly recommend you ask about the food that your puppy used to eat.

Make sure you are getting the same food. Most of the time I always give the sample of the food to their new family owner with the puppy and if in any scenario, you don’t get any food then it is recommended to at least ask them what they were feeding. This will help you a lot in the long run.

Let me clear you something, tp the food that you are going to choose should be 100% organic and should have the right balance of nutrition. It is recommended to only feed your puppies with the food that contains lots of proteins and Minerals.

Now, here are some foods that are perfect for your puppy that can not only keep them healthy but can also make them happy. These three foods are the best available in the market as well as 100% organic with the right balance of nutrition.


Stool sample

Believe it or not but when you visit your nearest vet with your puppy, they always ask for a stool sample and that is why I would recommend you always take a stool sample.

This is probably one of the most important and certain things that you should do and I’ve recommended. A stool sample can tell a lot about your puppy to your veterinarian and yes, you don’t always need to tell your veterinarian what to check because they always know.

You just need to make them know that you have just adopted your puppy. There are a few things that your puppy can have like worms and Coccidia.

Worms and Coccidia are very common in new puppies and that is why it is recommended that you treat them. The worms and their eggs can be extremely microscopic making them almost invisible to the human eye.

But don’t be worried about it because your veterinarian will fix it with minor treatment. Plus it is not going to cost you a lot as a puppy will only need a liquid medicine to treat the worms.

When your puppy goes through a lot of stress, it always manifests Coccidia. There are not a lot of symptoms but it can show a loose stool or a lack of appetite.

If you observe your puppy thing vomiting, peeing from butt or blood in the urine or in the stool then there is a high chance that your puppy could be suffering from Coccidia.

Avoid bathing your puppy for the first few weeks

This is something that I would personally recommend you because you should never bath your puppy right away after bringing your puppy in your home.

After all, your puppy will have to go through a lot and bathing them right away can make them feel anxious. If your puppy feel stressed out then no doubt that they will be ignoring their through food as well as will not be very comfortable around you.

It is only recommended to bath your puppy once a month using a good quality 100% organic pet shampoo and conditioner. Plus, the shampoo and conditioner that you are going to choose should be perfect for the puppy skin and coat.

Make sure you know that the conditioner has 100% organic ingredients. Any chemical shampoo or conditioner can damage their coat as well irritate their skin.

After a few weeks, you can bath your puppy using a good quality organic shampoo and conditioner. You must bath your puppy only once a month. Bathing a puppy more often will lead your puppy getting their fur tangled or matted as well as dander forming and shedding will also increase.

Danders are the main cause of an allergy to humans. You must keep your puppy dander free if you or anybody in your family member is allergic to dogs or have an over-sensitive immune system.

Here are some shampoos and conditioners that I have been using from the past 10 years on my puppies and theiy are amazing.


Get some water From breeder in an Empty jug.

It is almost impossible for your puppy to get their immune system matched and friendly according to your environment resources right away.

That is why I would highly recommend you to always take an empty jug for water so that you can mix that water with your home water for a few days as you should do with the new food.

Remember that puppies are just like babies and their immune system will also need some time to get fully matured to get well adapted according to your environment and the resources.

Puppy proof your yard

You might not think but let me tell you, puppy-proofing your yard puppy-proofing your yard, as well as your house, is mandatory. You must double-check all the things that your new puppy could get introduced into your yard.

This is the area where most of the new puppy owners overlook. If you have a fenced yard that you must check if parameters and the gaps between the fences is ideal. Yes, puppy grows fast but when they will be small, a small space can make them get through.

There are lots of dangers for your puppy out there in your back yard that can make them sick. Always make sure that there is no use of fertilizers, pesticides or any kind of insecticides in your yard recently because it can also cause bad affect on your puppy health.

Most of the puppy get into eating wild mushrooms as well as greens from the yard.

Train them where to Pee and sleep

If you want a well mannered obedient dog then you must train your puppy early. You should associates your puppy with the area where they should pee & sleep.

Make sure that you keep your puppy clear about the area where they should pee. This is something that most of the owners overlooked due to the age of the puppy but I don’t recommend giving your puppy lots of time.

If your puppy has already been 2 to 3 months old when they are ready to get trained. Just make sure you are not overtraining them because they are very small and their little paws can’t take much.

As time goes on, you can begin training them a little harder tricks. They can perform tricks for you like fetch, rollover, bark on command, and many more.

Avoid overfeeding your puppy

This is something that can cause a loss of issue in the future. If you are feeding your puppy in a huge quantity several times than you might expect your puppy to get overweighted.

I would highly suggest you to always feed your puppy three to four times a day but in a small quantity. Don’t put a huge amount in the crate of your puppy because feeding them too much food every time will make them over-weighted which can al so invite lots of diseases

Provide some cute Chew toys

When your puppy will be young, he/she will always chew something as well as will drool very often. That is why I would ld highly recommend you to provide them with some toys so that they can keep themselves busy on their own while you will be doing some work.

Yes, there will be lots of times when you or your family member will have cuddle time but still, sometimes your puppy can feel ignored. If your puppy feels ignore then no doubts your puppy with also gets depressed or anxious which can lead them towards stress.

Here are some toys that you can always provide to your puppy because there are chew proof and scratch proof.

Final thoughts

Well, there are hundreds of things that I can tell you but these are the most important things that you must know if you are planning to bring or if you are bringing a new puppy to your home.

You must follow all the points and don’t overlook them because ignoring any point will only lead you to a huge disappointment. I hope that you found this post helpful and if I manage to give you some valuable information then make sure you share this post on Facebook.

Apart from that, I have shared many other articles on puppy care so do check it out. See you in the next post, till then, take care, and goodbye.