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What Size Cage Do Crested Geckos Need? (2022 Review)

What Size Cage Do Crested Geckos Need? (2022 Review)

One of the first things you need to do before getting a crested gecko is setting up its enclosure first. It would help if you were ready to house a crested gecko and make them feel right at home. Their tanks should have all the things that can help in mimicking their natural environment. Plus, temperature & humidity inside their enclosure also need to be maintained, but what size cage do crested geckos need? 

We will discuss the crested gecko enclosure size for 1, 2, or more. We’ll also discuss the types of tanks you can have and what would be the best one. 

Being responsible, you must know what the minimum size enclosure requirement for crested geckos is. Let’s first learn what size tank do you need for a crested gecko.

What Size Cage Do Crested Geckos Need?

what size cage do crested geckos need
what size cage do crested geckos need

Talking about the crested gecko enclosure size, the best size that suits their needs is between 15-30 gallons vivarium. Baby and Juvenile need much smaller than that because they can’t access their food in a large tank if it runs or hides.

When looking for a crested gecko vivarium size, you should also consider your crestie’s size and age. Many forums and sources claim that these geckos need 10-20 gallon enclosures, but it’s not necessary. Some lizards and reptiles can also feel overwhelmed if there is not enough space for them. 

While you decor their enclosure, the space they get for their activity usually discourages them. Here, You can learn how much space do crested geckos need.

Crested Gecko Tank Size For 1

To house one crested GeckoGecko, you should consider getting at least 20 gallons of the enclosure. After properly decorating branches, plants, hides, and rocks, they should have enough space to thrive, run, jump, and hide.

Crested Gecko Tank Size For 2

To house more than two or more cresties, you need at least 30 gallons bare minimum size of the tank. 2 crested geckos can be kept in a 20 gallons tank. As you increase the number of crested geckos, you need to add a 50-gallon size or space more for each.

Here’s a quick chat for the bare minimum length of enclosure for several crested geckos.

Number and Type of Leopard GeckosBare Minimum Size of Enclosure
Juvenile Gecko10 gallons
1 Adult20 gallons
2 Adults25 gallons
3 Adults30 gallons
4 Adults 35 gallons

Best Types Of Tank For Crested Gecko


The best material for a crested gecko vivarium is glass. The most significant advantage of keeping crested geckos in a glass tank is that it is easy to clean and can maintain humidity levels better. It is also best for visual display when you house them.

Plus, if you consider housing more than two or more crested geckos, it is also suitable for viewing (due to its transparent sides). The only disadvantage is its high price that can cost you around $100 to $250.

3 Other types of crested gecko tanks you can house in

1. Wood

It’s a perfect option for those who want exquisite housing for their geckos. Finding a wooden enclosure that suits their needs and is easy to operate is difficult to find. Plus, Wood enclosures will be vulnerable to water and heat. Added to that, this kind of habitat can observe water and be difficult to clean

2. Mesh

The lizards and reptiles are housed in tanks made with the mesh that encourages them to jump. Most of the mesh tanks you will find online or locally are tall, encouraging reptiles to climb but not big enough. Please keep them in a mess vivarium because they like climbing.

It isn’t easy to find a 20-gallon long mesh enclosure that is suitable for crested geckos. Plus, the stress and the humidity also need to be considered as a mesh can be prevented.

3. Plastic

Plastic is also a good alternative, but it is not good to maintain the humidity and temperature they need to thrive. Plus, plastic is not durable material from my perspective to house a crested gecko. However, due to its affordable price, it is still good to check. Not all companies make plastic enclosures.

What Is The Minimum Tank Size For A Crested Gecko?

what is the minimum tank size for a crested gecko
what is the minimum tank size for a crested gecko?

The minimum tank size required to house a crested gecko is 15 gallons. However, the bigger, the better it is. It is better to accommodate an adult crested gecko in a 20-gallon tank and a baby crested GeckoGecko in a 10-gallon tank.


Is 12X12X18 Big Enough For A Crested Gecko?

12X12X18 is enough to house a single adult crested gecko with a mesh screen top. However, keeping them in a 12X12X18 space tank will allow better display. It will also encourage them for activities. Wooden or plastic vivariums should be avoided. Glass tanks are best for crested geckos in most aspects.

Do Crested Geckos Need A 20 Gallon Tank?

Crested Gecko needs a 20-gallon tank. However, their enclosure should have branches and rocks to jump and hide. In the daytime, they like hiding, resting, and sleeping. At night time, they will be most active, jumping, climbing, and running around.

Is A 30 Gallon Tank Too Big For A Crested Gecko?

Sometimes too big tanks also stress a single crested gecko. Keeping a single-crested gecko in 25 gallons or more size tank can stress them out. A 20-gallon size tank is best for a single gecko.

Best Leopard Gecko Setup

Setting up a crested geckos habitat is not a very daunting task. If you know what exactly you need to do to house them, it feels super easy. Here, I have made a quick list of everything you should include in the factor that ensures your cresties’ happiness.

  1. Use a nonadhesive shelf liner.
  2. Avoid using a substance that is made from loose particles.
  3. Get a 20-gallon size tank depending upon the number, age, and size of your crested GeckoGecko.
  4. Get the water and food bowls.
  5. Get a good-quality hygrometer, thermostat, and thermometer to measure temperature, humidity, and heat constantly.
  6. Avoid using a light or heat lamp at night.
  7. Get ceramic heat lamps with low wattage.
  8. Get a low-wattage UV bulb.
  9. Prepare three hides for them. (Hot, Humid, & Cold)

It is recommended to keep crested geckos in a minimum 35 size gallon glass tank that is easy to observe. Ensure enough heat source and best quality ceramic heater in winter if your room temperature is not stable all year round. To maintain the temperature gradient inside the time between 72-78°.

It is recommended to get a low wattage UV light as well in case of urgency. Additionally, make sure to maintain the tank humidity as well and monitor with a hygrometer. 

You should avoid using multiple substrates because not all substrates are suitable for crested geckos. Avoid using substrates made with too loose particles. 

It can be ingested by your Gecko and make them sick. Plus, it can also lead to impaction.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping Up: Crested Gecko should be kept in a 20-gallon size tank. The minimum requirement to house a single crested gecko is 15-gallon size. Depending upon the age, size, and number of Geckos, you should increase the size of the tank as well.

You should also decor their tank and try to mimic the naturally humid environment. Based on my research and personal opinion, I gave you all the information on what size cage do crested geckos need. If you have any questions, ask me in the comment section. 

Make sure to share our content to inform others about the minimum requirement of crested gecko cage size; see you in the next post, take care, and goodbye.