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What Is The Cuddliest Parrot? [9 Examples]

What Is The Cuddliest Parrot? [9 Examples]

Earlier today while walking in the park, I saw some parrots cuddling near an empty bench. This got me wondering whether this is normal behavior, I mean cuddling is more of human behavior at least that is what I thought.

I decided to dig deeper and learn whether pet birds love to cuddle with their human owners and how it benefits them.

What are the cuddliest parrots? The cuddliest parrots are cockatoos, cockatiels, Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrots, African greys, budgies, Senegal Parrots, sun conures, Eclectus Parrots, and green wing macaws. Cuddling is one of the ways that these parrots show affection to their owners. However, avoid petting your parrot in places other than the head and neck to avoid sending the wrong signals.

Read on to understand the effect of poor cuddling, especially on reproduction.

What is the most affectionate parrot breed?


Are cockatoos cuddly? Cockatoos are cuddly, especially the white cockatoo, they are one of the species of parrots that likes and enjoys cuddling. Cockatoos are normally referred to as “velcro” birds due to their sociable nature.

A cockatoo must like you very much to cuddle with you.

In fact, cockatoos rank at the top of the list of birds that like to be around people. This fact alone makes cockatoos one of the best pet parrots for people with large families that love pet birds.

You should also know that cockatoos are quite demanding and when they do not get what they want they can throw temper tantrums and become silly.

They can also become loud especially in the morning and in the evening when they do not get the attention they seek.

Learn to cuddle your cockatoo and you will enjoy its company like that of a 2-year-old.


Do cockatiels like to cuddle? Cockatiels like to cuddle and are very bold. Cockatiels are bold enough to even snuggle on their owner’s shoulder when they trust them. Like cockatoos, cockatiels show affection to their owners through cuddling among other signs.

These parrots are also excellent pet birds for families since they like and enjoy being around people. Cockatiels can even leave in apartments since they are not loud enough to upset your neighbors.

When you have a cockatiel as a pet be assured of a mixture of chirps and whistles.

Their ease of breeding and cost makes them one of the most popular pet birds in America. Male cockatiels stand a better chance of talking than female cockatiels.

However, they are not good talkers, but rather whistlers. In fact, they can even devise a contact call that they use to check whether you are around.


Are conures cuddly? Conures are cuddly, playful, and can be very loud at times. Conures also enjoy being around people a trait that makes them one of the best family pets parrots. Cuddling is one of the many ways of conures show affection to their owners.

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These parrots are very active and need a considerable amount of toys and space to keep them busy. You can use your conure bonding time to teach them some tricks which they are always eager to learn.


Are macaws cuddly? Despite their large-size macaws being cuddly, the most cuddly macaw is the green-wing macaw. However, it is important to note that macaws will only cuddle with someone they know well and trust.

These pet birds are gorgeous, big, and brightly colored. If you are looking for the biggest parrot to keep as a pet you will never go wrong with a macaw, especially a hyacinth Macaw.

They are very affectionate to their owners despite their big beaks which can be intimidating.

However, macaws are very high-maintenance parrots starting with their cage and general maintenance.

Effect of too much Cuddling

Cuddling involves petting your parrot pet. While cuddling allows you to bond with your pet parrot, at some point it can be dangerous and have negative effects on your bird.

When cuddling many bird owners will tend to pet their birds by touching their head, neck feathers, and even their wings.

When you pet your bird’s tail it may perceive you as a mate, as a result, the bird may become aggressive when someone comes close to you.

Additionally, the bird may start preparing to breed which might put it under stress especially if you do not have a mate for it.

The best way to pet your bird when you are cuddling is to restrict the cuddling to its head and neck.

The best birds for cuddling and ones that will accept cuddling without issues are ones that have been hand raised.

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What is the cuddliest bird? The cuddliest bird species is the umbrella cockatoo or the white cockatoo.


The list above gives you an idea of the bird you should buy if you are looking for a bird that likes cuddling. Cockatoos top this list of the cuddliest bird species. If you can get a bird that was hand-raised then it will be very easy to interact with your bird and even teach them new tricks leave alone cuddle.