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Does Petsmart Sell Blue Tongue Skinks? or Petco? 2022 Price

Does Petsmart Sell Blue Tongue Skinks? or Petco? 2022 Price

Do you have a hard time finding a blue tongue skink? If yes, in this article, I will answer- does Petsmart sell blue tongue skinks? Maybe, you have tried looking online at PetSmart E-Commerce Store but failed. If PetSmart’s local Store doesn’t have a blue tongue skink, does Petco sell blue tongue skinks?

This guide will help you know how to find a blue tongue skink online and offline. I will also tell you how much are blue tongue skinks at Petco and Petsmart. I have highlighted all the details you need to know on finding and adopting a blue tongue skink.

Does Petsmart Sell Blue Tongue Skinks?

does petsmart sell blue tongue skinks
does PetSmart sell blue tongue skinks?

Being such a huge pet store, you will likely find blue tongue skink at local PetSmart stores in your area. It is not available online at the PetSmart e-commerce site. However, it doesn’t mean PetSmart doesn’t sell blue tongue skinks. Due to being available in numbers, it can be challenging to keep them in stock all the time.

Bluetongue skinks are native to Tasmania, Australia, and New Guinea. As blue tongue skink needs to be imported from another country, they are priced high. But, how much?

How Much Are Blue Tongue Skinks At Petsmart?

Blue Tongue Skinks are affordable lizards and are mostly priced between $150 to $250 at PetSmart local Store depending upon their size, skin type, color, and rarity. The exact price of a blue tongue skink will depend upon its type and your location. Petsmart prices their lizards according to the geographical location, quality, and availability near your local area. 

Does Petco Sell Blue Tongue Skinks?

Yes. Petco does sell blue tongue skinks at the local store but not online. The selection of each blue tongue skink type and its varieties are only available in Store. You can check your nearby local Store for its availability and get one. Being such a gentle lizard, blue tongue lizards do well with both experienced and beginners. Let’s know how much does blue tongue lizards costs at Petco.

How Much Are Blue Tongue Skinks At Petco?

Petco sells blue tongue skinks with a price tag of around $120 to $280 depending upon its age, length, quality, skin type, availability, and residential location. The rare forms of blue tongue skinks tend to be costly.

Some may even make a dent in your pocket. Centralian blue tongue skinks and shingle back blue tongue skinks generally costs between 1200 dollars to $6000 each at Petco.

Where Can You Find Blue Tongue Skinks?

where can you find blue tongue skinks
where can you find blue tongue skinks

Blue tongue skink species are widely found on the Australian mainland, Indonesian islands, Tasmania, and New guinea. You can find a blue tongue skink at local pet stores or even online if appropriately researched. Online, you can find a blue tongue skink at an affordable rate by spending hours and half hours. Generally, blue tongue skink costs $30-$40 more at local stores. Extra dollars also seems obvious as they need to maintain a whole physical store.

Try locating the well-known bred or popular pet store that can get you or import a blue tongue skink. After knowing where can you find them, you may want to learn where can I buy a blue tongue skink.

Where To Buy Blue Tongue Skinks?

I have done all the research on your behalf to locate a good online store where you can buy blue tongue skinks. My first recommendation will be the morph market, as they list lots of captive breeders worldwide who breed animals you want. has more than 400 results on blue tongue skinks with different prices. Each breeder price their skinks depending upon their skin type, size, species, age, quality, and health insurance they offer.

Maybe, you can get a suitable blue tongue lizard at an affordable rate just as you want. My 2nd recommendation will be Petco. Petco is a top-rated renowned pet supply Company & Store in the United States. You can easily find and get a blue tongue skink according to your need at an affordable rate always at Petco. I love buying pet supplies from Petco as well. There are some Petco coupons and PetSmart coupons available you can use them to get discounts upto 20% on various categories while buying them from stores.

How Much Do Blue Tongue Skinks Cost?

Regular Blue tongue skink variety will cost you around $150 to $250 depending upon its age 3 type coma and availability. For adults, you might have to pay up to $650. Most northern blue tongue skinks with high color or rear mops cost between $650 to $800. Below is the price chart for blue tongue skink varieties and different morphs.

Blue Tongue Skink SpeciesCostIdentity
Northern Blue Tongue Skink$150 to $250
Sunrise Caramel Northern Blue Tongue Skink$850 to $1015They come in a completely white color having a light pattern in red or yellow. Usually, it has a good combination of 25% caramel marks and 75% sunrise of Northern blue tongue skinks.
The Caramel Or T-plus Albino Species$650 to $700
Eastern Blue Tongue Skink$300 to $400They usually tend to be more extensive compared to other skink family members. They typically have overlapping smooth scales with small palettes of bone.
Western Blue Tongue Skink$450 to $150They prized hai because they are not easy to find. They usually come in a long, slightly depressed head with an elongated body. Their tail will be slender and long with smooth scales. 
Adelaide Pygmy Blue Tongue Skinks$50 to $120They are generally the smallest of all the skins and are readily available species.
Centralian Blue Tongue Skink$1,500 to $6000They are not readily available and are the rarest species of skink.
Australian Blue Tongue Skink$1800 to $6500They are one of Australia’s most iconic blue tongue skinks.
Shingleback Blue Tongue Skink$1500 to $5,000Their skin tends to be very bumpy and rough-looking. They are primarily available and spotted near the Southern mainland of Australia and Southern Queensland. They cost more due to rarity.


Can You Own A Blue Tongue Skink?

Yes, blue tongue skinks are easy to take care of a pet and acclimates comfortably. They are also perfect for beginners. Being so docile, friendly, gentle, and pleasant, they can be good with kids as well. Blue Tongue Skink tends to be relatively more significant compared to other pet lizards available out there.

However, you should only own a blue tongue skink when you can provide everything they need. Their habitat should mimic their natural environment and its condition.

Final Thought

I hope I managed to give you all the information needed to find a blue tongue skink and its availability with price at PetSmart & Petco. Bluetongue skinks are widely available at Petco’s local store as well as online at Most of the blue tongue lizard species are priced between $150 to $250. Rare species can cost you up to $6000 as well.

I have also shared a valuable resource on how to care for blue tongue skink. If you find this article helpful, consider sharing it with others looking for the answer to this question just like you. See you in the next post, till then, take care and goodbye.