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How To Keep Your Dog Calm During Thunderstorm?

How To Keep Your Dog Calm During Thunderstorm?

Firstly, Pets are prone to anxiety and stress. So, here are 5 tips to keep your Pet calm in any situation. Whether it’s the 4th of July or a thunderstorm night or in public.

How To Keep Your Dog Calm During Thunderstorm?
How To Keep Your Dog Calm During Thunderstorm?

5 Tips that guarantees to keep your pet calm (+ Photos) – InPetCare

5 Tips To Keep Your Pet Calm During Fourth of July

How To Keep Your Dog Calm During Thunderstorm?
5 Tips To Keep Your Pet Calm During Forth of July

Never take your Pet to the fireworks

Taking your pet to the firework is like taking a 3-year-old to an R- rated slasher movie, right?. Yet many of us just do that.

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm During Fourth of July

Keep your dog indoors because there aren’t enough treats available in the world to distract them from ongoing fireworks all around it. The lightning and sound of fireworks can easily spook your dog or pet and make them run to find a safe and secure shelter. So, it’s best to keep them indoors.

Try to Suppress the fireworks sound and lightning

Dogs usually appreciate any familiar or dog-friendly sounds that help suppress the sounds of firework explosions. Turn on the TV, radio or music and up the volume to a certain limit that will distract them from the fireworks noises but make sure not to annoy the neighbors.

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm During Fourth of July

Close the curtains, windows, and doors of the house to cover the incoming lights and shines from the fireworks all around. Usually, flashes of lightning in the sky with the sounds freak the dogs easily just like a thunderstorm.

Distract them with toys or Treats

Giving them, their favorite toys in the bed can not only make them feel safe and secure but also proves to be the best distraction from anything. Toys are the best option in terms of distraction.

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm During Fourth of July

Apart from toys, You can also feed them some treats to drive their focus. As we know, dogs are food- motivated. But not any treats, there are calm treats available in the market or online that makes your dog feel relief from stress. Check out how pet calming products can make healthy brain activity.

Keep your pet inside

It’s Great that you’ve decided not to take your beloved dog to the fireworks show. Now you’ll want to keep it inside rather than in your backyard because a frightened dog can leap much higher or dig deeper than you could ever imagine.

It’s obvious to say that fireworks can turn any dog into Usain bolt. So, always keep that in your mind that a frightened dog can easily squirt past your legs and vanish around the street’s corner. When you open your doors, make sure that you have full or easy control over your dog.

Update the tags and chips

Just think, when was the last time you went online and made sure that everything on the chip is accurate. Was it last summer? winter? a year ago? or maybe two? If the chip scans lead the shelter officials to a dead end, it can make you face worse than you could ever imagine and your dog may end up for adoption due to an outdated chip.

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm During Fourth of July

Make sure that your pet has a microchip. So, this tip proves to be a great tip not just for the 4th of July but also for the other 364 days of the year. A fleeing or frightened pet may lose its ID tag and collar but not the microchip. A microchip is staying right where it is, holding all the necessary information for a happy reunion.

5 Tips To Keep Your Pet Calm During A Thunderstorm

How To Keep Your Dog Calm During Thunderstorm?
5 Tips To Keep Your Pet Calm During A Thunderstorm

Keep Them Indoors

Nothing can give your pet more comfortable than to stay indoors during a thunderstorm. always make sure that during thunderstorm your beloved pet is in their bed or crate and you should provide them with their favorite toys to make them feel safe and secure.

And if possible, you should always try to be present at home with your pet during Thunderstorms because your alone presence can make your pet feel much more safe, comfortable, and secure.

5 Tips to keep your pet calm during a thunderstorm

On such an occasion, you can provide them with Thundershirt, which will give them even more comfort. This Thundershirt gives them constant comfort in bad weather and other loud noises. Know more about Thundershirt

Calming Treats

It is generally observed that most of the dogs are food-driven or food-motivated. On such occasions, you can give them some Calming Treats. Yes, I did said calming treats and they do exist.

Pet Calming treats are specially made or designed to make your pet feel relieved during stress. These calming treats generally contain natural and calming ingredients like lavender. These products are also great for reducing dog anxiety.

Surrounding them with a familiar sound

Try to create a familiar or dog-friendly noise in the house. Anything you can do to suppress or drown out the sound of thunder will prove to be helpful. Playing some music or turning on the TV or fan can help diffuse the thunder sound and make it less startling for your pet.

Always update chips and tags

Loud sounds can spook your pet and send them running. Therefore, it’s very important to make sure that your pet is easily identifiable. Although this is the last thing you’d want to think about, make sure your pet’s tags microchipped and up-to-date. Even at home, always try to keep your pet’s collar on during thunderstorms.

Distract Them

Spend some playful time with your buddy and make him busy. Making them busy with anything can divert their focus from thunder and make them feel comfortable. In one word, you can distract them by providing toys or turning on a pet calming music or even with TVs.

5 Tips to keep your pet calm during a thunderstorm

Sounds like TV or fan can help you drown out the thundering noise. Keeping your house windows, curtains and doors closed prevents the ongoing thunder from startling your pet. You can also provide pet calming products to your pet

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm at the Vet

How To Keep Your Dog Calm During Thunderstorm?
5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm at the Vet

First Calm your own fears

Dogs can usually pick up their owner’s feelings much better than fellow humans. If you feel stressed or anxious at the Vet, your dog or cat will take notice and adopt the same feelings and behaviors or becomes defensive. Even the Veterinary office can be a worrisome place, you must stay calm & positive so it will rub off your pet.

Always practice holding him and try to calm yours and your pet fear. The more you and your pet get used to it, the chances will be likely to be stressed out with the Vet doing it.

Go for a vet visit often

If you’re are nearby the Vet office, stop over and let him sniff around and socialize with the staff. Many Veterinarians happily welcomes your pet pop in for a visit without an appointment just to say hi.

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm at the Vet

You must visit the Vet office even when nothing is going to happen and ask the staff to with your dog. A vet must connect with a dog easily and if your dog doesn’t like any vets then try to find the one who is willing to work with your scardy pup. How to choose a perfect veterinarian for your beloved dog.

Practice at home

Touch his feet, tail, ears, etc more often as soon as you adopt a puppy or adult dog. It’s proved to be a good practice because the more time you spend checking or practicing with your dog, the more likely you will get to know any new bumps or lumps. This practice will make the process of the Vet checkup a bit less stressful for your dog.

You can ask him to perform a command instead of moving him physically to the scale or to turn around, it makes much less stressful for your dog. It helps to take a dog’s mind off of the stress.

Getting your pet in the car

As soon as you tell your dog to jump him, he will suspect something is up. Some dogs only get a chance to jump in the car when they have to go to the vet’s office. You will want your dog to associate the car with the good stuff, not just the scary ones.

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm at the Vet

To prevent this, you should start taking your dog to fun places in the car like a park, a beach or a lake. If your dog has car anxiety, you can try some pet calming music. Check out my dogs’ favorite calm music.

Bring Treats

Not just any treats, bring the really good stuff like meaty baby food, hamburger, etc. This will encourage your dog and will make the vet session less stressful.

During a vet session, you must have treats on hand to give your buddy when he does something good. Delicious treats help your dog behave in a positive manner during his session.

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm in Public

How To Keep Your Dog Calm During Thunderstorm?
5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm in Public

Use a collar

When it comes to choosing a dog’s collar, there are several options available in the market or online but choosing the right one that fits your dog is more concerning. If your buddy is fearful or excitable, then he should be fitted with the items that will not slip off or become harmful in a struggle.

Martingale collars are designed to tighten when your dog tries to pull against the leash but are way safer and gentler than choke collars. Other popular options are Head halters or Gentle Leaders.

A harness may be a better choice for some dogs but not for everyone. Good quality of harness gives you more control if your dogs jump on people unexpectedly.

Exercise Beforehand

Surprisingly most of the dog owners don’t even realize that their dogs have so much energy pent-up from weeks or months due to not having enough exercise. If the dogs just got more exercise, they naturally become a lot calmer when they are in public.

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm in Public

If you are currently walking your dog 30-40 minutes a day, then start walking 2 times more 60-80 minutes a day. Not just the morning before you take her somewhere in public but every day.

Carry high-value treats

This tip seems obvious, right? but few people actually have been seen bringing treats. When I say treats – it doesn’t mean any treat, brings the treat that will make your dog willing to work for. Choose treats that are irresistible to your buddy.

High-value treats make your dog focus on you and obey your command & instruction.

Lots of practice

We all want our dogs to behave nicely and perfectly right away, right? No dogs become a perfect well-mannered member overnight. It’s not fair to expect them to behave perfectly in a crowded place if we haven’t taken them to a quieter place to practice first.

Start a practice in a quiet place with a picnic table. Just sit down with your buddy and have a coffee and work on keeping your dog in a “stay” command with mild distraction. If you feel it’s not going well you easily leave.

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm in Public

When I tried to practice with him, I just used to sit with my dog and have a coffee and starts working on the stay command as soon as he seems to cooperate, I give him treats to encourage calm behavior and focus

Project calm energy

As we know, dogs are incredibly intuitive and when it comes to our behavior and emotions, they can easily read us. Make sure you project calm energy into your pooch.

Projecting calm and confident energy can make your dog feel more relaxed and calm

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm During Summer

How To Keep Your Dog Calm During Thunderstorm?
5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm During Summer

Many People head outside to enjoy the warm days and sunshine in the summertime but if you have a dog you may need to worry about bringing him to outsing in the heat.

Fortunately, you can bring him along I summertime on almost any adventure as long as you take precautions. It’s essential to keep your dog comfortable, calm and cool in summer. Here are the 5 must-follow tips to keep your dog cool in summer.

Have plenty of fresh and cold water

Whenever you plan heading out for an adventure or hiking or just playing in the backyard, it is very important that you have fresh and cold water – accessible for your dog whenever he needs it. Always bring a portable water bowl or squirt bottle whenever you’re out with your dog.

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm During Summer

It’s common to notice your dog start panting, you should get him to the shades and give him as much as fresh & cold water as possible. We do know, A wet dog is a cool dog. According to Dr. Reynold, you should plan some summer activities with your buddy so they involve in some water plays. It can be fun as well as cool.

Avoid the midday heat

It is always the best option to stay indoor during midday. You & your dog can exercise any time of a day but it depends on the heat and humidity. If it’s sunny and the temperature is almost 80 degrees with high humidity – its better to avoid going outside.

Whenever you plan to head out with your pooch, remember to check the pavement’s temperature. Even on milder days, some dogs can get extremely hot in direct sun. It’s better to put your hand on the pavement to test the temperature.

Aware of heatstroke in dogs

It’s very important to look for a couple of things like panting and how much your dog is excited about heading out or keep going with the activity. During Hot days, Heatstroke is a serious risk for dogs. Especially the senior dogs and puppies are at a higher risk, here are the followings you should look for –

Symptoms of Heatstroke

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Seizures
  • Excessive salivating
  • Disorientation
  • Excessive Panting
  • Discomfort

If you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms, get your buddy to the Vet immediately. If you notice that the body temperature of your doggy is going above one hundred and four degrees, then it’s a time to decrease the level of activities and get them out of the sun.

Never leave your dog in a parked car

Even on milder days, the temperature inside the car can quickly rise to the life-threatening level you could ever imagine. Never leave your dog in a parked vehicle or car even if the windows of the car are crack or open.

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm During Summer

If you want to take your dog outside then keep him nearby. You can also leave him in a parked car with air conditioning, but not with AC.

Keep him out of the dog house

Usually, dog houses don’t allow for constant airflow which makes them harmful and dangerous in the summer. So it’s better to keep him indoor than leaving him in a dog house.

If you wish to keep him outdoor in summer, give them plenty of shady areas with fresh, cool and constant airflow.

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm During Winter

Unable to do anything about the cold is more unpleasant than feeling chilled to the core. Unfortunately, many dogs find themselves in this situation when their owners forget to think of their basic needs.

We often think that my dog is warm enough for cold weather. Have you ever questioned yourself like ‘ Is my dog warm enough!’

Here are some following tips to keep your pet warm in the winter season

Keep them indoors

Some dogs do have the ability to stay warm when the freezing temperature hits and not all dogs are designed for the cold night. If you own a dog who didn’t originate from the colder climates then you should consider providing him a bed inside the house

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm During Winter

Of course, if your dog is inside your hour house with you then he will probably feel warmer than staying outside. Many of them can even do anything to sleep inside and keep warm. Maybe its time for you to give it some thought.

Wrap them up with a thick blanket

I don’t know if you are aware that – every dog’s bed should have enough blankets to cover themselves to keep warm. You can give them old sacks, hay or soft & beautiful blankets. A wool blanket can keep your buddy much warmer than most.

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm During Winter

Evernight all of my 3 dogs get wrapped up and I am sure its because it makes them feel comfortable, safe and warm. I am not sure how it has ended up but nowadays I feel like a perfect guardian of my 3 beloved dogs.

Provide Doggy Jacket

If you have already tried one before, then there should be a doubt about giving it a second go. Some dogs hate wearing a jacket while some love them. If you haven’t tried one before then it may be worth to give it try.

One of my dogs hated his jacket when I first bought it for her while the other two just loved it, but now all of them love it. Usually, a doggy jacket is made of wool that provides enough warm than any other materials and it also keeps them warm, comfortable and active.

Get them off the ground

The ground can suck a lot of heat out of your dog, you could ever imagine. So, it’s better to get them off the ground. Provide them a simple dog bed or wooden pallet with a thick cover over the top to put their feet on.

Many of us don’t even realize that some breeds don’t have the ability to stay warm when the freezing temperature rises. Many dog breeds don’t originate from the colder region, so it’s better to know whether our dog can adapt to natural changes or not.

Exercise your dog

You can take your dog outside for a walk during winter. Don’t eliminate their outside walking time ever in winter but shorten them. Here are the few things to keep in mind for a dog walk in winter

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm During Winter

  • Avoid walking a dog during the coldest part of the day
  • Dress your dog correctly for the cold outdoor weather
  • Always check the signs of hypothermia
  • Provide them dry sweaters
  • Know the ways of exercising your dog this winter

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm on Holidays

No doubt, that the holidays are a wonderful time of year and the hustle of the holidays is a lot to handle. But we don’t even realize it that it can be more stressful for our pets. To make sure of your pet comfort and happiness during a holiday, here are 5 brilliant tips to check out-

Pet space during parties and holidays

If you are planning to have a get-together at your house, then pick a room that can be closed off and provide a private space for your pet. Fill the room with their favorite toys, food, and treats with enough water. loud noises from a party can be a lot more stressful for our dog than we could ever imagine.

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm During Winter | 5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm on Holidays

So, it’s better to leave a radio or TV turned on. Leaving a radio or TV turned on can help you a lot to drown out the sounds coming from outside or indoor parties

Hire a sitter or a caretaker

If you want to spend a great time during holidays without taking stress for your Pet’s care, hire a sitter to watch your buddy while you are busy with tons of shopping, visiting friends and families, and much more.

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm on Holidays

If you can’t find one during a holiday when everybody is having great times then you can use Rover. It’s a really great resource that helps to locate pet-owners and experienced pet-sitters.

Stick to their daily routine

Although you are busy with tons of shopping or deal hunting, it’s very important to keep your pet’s routine o schedule as close to normal as possible. As the Rule of thumb says consistency is the key to pet health.

Make sure, their exercise time, as well as feeding time, remains the same.

A walk just before the party

Never underestimate the power of a good walk, walking them just before the party starts is a good way to help them get their energy drained out. Since your buddy is going to be in their designated space during parties, a 30-minute walk is a great way that helps to prepare them for a long nap.

Look out for signs of anxiety

Animals express their anxiety in many ways and below here, I have mentioned some of the common behavior to look out for –

5 Tips to keep your Pet Calm on Holidays

Symptoms of Pet’s Anxiety

  • Pacing
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Change in disposition
  • Attempts to escape
  • Clinginess
  • Excessive barking
  • Lack of Appetite
  • Cowering
  • Aggression