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15 Reasons Why Tarantulas Are Friendly

15 Reasons Why Tarantulas Are Friendly

Are you scared of tarantulas? If so, you’re not alone. Tarantulas have a reputation for being scary and dangerous. But in reality, these spiders are quite friendly and can even make good pets if treated with care and respect. In this blog post, we will explore fifteen reasons why tarantulas are actually friendly animals. From their gentle temperament to their ease of care, read on to learn more about these amazing creatures and why they should not be feared.

Here are the 15 Reasons Why Tarantulas can be friends with humans

1) Tarantulas are not spiders

Tarantulas are not spiders. They are a type of arachnid, but they are not spiders. Tarantulas are friendly, docile creatures that make great pets. They are not aggressive, and they will not bite unless they feel threatened. Tarantulas are also slow moving, so they are not a threat to humans or animals.

2) Tarantulas are gentle giants

Tarantulas are gentle giants. They are big and hairy, but they are also some of the most docile animals on the planet. Tarantulas are not venomous, and their bites are not harmful to humans. In fact, tarantulas are so gentle that they are often kept as pets.

3) Tarantulas can be Easily trained

Tarantulas can be easily trained to do tricks, such as waving their legs or playing dead. They can also be taught to tolerate handling and to not bite.

Tarantulas can be conditioned to do simple tasks, such as moving from one hand to another or raising their front legs when given a command. They can also learn how to respond to different cues, like sounds or smells.

However, tarantulas cannot be trained in the same way that many other animals can, through reward and punishment.

The best way to train them is by providing positive reinforcement and by forming a bond of trust between you and your tarantula. With patience, time and effort, it is possible to teach some basic behaviors.

4) Tarantulas amuse itself even alone

Tarantulas are known to be one of the most friendly spiders out there. They will readily amuse themselves even when they are alone, which is one of the reasons why they make great pets. When tarantulas are bored, they may engage in what is known as ‘flicking’ behavior. This is where the spider will flick its legs in the air or tap them on the ground.

5) Tarantulas are not aggressive by nature

Tarantulas are not aggressive by nature and will usually only bite humans if they feel threatened. Their bites are not poisonous to humans, but can be quite painful. If you are thinking about keeping a tarantula as a pet, you should do some research to make sure you are prepared to care for them properly.

6) Tarantulas are relatively easy to care for

If you are looking for a pet that is relatively easy to care for, a tarantula may be a good choice. Tarantulas are not high maintenance pets and only require a few things to keep them healthy and happy. Here are some reasons why tarantulas are relatively easy to care for:

Tarantulas do not need much space – A tarantula can live happily in a small enclosure, such as a terrarium or aquarium. This means that you do not need to have a lot of space to keep a tarantula as a pet.

Tarantulas do not need much attention – Unlike some other pets, tarantulas do not need a lot of attention from their owners. They are content to spend most of their time alone and only need to be handled occasionally

7) Tarantulas can live for a long time

Tarantulas are one of the longest-lived spiders, with some species living for up to 30 years. They’re much longer-lived than most other pets, which is one of the reasons why they make such great companions. Tarantulas are also relatively low-maintenance, requiring only a few minutes of care each week.

8) Tarantulas Require Very Low Maintenance and Space

Tarantulas are some of the easiest pets to take care of. They don’t need a lot of space, and they don’t require very high maintenance. You can easily keep a tarantula in a small cage or enclosure, and you won’t need to worry about feeding them very often. Tarantulas are also very low-maintenance when it comes to grooming. They don’t need to be bathed or groomed like other pets, and they shed their skin regularly.

Tarantulas are low-maintenance eaters – Tarantulas will only eat every few days and can even go weeks without food. This means that you do not have to worry about feeding your tarantula every day like you would with other pets.

Tarantulas are low-maintenance cleaners – Tarantulas do not need to be bathed or have their enclosures cleaned very often. This makes it easier for you to take care of your tarantula without having to spend a lot of time on cleaning.

9) Tarantulas come in different colors and sizes

Tarantulas come in a variety of colors and sizes, so there is sure to be a tarantula that fits your personality and needs. Some of the most popular tarantulas include the brown recluse and the black tarantula.

Tarantulas are some of the most varied creatures on the planet when it comes to size and color. They can be as small as a fingernail or as large as a dinner plate, and their colors can range from bright reds and oranges to more subdued browns and blacks. No matter what they look like on the outside, all tarantulas are gentle giants that make great pets.

15 Reasons Why Tarantulas Are Friendly

10) Tarantulas Have Very Budget Friendly Diet

Tarantulas are not very demanding when it comes to their diet. A simple diet of live insects or a diet of frozen/thawed insects will suffice. Live insects should be given no more than once a week to prevent escapees and potential injuries. A small cricket or two is enough to fill a tarantula’s stomach, so it is unnecessary to overfeed them.

11) Tarantulas Hardly Bite Unless Distressed

Tarantulas are not naturally aggressive creatures and they generally only bite humans if they feel threatened or distressed in some way. Although their bites are not poisonous, they can be quite painful.

It is generally advisable to avoid handling tarantulas unless you are an experienced handler, as this can cause them to become distressed and more likely to bite.

If you are handling a tarantula and it feels like it might be getting ready to bite, try to calm it down by gently stroking its back.

12) Tarantulas Prefer to Throw Hairs Instead Biting

Tarantulas are often thought of as dangerous, venomous creatures that will bite at the first opportunity. However, this is not the case! Tarantulas are actually quite friendly, and they would much rather throw hairs at you than bite you.

There are several reasons why tarantulas prefer to throw hairs instead of biting.

For one, their venom is not very strong and is not likely to cause any serious harm.

Second, their fangs are relatively small and not very sharp, so they would rather use them for catching prey than for attacking humans. 

Finally, tarantulas are generally shy and reclusive creatures that would rather avoid contact with humans altogether.

So next time you see a tarantula, don’t be afraid! They’re more likely to give you a light dusting of hair than they are to cause you any harm.

13) Tarantulas Respond Well to Daily Handling

Tarantulas are not naturally aggressive creatures and generally respond well to regular handling. In fact, many tarantula owners report that their spiders seem to enjoy being handled on a daily basis!

However, it’s important to always approach a tarantula with caution and give them the opportunity to get used to your presence before attempting to handle them.

14) Tarantulas Don’t Get Angry When Hungry

Though they may appear to be fierce, tarantulas are generally docile creatures that only attack when they feel threatened. Even when they’re feeling hungry, tarantulas are more likely to try to flee than to fight. So if you see your tarantula looking a little hungry, give it a little bit of insects to eat and it should be fine.

15) Tarantulas Have a Low Flight Distance

Tarantulas have a very low flight distance, meaning they will usually only travel a few feet away from their burrow before stopping. This makes them much less likely to encounter humans and other animals, which reduces the chances of them being aggressive.

16) Tarantulas Tend to Be Shy and Likes Hiding

Tarantulas are shy creatures that like to stay hidden. They are not aggressive and will usually only bite if they feel threatened. Tarantulas are also gentle giants. They are slow moving and not known to be aggressive animals. Tarantulas make great pets for people who are looking for a low maintenance pet that is easy to care for.


In conclusion there are many reasons why Tarantulas are friendly. They are easy to care for, have a calm personality, and can be easily trained. They also make great pets for children and adults alike.