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Petsmart vs Petco: Grooming, Prices Comparison, & Reviews

Petsmart vs Petco: Grooming, Prices Comparison, & Reviews

Petsmart vs Petco – Who is Better, Cheaper, and More Reliable?

Have you ever questioned yourself – who is better in terms of offering good products and services? PetSmart or Petco – Which of them is more reliable and cheaper?, is Petco or PetSmart better, is Petco or PetSmart cheaper, Maybe none of them or maybe one of them or maybe a third one “”

They both offer useful services like pet grooming, animal welfare campaigns to support and other special events, and make sure to be best for your pet.

Have you ever been a frequent customer of any business? Having a good relationship with the owner and staff provides many benefits like even your usual order feels more pleasant than visiting a new place.

Did you ever enjoy spending pet dollars at a familiar shop than visiting a new place?

I’m sure you did, I enjoy visiting my nearby favorite pet supplies store than a new place. Sometimes I even pay a little more for supplies and foods and I think, it’s worth it to keep a good pet store alive.

Whenever we go for the amazing everyday deals on pet’s food, treats, toys, and supplies, “PetSmart and Petco”, both are extremely affordable in terms of pet grooming or pet health care essentials.

So, how to decide which of them is better, cheaper, and more reliable. This guide is to highlight all the possible reasons on why you need to switch – PetSmart vs Petco.

So without Wasting time, let’s know “Who is Better?”PetSmart or Petco

PetSmart vs Petco

There’s a lot to say about Petco – like my first experience at a Petco store was good, their staffs were very kind, courteous, and knowledgeable, other than that, they also made it easy for me to find the perfect food and meds for my dogs without any hassle.

But I heard somewhere that they don’t do drug tests before hiring their employees, unlike PetSmart that does a drug test, which means they can be using drugs while back in the clinic or salon working with your beloved pet. 

What do you think? PetSmart or Petco

My experience with PetSmart was pretty good, and I think PetSmart is cheaper, cleaner, and does a lot with charities than any other American pet supplies retail chain. Although the media has never been in their favor and talks shit about their salons, their staff and employees have the highest safety practices and experiences than any other pet grooming clinic. 

They can even do the littlest things like rinsing the dog’s eyes out with eyewash before and after the bath with full safety and ease. And also you will find, their stocked tanks and cages – clean, they do regular cleaning to maintain freshness, attractiveness, and cleanliness in their stores – making a healthy and safe place for vet visits

6 Reasons Why you need to switch from Petco to Petsmart

  1. 73% of  Pets Products are cheaper than Petco
  2. Petsmart stores maintain cleanliness and attractiveness daily
  3. Petsmart’s staffs are more experienced than Petco’s worker
  4. Petsmart do drug tests before hiring their employees unlike Petco which doesn’t
  5. Petsmart’s employees have the highest safety practices and can even do the littlest things like rinsing the dog’s eyes out with eyewash with full safety and ease

PetSmart or PetCo “Who is Cheaper?”

According recent research, it has been found that 41% of US households own at least one dog and the figures are increasing month by month. Plus, many of those households own more than one dog and the latest figures tell that there are about 79.3 million pet dogs in the US 

The estimated average annual cost of owning a dog is almost 2,400 dollars per year when you factor in beds, toys, leashes, foods, collars, grooming, boarding, training, vet appointments, dog jewelry and more. Nowadays, Americans are spending almost 185 billion dollars per year on dogs.

It’s not a surprise or wonder if you find Petco and PetSmart stores in every town, they are selling everything that we buy for our pets. Have you ever wondered who is cheaper on pet supplies?

There are very few items that are the same and can be discovered both in PetSmart and Petco. But I tried my best to find the same items being sold on both PetSmart and Petco so that I can compare the Petco vs Petsmart Prices

Here is the list of Petsmart vs Petco prices

Full Credit to Doningtonpost (source)
“Adjustable AKC leather collar ( Petco vs Petsmart )
PetSmart Price – $9.99
Petco Price – $10.39″

“Pedi Paws Nail Trimmer ( Petsmart vs Petco )
PetSmart Price – $12.99
Petco Price – $9.99″

“Kong Extreme ( Petco vs Petsmart )
PetSmart Price – $12.99
Petco Price – $11.99″

“DeShedding ultra-premium pet shampoo  ( Petco vs Petsmart )
PetSmart Price – $14.99
Petco Price – $14.99″

“Petmate Retractable Dog Leash ( Petco vs Petsmart )
PetSmart Price – $17.47
Petco Price – $25.95″

“Dog Head Collar ( Petco vs Petsmart )
PetSmart Price – $21.99
Petco Price – $19.22″

“Dog clippers ( Petsmart vs Petco )
PetSmart Price – $28.99
Petco Price – $32.99″

“Smart Ramp (Mr.Herzher) ( Petsmart vs Petco )
PetSmart Price – $99.99
Petco Price – $116.19″

“36 by 24 by 36 Kennel ( Petsmart vs Petco )
PetSmart Price – $119.99
Petco Price – $159.99″

“42 by 28 by 30 Wire crate ( Petsmart vs Petco )
PetSmart Price – $119.99
Petco Price – $119.99″

“23 by 24 Pee Pads ( Petsmart vs Petco )
PetSmart Price – $52.99
Petco Price – $59.99″

Difference between Petco and PetSmart 

It’s time to know the difference between Petsmart and Petco. Petsmart has made Vet offices as a part of the store and also sells cats and dogs as a business, which Petco does not. You may never find any kind of animal being sold that would be used as foods. So, you may need to visit another store if you want to buy crickets, mice, or feeder fish.

While Petco doesn’t have many Vets office, but you can find their stores every town and they make cats and dogs available by working or collaborating with the local adoption groups. And also, they sell animals like rats, mice, crickets, mealworms, and feeder fish – that would be used as food.

The Petsmart’s worker is drug tested while the employees don’t even need to be drug tested to work at Petco. In terms of Pet safety – I would rather choose Petsmart over Petco so that I can feel relax and stress-free while my pet being groomed by the workers at Petsmart.

Other than that Petco has a lack of workers and their fish tank and small animal’s cages remain uncleaned most of the time while PetSmart always ensures daily cleanliness and maintains attractiveness all day long.

Petco and Petsmart both claim to have an experienced and professional staff that knows animals, but my experience from a Petco is different and I have to disagree. I don’t think that Petco does have many professionals and the experienced ones to take care of my pet effectively.

Does Petco or Petsmart sell dogs?

No, none of them sell dogs or cats. But they do make cats and dogs available by working or collaborating with the local adoption groups.

Is Petco more expensive than PetSmart?

No-one is a 100% winner in who is cheaper on pet products and supplies. But 78% of the items chosen are cheaper at Petsmart than Petco.

Petco vs Petsmart Grooming

My friend worked for Petco and he said that they both want to groom as many dogs as possible without giving special to their staff and always had to have sales up. I would personally prefer small shops and stores vs Petsmart or Petco.

Well if you still want to choose between Petco and Petsmart, then I would say – choose Petsmart because their staffs are far more experienced than Petco’s and more attractive, cheaper, and cleaner than any other Petco stores.

Does PetSmart have a vet on-site?

Yes, they do have in various locations but not in every location, they have collaborated with the Banfield Pet Hospital.

But, unfortunately, this service does not reach all the locations where the company is looking to provide veterinary care until now.

Current Data Currently Available On This Query

When I did a digging little deeper on this question, I found that different platform has to say different things and share a different opinion, which can be misleading too. However, here is what I found little legitimate

According to ” Petsmart thought to be a dollar expensive on similar products.

But, According to – PetSmart had surprisingly and significantly cheaper price tags both in-store and online.

Honestly, it can be pretty much difficult to conclude whether Petsmart is cheaper or Petco. Both have their pros and cons.

Few items are significantly cheaper at Petsmart than Petco, but, on the other hand, few products can save you 13% on the expense in Petco over Petsmart.

Working at Petco vs PetSmart

My Friend worked at PetSmart for 6 months and he further stated that he did dislike it so much he quit a month early. He worked mostly with pet care but also did some cashiering at Petsmart and this was his first job in sales before he used to work in a library and worked for 3 years.

There were lots of my coworkers and staff present, who loved working there and many of them have been working there for more than 3 years.s

How much does Petsmart Pays?

Well, here, there are average sums of salaries offered by PetSmart based on popular roles

  • Pet Groomer – $15.54 per hour (Average)
  • Store Manager – $66,492 per year (Average)
  • Operations Manager – $47,998 per year (Average)
  • Pet Sitter – $10.69 per hour (Average)
  • Pet Bather – $10.78 per hour (Average)
  • Dog Trainer – $11.40 per hour (Average)
  • Dog Daycare Attendant – $13.33 per hour (Average)

Average Salary Disctribution Criteria

  • Cashier – $10.71 per hour (Average)
  • Customer Service Associate / Cashier – $10.55 per hour (Average)
  • Retail Sales Associate – $12.17 per hour (Average)
  • Lead Associate – $14.22 per hour (Average)
  • Cashier/Sales – $10.70 per hour (Average)
  • Stocker – $11.92 per hour (Average)
  • Order Filler – $13.93 per hour (Average)
  • Forklift Operator – $12.22 per hour (Average)
  • Warehouse Worker – $13.83 per hour (Average)
  • Order Picker – $14.19 per hour (Average)
  • Manager – $14.29 per hour (Average)
  • Operations Manager – $47,998 per year (Average)
  • Engagement Manager – $16.07 per hour (Average)
  • Assistant Manager – $14.10 per hour (Average)
  • Supervisor – $14.64 per hour (Average)
  • Customer Service Representative – $9.84 per hour (Average)
  • Customer Service Team Lead – $17.11 per hour (Average)
  • Guest Service Agent – $11.46 per hour (Average)
  • Reservation Agent – $15.21 per hour (Average)
  • Call Center Representative – $29,200 per year (Average)
Petsmart Vs Petco: Grooming, Prices Comparison, & Reviews
Petsmart Vs Petco: Grooming, Prices Comparison, hiring & Reviews

What is Better Petco or Petsmart?

It depends upon the individual store, if it, is clean or not, are the workers knowledgeable and helpful or not. But coming back to the prices (Petco vs Petsmart prices),

I would say, in some products, you can save a few bucks by comparing them on both stores online. However, Petsmart seems to be cheaper in most products and services.

Which is Better Petco or Petsmart for me?

From my viewpoint, Petsmart looks more professional and promising in most services. I also find lots of products cheaper at the Petsmart Store.

Honestly, Sometimes, I don’t mind spending extra when I am at the Petsmart Store. But, Petco is also not very behind.

I also made a purchase from them. You can say that I compare the prices when I shop online to save a few dollars but when it comes to the in-store experience, I would go for PetSmart.


Is Petco or Petsmart more expensive?

As we studied the comparison above – Petco vs Petsmart, It can be easily seen that Petsmart has cheaper prices than Petco, both online and in-store. But according to and other sources, Petco is usually a dollar cheaper than Petsmart on similar items. I would say, Petsmart is a better option and it offers better quality at a cheaper price.

What is better Petco or Petsmart?

In terms of a variety of pet products, it’s clear that Petsmart has a larger variety to choose from and offers better quality at a cheaper price. Also, I would prefer Petsmart stores in terms of layout and the stores are cleaner and more attractive than Petco. Although some people find Petsmart products and services are a bit more expensive than Petco, I would still say it’s cheaper when you consider quality.


By comparing the prices of some selective products, the results are less definitive. After comparing, a lot in terms of every prospect – we can conclude that Petsmart is far better than Petco.

However, if you need to buy some general pet supplies, then I would suggest you do a quick google maps search and find out the nearby stores, closest to you and visit there.

But if you are planning to purchase a specific item, especially if it is costly, for example – a dog crate, then the best approach would be to do homework and compare the prices online by visiting their official sites and and decide which to buy from.

How about you folks? Do you like shopping at Petco or Petsmart? Which do you prefer? I wonder if you also prefer store layout as an important role. Let me know down below, For more articles – InPetCare