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Why Do Bull Terriers Fart So Much? [5 Reasons]

Why Do Bull Terriers Fart So Much? [5 Reasons]

While all dogs fart, dog farts can be embarrassing and disturbing especially if you are a first-time dog owner and have no idea what is causing them. We dug deep into what causes dog farts and how to control or even prevent it especially when you are dealing with bull terriers.

Why do Bull Terriers fart so much? Generally, farts are a by-product of digestion. Bull Terriers will fart a lot as a result of gastrointestinal issues, poor choice of feeds, a sudden change in diet, eating from trash or table scraps, and eating fast.

Compared to other terriers such as Yorkshire terriers and soft coated wheaten terriers, bull terriers do not fart that much.

Read on to learn how to stop Bull Terriers from farting so much.

Why do Bull Terriers Fart so much?

Bull terriers can fart excessively due to gastrointestinal issues

Bull terriers that have sensitive stomachs caused by conditions such as inflammatory bowel diseases will have a tendency to fart a lot. This is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria in their intestines.

These bacteria will cause excess production of gas and can also lead to abnormal stool and weight loss as they affect the normal digestion process. Seeing a vet when your bull terrier starts farting more than normal will help you determine the cause and how to treat it.

Bull terriers could fart after eating table scraps or from the trash

Bull terriers that are fed on table scraps or are allowed to feed on the trash can will suffer from excessive farting. Scraps can have food items that are known to cause excessive gas in dogs that are not known to be gassy.

Giving your dogs table scraps or letting them eat from the trash will make it easy for them to eat fatty or sugary foods that their digestion system is not equipped to digest and results in excessive gas.

Fast eating Bull terriers may suffer from excessive gas

When a bull terrier eats its meal hurriedly it is likely to swallow a lot of air in the process. As a result, it will fart excessively in an attempt to get rid of the excess gas.

Therefore, instead of feeding your bull terrier one large meal, feed it twice or thrice a day, additionally use a bowl that will prevent it from swallowing a lot of air when feeding.

A bowl that has a bump at the bottom will work well in this case. Check out this bowl from Amazon that is specifically made to slow down your dog’s fast feeding.

Poor choice of feeds or sudden change of diet will make bull terriers fat a lot

Feeding your bull terrier the wrong type of feeds will make it accumulate excessive gas in the stomach. Foods that are known to cause excessive gas includes

  • spicy foods
  • brusell sprouts
  • soybeans
  • milk products
  • beans
  • peas
  • cauliflowers
  • cabbage
  • high fat diets

Another factor related to poor choice of feeds is a sudden change in the brand of feeds that you have been feeding your bull terrier.

Your bull terrier may take a bit longer to adjust to the new brand of feeds a process that can cause excessive farting especially if it has a sensitive stomach.

Food allergies can cause Bull Terriers to pass excessive gas

There are foods such as milk products and excessive fats that cause an allergic reaction with all dogs and bull terriers are no exception. Feeding these food products will lead to excess farting among the bull terriers.

If you are having doubts about the best brand of feeds for your bull terrier consult a vet.

How do I get rid of my dogs bad gas?

If you looking for a solution to stop your bull terrier from farting so much, the first step is to identify what is causing it to pass a lot of gas. Then from there make sure you collect the problem. Below is a list of steps you can take to stop remedy your bull terrier from farting so much.

  • Avoid sudden change of food brands
  • Avoid feeding table scraps and keep trash can away
  • use a bowl that promotes slow feeding
  • Use brand of feeds best suited for the bull terriers
  • Make sure your dog gets enough exercise
  • Make sure your bull terrier visits a vet regularly

Which dogs fart the most?

If you are looking forward to owning a dog but get very uncomfortable with dog farts, then you should avoid the following dog breeds.

  • Soft coated wheaten terriers
  • Yorkshire terriers
  • boxers
  • pugs
  • beagles
  • golden retrievers
  • doberman pinschers

Summary: why do bull terriers fart so much?

If you identify and address the reason why your bull terrier is farting so much, you will be able to control the excessive farting. Visiting a qualified vet and closely following their advice is a good step to controlling farting in your dog.

Lastly, it is important to note that even if bull terriers do not fall into the category of dogs that fart a lot, passing gas once in a while is completely normal for all dogs.