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Top 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for Heaters

Top 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for Heaters

10 Most Reliable Reptile Thermostats to Control Heater’s Temperature

Do you have a heating mat or lamp install in your pet’s vivarium, but do not have control over the environment. By using a reptile thermostat, you can make it easier for you and your pet. Choosing the right thermostat for your reptile’s vivarium is very important to maintain consistent conditions.

Top 10 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for Heaters

That way you can keep your reptile healthy and fit more than ever, as they usually dependents on the external temperature. In a colder environment, they act lazy, unenergetic and may stop drinking and eating. 

Well, it’s not a big deal, providing them a warm and healthy environment, you can control their environment manually and a thermostat simplifies everything for you and for your beloved pet. If you want a higher level of precision, you should use a digital thermostat while some analog models are less pricey.

However, you can find different options online and in the market, but it might be quite confusing and difficult to choose a perfect fit according to your reptiles needs. Using a timer to control lights and heaters is one thing and installing a thermostat is another. A reptile thermostat can protect your beloved reptiles from sudden changes of temperature, as it turns the equipment on or off by sensing the temperature.

Here, I’ve shared only the best reptile thermostat by doing all the research and made it easier for you to decide and choose🙂

Top 9 Best Reptile Thermostat – 2021

Inkbird Dual Stage Digital Thermostat – ITC308S – ( reptile thermostat )

Top 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for HeatersTop 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for Heaters

Do you know how to handle and set up a reptile thermostat? Well, here we have a very easy to set up the digital thermostat, making it a perfect item for you. You can easily set your reptile’s required temperature range – a perfect compact unit. 

This digital thermostat from Inkbird can connect a heating device and a refrigeration unit at the same time. You can easily keep an eye on the temperatures, measure the temperature and set the temperature at the same time with the help of its dual-display window.

It has a 6.56 feet sensor cable and requires an input power of 100-240VAC. In care sensor error, it features an alarm that alerts you at a low and high temperature and if the sensor gets broken or damaged, it can be easily repaired or replaced.

It also features an extra convenient reading by supporting, both the Celsius and Fahrenheit units.

It is easy to calibrate and you can control the temperature range, between 58- 210 Degree F.


  • It can be used with two devices controlling both, for cooling and heating at the same time.
  • Its temperature control ranges between 58 degrees F to 210 degrees F.
  • Features an alarm for sensor fault, high and low temperature.

Reptile Thermostat

  • It Includes a manual Support
  • It has a Temperature calibration
  • Features an alarm for sensor fault
  • Features an alarm for high and low temperature
  • It has a Dual relay output
  • It supports reading in both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • It also features a dual-display window


  • This product is not Ideal for water tanks

WILLHI Digital Thermostat – WH1436A – ( reptile thermostat )

Top 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for Heaters

Top 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for Heaters

Do you need a simple to use reptile thermostat? Without any complicated wiring, this WILLHI digital thermostat is the best and simple to use a device, that can control the temperature according to your desire by turning on and off electrical devices.

It can be easily fit into a standard US power outlet. It also features an alarm, that sounds when the desired temperature suddenly drops or overshoot and alerts you when the desired temperature is reached. This device is durable and water-resistant.
Reptile Thermotat

This thermostat also supports dual reading and can be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature, making it more convenient for you. It gives you wide control over the temperature range, it can be a minimum of 58 degrees Fahrenheit to 230 degrees Fahrenheit and its accuracy can be calibrated easily.

It also features an auto-shutoff timer that keeps your life easier and saves you bucks on electricity. You can switch the thermostat easily from heating mode to refrigeration mode. It comes with 9.8 feet durable long cable without any complicated wiring. 

It is totally ready to use the device and can be used for aquariums, home brewing, electric radiators and accelerating germination. In a few words, “An AMAZING Reptile Thermostat Controller“.


  • It can be used with both, cooling and heating devices.
  • It has a wide temperature range and its accuracy can be calibrated conveniently
  • It features a durable and waterproof robe in 9.8 feet long cable.
  • Without any complicated wiring, it is ready to use the device


  • It features auto shut off timer
  • It can switch easily from heater to refrigeration
  • It can be used for various purposes
  • It features a temperature alarm that alerts you on high and low temperatures.
  • It includes a Waterproof thermocouple


  • It does not include a battery.

Bayite Digital Outlet Thermostat ( reptile thermostat )

Top 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for HeatersTop 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for Heaters
Do you want to achieve the best temperature for your reptile? You can use this Bayite Digital Outlet Thermostat to turn cooling and heating devices, turn on and off to keep your reptile’s vivarium in the right and desired temperature range.

It comes with a sensor feature that helps thermostat to control the temperature more accurately, and plus point is ‘ the sensor is waterproof. This device can only be used with one device and uses 3 watts of power maximum.

This Bayite Digital Outlet Thermostat is an ideal reptile thermostat and keeps your vivarium at a suitable temperature to maintain your reptile’s health and activeness. It also features an alarm, that sounds and alerts you on low and high temperatures.
Reptile Thermostat

Although this Bayite Digital Outlet Thermostat is a perfect reptiles thermostat and it comes from the brand “Bayite”, this products is also suitable and can be used for pet breeding, incubator or as an aquarium heater. Adding to this, it also features an automatic power-on delay.

Its automatic power-on delay helps in protecting the compressor for its longevity. Plus, exhaust fans will do the most work by starting every two minutes and will save you some dollars on electricity. A perfect reptile thermostat at an affordable rate.


  • It can work with both, cooling and heating devices.
  • Its temperature ranges from -58 degree Fahrenheit to 230 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It features low and high-temperature alarms


  • It will save you money on electricity
  • It can be used as a heater or cooler
  • It is Waterproof
  • You can use it for various purposes like pet breeding, incubators and many more
  • It has low and high-temperature alarms
  • It comes with an automatic power-on delay


  1. This Bayite Digital Outlet Thermostat does not feature a timer.

Vivarium Electronics Thermostat- VE-300 ( reptile thermostat )
Reptile Thermostat

Top 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for HeatersTop 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for Heaters

Well, I assume that you have heard about Vivarium Electronics Thermostat already. This Vivarium Electronics VE-300 Thermostat is an upgrade of the previous Vivarium Electronics VE-100 Thermostat and Vivarium Electronics VE-100 Thermostat. This thermostat can easily be set on top of your vivarium, saves you from dealing with stands.

This  VE-300 Thermostat is a top model of Vivarium Electronics Thermostat and its features do not let you worry about mounting it. It’s a Pulse thermostat and is great for ceramic heaters. It controls the vivarium temperature effectively with a temperature range of 25 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

It also features an auto shut off which prevents overheating, so you never have to worry about your vivarium or pet being overheated. If you feel that you may need a sound alarm to alert in cases, you can request it. This way, you will get alerted when your desired temperature reaches or the temperature of the vivarium suddenly drops or increases

It also has an amazing feature of the automatic lowering of temperature at night. These features help to make a natural cycle of temperature in the vivarium throughout the day and keep your life easier. It also has a single outlet but if you want to control multiple heaters at once, then it can be easily expanded.

Its display shows the current setpoint value, the current probe temperature settings and also the current time of the day. You can easily navigate this thermostat by using its 3 button keyboard and large backlit display.

No doubts that this thermostat has great and cool features. If you want full control over the temperature in a very professional manner, then this thermostat is a perfect choice for you.


Reptile Thermostat

  • It has locks in the probe cord to prevent unintentional unplugging.
  • It has a large backlit display and 3 button keyboard to make the navigation easy for you
  • It comes with a special single outlet that can be expanded using outlet strips
  • It has auto shut off feature and automatic temperature drop at night


  • It is Stackable
  • It has a large backlit display
  • It comes with 3-button keyboard
  • It features an automatic temperature drop at night
  • It has an auto shut off feature
  • It is perfectly ideal for ceramic heaters
  • It is a Tabletop model


  • Nothing to mention

Ponnie 2-stage outlet Thermostat for Reptiles- – PN160

Top 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for HeatersTop 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for Heaters

Do you want a Pre Wired & accurate temperature controller? Well, this Ponnie 2-stage outlet retptile Thermostat may be an ideal fit for you and your reptile. It comes with dual relay output so that you can easily connect this thermostat to a heating device and cooling device at the same time, without any hassle and complication.

Apart from that, this Ponnie 2-stage outlet Thermostat for Reptiles is also easy to set up as it is already pre-wired and offer you ultimate control over the vivarium temperature. It also features a waterproof NTC sensor and 6.4 feet cable.

You can place the thermostat in some distance away from the enclosure by placing the waterproof NTC sensor inside the vivarium with the help of a 6.4 feet cable. This Ponnie 2-stage outlet Thermostat needs a 110-215V of power supply.

You can set the temperature anywhere ranging from 19.9 degrees Fahrenheit to 199.9 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a feature of auto-saving settings and a sensor fault alarm to alert you on any sensor fault or damage. It also features an LCD backlight display that helps to navigate easily.


  • It comes with dual relay output
  • It features Waterproof NTC sensor
  • It has an LCD backlight display
  • It has an extra feature of Auto Saving Settings


  • It has a sensor fault alarm
  • NTC Sensor is waterproof
  • It is Pre-wired
  • Easy to set up
  • 6.4 feet cable to maintain some distance
  • LCD backlight display


  • Horrible directions

VIVOHOME Digital Thermostat Controller – 10″x20.75″ – ( reptile thermostat )

Top 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for HeatersTop 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for Heaters

Do you want to keep your reptiles at the same temperature as their natural habitat? Want a thermostat that gives you an accurate reading and full temperature control in the vivarium? Why not give this product a shot?

This VIVOHOME Digital Thermostat Controller keeps your reptiles comfortable and healthy by keeping the vivarium Temperature as same as their natural Habitat.

This Digital Thermostat Controller features a lit LCD screen display. With the help of this display, you can easily check the ongoing temperature and decide & set the required and desired temperature without any mislead or hassles.

You can easily plug the heating mat into the thermostat and set it up using the three buttons. You must put the temperature probe inside the enclosure or you can locate it anywhere within the vivarium according to your desire or preference. 

This Digital Thermostat Controller is compatible with most of the heat mats and the desired temperature can be easily set by using the 3 buttons and LCD screen display. You can set the temperature anything from 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 108 degrees Fahrenheit and it only requires 120V power supply.

  • It has a Lit LCD screen display
  • It is compatible with most of the heating mats type.
  • It can be easily operated by 3 buttons
  • It allows you to maintain the temperature anything from 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 108 degrees Fahrenheit

Reptile hermostat

  • Safety is guaranteed by the brand
  • It is easy to set up
  • It comes with an LED screen indicator or display
  • It has High-quality plastic housing
  • Heavy power cord


  • Its internal on/off switch relay is cheap

iPower Digital Heat Mat Thermostat – 40-108 Degrees – ( reptile thermostat )

Top 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for HeatersTop 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for Heaters

Do you trust Amazon? If yes then you may want to purchase this thermostat, as this one is Amazon’s Choice for reptile thermostat. Plus, this iPower Digital Heat Mat Thermostat is the cheapest and simplest than any other thermostat on Amazon.

The iPower Digital Heat Mat Thermostat is a simple and durable mat that controls an effective and healthy temperature for your pet reptile. It simply means that you just need to turn on & off the iPower Digital Heat Mat Thermostat as necessary to maintain a good vivarium temperature.

The iPower Digital Heat Mat Thermostat only works with a heat mat that is designed as low powered heat mats and is not ideal for ceramic heaters or heat bulbs. The thermostat is also very simple without any additional features like bells, alarms, etc and the heat mat only requires to be plugged into your thermostat.

This product is very simple and reliable with automatic cut off, so you just need to set the desired temperature and you’re done. It displays the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit and you can set it anywhere from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 108 degrees Fahrenheit.
Reptile Thermostat

  • It has Easy plug-in operation that makes this product ideal for beginners
  • It also features LED indicator lights 


  • It can control the temperature in cold or warm environments
  • It is highly versatile
  • Reliable
  • Variety of uses
  • Cheap


  • Not enough features to extra warm the vivarium

Herpstat 1 – ( reptile thermostat )

Reptile Thermostat

Top 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for HeatersTop 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for Heaters

Do you want a digital proportional thermostat for proportional heating? Well, Luckily the Herpstat 1 Thermostat fulfills this need effectively. This the Herpstat 1 Thermostat is a digital proportional device that is ideal for proportional heating.

It has a system installed that monitor and adjusts the temperature by producing the right amount of heat for your herp. It effectively maintains the temperature according to your reptiles’ needs constantly. This product is specially designed to avoid overpowering.

You can use the Herpstat 1 Thermostat for heating a vivarium, managing lighting, cooling, and humidity. This thermostat can easily stimulate sunset, sunrise, and moonlight and provides the selectable temperature. The Herpstat 1 Thermostat keeps your life easier and keeps your herp healthy and fit.

You can also set or schedule the temperature according to your desire on individual day or night by setting different temperatures for each and every output. It also features a tracking device that monitors, low and high temperature.


  • It’s a proportional thermostat
  • It has Temperature tracking to monitor the heating system


  • It gives an accurate temperature reading
  • It features Precision temperature sensors
  • You can set day or night schedule


  • This product is not suitable for the static temperature.

Leviton Slide Control Lamp Dimmer – TBL03-10E – ( reptile thermostat )

Top 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for HeatersTop 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for Heaters

The Brand Leviton is specialized in manufacturing dimmers and lighting controls, which brings energetic smart living in our home. The Leviton TBL03-10E Slide Control Lamp Dimmer is suitable for heating light and heating lamps if you want to adjust the light temperature and power in your terrarium.

Reptile Thermostat

This Leviton Slide Control Lamp Dimmer can easily simulate sunrise, sunset, and nighttime without any hassle or problem at all. This device can not only be used in reptile tanks only but also around your house. Yes, you read that right, it can be used to replace the wall switches of your house and provide immediate savings on electricity bills.

This device is compatibles with incandescent, dimmable CFL, halogen, and LED Bulb and requires no installation at all. Furthermore, you can reach any outlet in your house with the help of its 6-foot cord. It is an ideal and less pricey thermostat for beginners who want to control the reptile’s vivarium temperature.


  • It comes with a 6-foot cord  to reach any outlet in your house
  • It Requires no installation which makes this a perfect beginner.
  • This device is compatibles with incandescent, dimmable CFL, halogen and LED Bulb 


  • It can be used versatile
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty
  • It’s a complete Tabletop design
  • Cheap


  • Dimmer can be a bit quirky
  • Not designed for tanks

Century Digital Mat Thermostat – BN-LINK

Top 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for HeatersTop 9 Reliable Reptile Thermostats for Heaters

Would you like to go for an Amazon Bestseller? Well, this Century Digital Mat Thermostat is the Amazon Bestseller for Terrarium Heat Mats and it offers an easy setup, so you would have no complication in setting up this device. You just need to set the temperature probe and plug the controller with it and you are done with the set process.

To control or choose your desired temperature setting, you just need to use its 3 large button interface and digital display. The Century Digital Mat Thermostat supports both units, Fahrenheit and Celsius and has a power indicator that allows you to the status of the controller even in total darkness. Isn’t that a good feature.

Well, it also comes with a handy LED heating and a handing tab. It also features an easy to follow and read the display to monitor the current temperature. Its cord for the temperature with the grounded plug measures an extra 6 feet in length.

With the advantage of an extra 6 feet length, you can almost use it on any application and it suits various purposes too, like- fermentation, rooting, germination, heating, and brewing.


  • It is ETL listed
  • It has Extra-long cords
  • It is easy to setup


  • It is highly versatile
  • It has bright and easy to read display
  • It has strong and sturdy housing


  • This device is not suitable for water


Types of Reptile Thermostat

It has been seen that we often end up choosing the wrong devices when it comes to our reptile heaters. We usually make the purchase of infrared bulbs, heat rocks, bulbs, reptile lamps, heat mats and many more but when it comes to thermostat, many reptile keepers end up with the wrong product.

There are different types of heaters present in the market for different types of heaters, so it becomes very certain to decide and choose the right thermostat that will match and fit your heater.
I made it easier for you by explaining there of the most common types of thermostats, so that you can effortlessly decide what sort of thermostat will work best for you and your heater.

Pulse Thermostats

This type of thermostat helps in switching the heater on and off automatically to maintain a suitable temperature range that you have specified. Example – when the Pulse thermostat senses a sudden drop of temperature below the specified unit, the heater is turned on until it reaches the specified unit.

These are the most common type of thermostat that you may find online or in the market with a variety of different options available. The Pulse thermostat is well suited for the non-visible source of heat like ceramic heat emitters.
Using a pulse thermostat with a heat lamp is far less effective, also if you have adopted a reptile that needs ultraviolet light, then using this pulse thermostat with ceramic bulb is recommended and provide them another source of ultraviolet light in order to remain it on when the separate heat sources connected with the pulse thermostat is turned off.

Dimming Thermostats

Well, by its own name, you can guess how this thermostat works. This dimming thermostat not only controls the heater’s on and off but also makes the heater brightened and dimmed by decreasing or increasing the power supplied to the heater.

This type of thermostat is more effecting with the heating lamps, as it helps in providing both warmth and light. The effect of the dimming thermostat is less recognizable and shocking due to the lamp being turned off and on continuously.
Being honest, the dimming thermostat might give your reptile vivarium, a little peculiar look with it getting dimmer and bright throughout the day. I would prefer to separate the heating and lighting of the herps’ vivarium.
For heating and warmth, you can use a ceramic heater, under tank heater or any other non-visible source while for lighting, using non-incandescent tubes or bulbs will do the work for you by remaining turned on throughout the day and producing a little amount of heat and warmth.
Adding a timer to switch the light on and off will provide the desired and beneficial accurate temperature in the day and night cycle and that way you’ll succeed in keeping your reptile more happy, active and comfortable.
Mat Thermostat
Mat thermostat is also known as heat pads, under tank heater, heat mats or underfloor heater, however, they all are the same device and do the same works. This type of thermostat provides gentle heat and warmth from beneath.
Reptile Thermostat
These types of stats are very cheap to buy and run and come with easy installation. It’s would be an ideal thermostat for those who want to purchase a stat at an affordable rate with simple to install features.Rep
tile Thermostat
The only downside of these types of stats are they produce less amount of heat in comparison to heat lamps or ceramic heater.
To decide the right thermostat for your heater, you need to first decide what type of heater it will be controlling.
For example if you are looking for a thermostat that is compatible with the heat mats or heat pads, then you can go for a mat thermostat, if you are looking for a thermostat that is compatible with the ceramic heaters or bulbs,
then you can go for a pulse thermostat and if you are looking for a thermostat that is compatible with the heat bulbs or lamps, then you can go for a dimming thermostat.R
I hope this would help you to decide the right thermostat for your heater.
The first decision when you’re looking for the best reptile thermostat is, therefore, to decide what type of heater it will be controlling.
From here you’ll already have cut down the potential options by a large degree, and can instead start focusing on the nitty-gritty details.
Feature to look for a right and best reptile thermostat
Everyone would like to end up purchasing the best and reliable thermostat for their heaters! Do you want that too? Do you want to end up with the right thermostat with no complexity? Here, I’ve shared some simple elements to consider when you’re out online to purchase a right and best thermostat.
Reptile Thermostats
  • Heater Type

The first and most important thing to consider is to understand the type of heater you’ll be controlling with your thermostat. For example, if you are looking for a thermostat that is compatible with the heat mats or heat pads, then you can go for a mat thermostat.

if you are looking for a thermostat that is compatible with the ceramic heaters or bulbs, then a pulse thermostat will be an amazing solution and if you are looking for a thermostat that will be perfect with the heat bulbs or lamps, then you can go for a dimming thermostat
  • Resistive Output 

Each and every thermostat comes with a limited/maximum power of heater that it will be controlling throughout the day.

For example,  if you have a 160 or 180-watt ceramic bulb that you need to ensure that the thermostat you are going to purchase can meet and fulfill this need or not.
Certainly, look for the resistive output on the packaging, so that you can be assured that it is suitable for your needsoutput on the packaging to make sure it is suitable for your needs.
  • Temperature Range

Do your homework on – How much heat and warmth do your reptile cage need?. As reptiles like Uromastrix lizard or bearded dragons need much more heat and warm compared to other amphibians or herps.

You also need to look at how big the vivarium is? Bigger cages certainly need bigger heaters to maintain the temperature and specific thermostat to control it. It is very important to know whether the design and feature is compatible with your heaters and is suitable for your pet or not.
Most of the thermostat has a controlling temperature range and always chooses a thermostat whose manufacture is quite clear about the controlling range of temperature.
  • Control for Multiple Heaters
There are only a few reptiles thermostat present in the market that is capable of controlling more one heater at a time, so this would be the very first element to consider in deciding a right thermostat as some large amphibians; cage usually has more than one heat source.
Many of us start off by adopting just one reptile but eventually end up building a small private zoo. In such a situation, this type of feature helps a lot in controlling more than one heater and becomes very handy.
  • Digital vs Analog Control

What do you prefer more in thermostats – a digital controller or analog controller? Normally, thermostats have either an analog controller or a digital controller to set your desired temperature. If we compare both, then It is right to say that a digital temperature controller is more accurate and reliable than an analog temperature controller.

In early, people usually tend to trust the thermostat, but nowadays, most of the reptiles thermostats are more reliable and do an amazing job by preventing sudden temperature more or arise temperature fluctuations and keeping the exact temperature.
But even today I would say it’s better to have a separate thermometer to monitor the ongoing temperature because sometimes you set the thermostat at 25-degree Celsius and then find that your reptile’s vivarium is maintained at 28-degree celsius of temperature.
  • Overload Circuit

The other to watch out and consider for reptile thermostats is an overloaded circuit. We do know that thermostats have main purposes. First is to ensure that your pet herp doesn’t get too cold and the second is to prevent the heater from cooking your pet by getting too hot.

You don’t believe it, right? trust me, it can happen if there is a problem in your thermostat. A broken or faulty thermostat can result in a sudden rise in temperature in your reptile’s vivarium.
In such circumstances, this overload circuit comes handy by cutting down the power and prevents the risk.Not all reptile thermostat has this type of feature installed in it, only a few of them come with this handy and specific feature.
Make sure to look a thermostat that has overload circuit feature in it even it cost you additional bucks, believe me, it can be worth it.
  • Sensor Length

And the final thing, you should consider is the Sensor Length. However, it totally depends on your vivarium size, for example – smaller cages won’t need long cable as compared to much larger cages that require a longer cable to meet the needs of the sensor’s location.Conclusion

In this ultimate guide, I tried my best to highlight some of the very best and amazing thermostats by filtering out the junk and useless thermostat available in the market.

Our top pick is WILLHI WH1436A Digital Thermostat because it has outstanding features with amazing durability and much more reliable than most of the stats. However, a perfect and right thermostat totally depends on your circumstances and requirements

Once, you’ve figured out which types of heater you use, you will be able to sort this out more easily and decide, what will be your perfect and right thermostat.Reptile Thermostat

The Top 10 reptile thermostat list that I’ve mentioned above are very good and reliable options to choose from. And I can assure you of a quality and valuable purchase with every item.

Reptile Thrmostat

“Do you know that reptiles also need some cool space too with some heat and warmth space, so a reptile thermostat gives you the advantage of controlling their vivarium’s temperature? a good reptile thermostat allows you to regulate their tank temperature throughout the day and night”

Reptile Thermostat