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How Fast Can a Bearded Dragon Run?

How Fast Can a Bearded Dragon Run?

Interestingly, in this article, I will not answer can bearded Dragon run, but how fast can a bearded Dragon Run. Do you know that bearded dragons are known to run on their back legs? In this article, we will also learn how a bearded dragon walks and why a bearded Dragon runs. Before knowing anything else, let’s first know can bearded Dragons Run.

Can a bearded dragon run?

When we see any lizard, they usually lie on the wall for hours and do nothing. But, when it comes to bearded dragons, they can run at an average speed of 9 miles per hour. However, they are mostly seen doing nothing at all being a lizard. But training them can make them run extremely fast.

When you are playing with them, they can run fiercely out of excitement. Bearded dragons often run around in the wild to escape predation, but how fast is still a guess. We will discuss how fast can bearded Dragons run. We’ll discuss the actual speed of running. What is the top speed of a bearded dragon varies according to the situation and condition.

How Fast Can a Bearded Dragon Run?

How Fast Can a Bearded Dragon Run?
How Fast Can a Bearded Dragon Run?

Bearded can run extremely fast within an average speed of 9 miles per hour, and they can even run with top speeds reaching 20 miles per hour when appropriately trained. Usually, bearded Dragons tend to avoid running around and do nothing times.

However, dragons love running around when stimulated by a Predator or Habitat change. The personality of a bearded dragon tends to be very calm & docile, which makes them sit in one place and do nothing. They have been seen running around very fast, but there are many variables to the top speed. Let’s discuss what influences their rate of running.

5 Factors That Influence Bearded Dragons Running Speed

  • Genetics. Depending upon their parents’ genetics, the offspring can run, matching the speed of its parent’s ability. If your beardie carries good genetics and total health, he can be trained to run around at the top speed of 20 miles per hour. In most cases, their parents’ genetics affects their tendency & ability to run and so on.
  • Age. Depending upon the age, their ability to run around gets affected. When they are in their juvenility, they usually run slow.
  • Diet. If they are fed a good quality diet with proper nutrition and supplements, they can run-up to the speed of 15 miles per hour. If you have kept your Dragon on a good quality healthy diet that increases its muscle mass, the rate of the Dragon run will drastically improve. Feeding them a diet with lots of calcium and protein ultimately makes a bearded dragon a fast runner. 
  • Behavior. Depending upon the type of behavior your bearded Dragon has, they can either sit or run around exploring their environment. 
  • Lighting. Lighting plays a massive role in determining your bearded Dragon activity level. If the lighting and the temperature are appropriately controlled according to your bearded Dragon’s needs, they will have no issue doing their regular activity and practicing running around.

    Lighting is another factor that can affect Your bearded Dragon running speed. It’s essential to properly set up UVB lamps that can help them promote their regular activity and digest food.

But, they still find themselves struggling to run, which is pretty much common sense. After knowing how fast an adult bearded Dragon can run around, let’s talk about how fast a baby bearded Dragon can run.

But before that, let me tell you, every bearded Dragon has slightly different genetics. This article discussed this top speed depending on our research a few hours ago. Let’s talk about how fast can a baby bearded dragon baby run.

How Fast Can A Baby Bearded Dragon Run?

The baby bearded Dragon runs at a different speed than the adult one. Depending upon the diet and the type of stimulus the young are attracted to, they can run.

When a baby bearded Dragon is full of energy, you will find them more active at running. Juveniles can run around at a maximum speed of 14-15 miles per hour. Adults are known to run at a Speed of 20 mils per hour only when trained.

How Does A Bearded Dragon Walk?

You are wrong if you think that bearded Dragons walk just like any other lizard. Bearded dragons walk unusually, usually on their back legs like humans. This behavior forced many researchers to do research.

Many scientists have done a lot of research on this behavior in recent years and have found that it is not a simple case. Due to an evolutionary fault, bearded Dragons are bound to run on the back legs. This posture helps them shift and move their body into a change position using the center of gravity when running at the top speed.

According to scientists, this fault in evolution occurred because bearded Dragons and other lizards needed to develop an ability to maneuver sharply using their back legs. Thus, it makes them change direction exceptionally quickly.

This ability of the beardies to change their order quickly makes them walk and run on their back legs. However, it’s more like a fortune because it helps them catch their prey by shifting their weight on the back leg and chasing.

Hence, the research has been done by scientists backed by the University of Cambridge and National geographic, who studied 16 different lizard species running on a treadmill. Let’s talk about why do bearded Dragons run in the wild.

Interesting Further Reading

3 Reasons ‎Why Do Beard Dragons Run?

To Escape Predators

As soon as a bearded dragon sees a Predator, they quickly run for its life. It is widespread to see giant animals in the wild. In The Wild, beardies dash around, trying to hide from predation, and they run to find a safe place.

Additionally, near the forest where giant eagles and other predators are abundantly present, beardies feel vulnerable and exposed. You might see a bearded dragon running wildly sometimes in such a dangerous situation.

Spooked Or Scared 

It is common for dogs and cats to scare off your bearded Dragon. If you have a pet in the same room, dragons can run to find a haven. Pets like birds and cats are usually seen as Predators to bearded dragons.

If your Bearded Dragon is not accustomed to the presence of other pets in the same room, consider shifting its Habitat or getting your pets to another place in your home. Keeping all the pets stress-free and comfortable in your home for their life longevity and happiness is essential.

If your bearded Dragon is showing inactivity for a long time, it can be due to being scared or spooked by dogs. If a bearded Dragon suddenly picks up the barking noise of a dog, this can quite easily force your beardies to feel scared and intimidated. In the presence of any large pet, Bearded Dragon will run as fast as it can towards a hiding Place.

To Search For A New Habitat 

Another reason bearded dragons have been seen running around weirdly and strange is because they are looking for a Habitat to live in. They can’t survive in too hot or too cold environments, and they also need a chill place to cope on a rainy day or humidity.

Any sudden change in the temperature or domain is not bearable for a bearded dragon, and it is essential to keep the beardies in a controlled temperature and environment. Bearded dragons are warm-blooded lizards who love being in warm weather but not too hot.

It is common to see bearded dragons sunbathing on a cold day. Now let’s talk about if you can have your bearded Dragon run around the house or not.

Can I Let My Bearded Dragon Run Around The House?

How Fast Can a Bearded Dragon Run?

If the room is locked and there is no other pet around, you can have your bearded Dragon walk around the house. However, make sure there are no openings or gaps to escape them. Let’s talk about some precautions you need to take when allowing Your bearded Dragon to run around the house.

7 Things To Keep In Mind When Allowing Beardies To Walk Around Your Home

  1. Choose a room with no opening, holds, or gap but has a bordered area where they can’t escape. 
  2. Keep all other pets out of the room. 
  3. Remove any object that can cause injury or be accidentally eaten by bearded Dragons. 
  4. Pay full attention to your bearded Dragon when they are out of their captivity. 
  5. Keep some small spaces or hide around your home where beardies can conceal. 
  6. Ensure the temperature, lighting, noise, and environment are controlled.
  7. Avoid handling Your bearded Dragon too much.

Why do Bearded Dragons Run On Two Legs? 

Bearded dragons run on two legs because it helps them pass air through the gaps between their bodies when they run around, making them run faster. They can hit the top running speed with two legs while using gravity to change direction quickly.

This position also helps a Bearded dragon body to be in an upright position. According to recent studies, they don’t need to run on two legs, but evolutionary fault made them do so. After knowing why beardies Run on two legs, let’s take a quick look at frequently asked questions on their running ability and behavior.


How Fast Is The Fastest Bearded Dragon?

The fastest bearded Dragon ever recorded has been seen running at the top speed of 20.8 miles per hour. They lift four limbs to reach their top speed without experience in any issue or resistance.


I tried my best to give you all the information about how fast a bearded dragon can run. After knowing that they can run at an average speed of 9 miles per hour and the top speed of 20 miles per hour when appropriately trained, you should never make them do so.

It’s not essential to bearded Dragon to Run but to promote activity level. If your bearded Dragon runs around the house, it will be good to keep a close eye on your pet. If you find this post helpful, consider sharing it with others to direct them for the better.