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Do Hounds Shed? (Tips To Control Its Excessive Shedding)

Do Hounds Shed? (Tips To Control Its Excessive Shedding)

Having a dog in your home can be fun and exciting. It can also be very worrisome if you pet a Hounds in your home. But, then, there are lots of things that you need to consider first before adopting any kind of Hounds in your home.

There is a few things that that can really determine how much your lifestyle, as well as your family lifestyle, is going to be affected around your Hounds. One of these things is their shedding.

No one wants to deal with their shedding as pet’s hair is not one of the most favorite things of people. However, in this guide, you will get to know everything about the shedding and some tips that can help you in understanding how you can be prepared for the worst. Before I tell you those tips, let’s learn, do Hounds shed?

Do Hounds Sheds?

Do Hounds Shed?
Do Hounds Shed?

Yes, Hounds do sheds even they have very soft hair on their smooth coat which not looks like they are going to shed. You are somehow likely to experience some kind of shedding. Daily brushing is required to keep their shedding at a minimum.

After knowing that your Hounds do shed, you may want to avoid them but let me tell you if you keep them on proper grooming as well as dietary routine, you can easily keep their shedding at a minimum.

There are things that can affect and determine how much your Hounds is going to shed and some elements can really affect their shedding level.

So, if you want to learn that go through the article, by learning these things and elements, you will be prepared to face the worst with your Hounds. So, let’s know what are the biggest things that contribute towards Hounds shedding

Things That Contributes Towards Hounds Shedding

Do Hounds Shed?
Do Hounds Shed?

Some things that can really contribute towards Hounds shedding and being responsible dog owners, you should always learn these things. These things are not only applicable to Hounds but also can play a huge role in another dog breed.

So, here are the biggest things that can really factor in determining the amount of Hounds shedding.

Sex of Dog Pregnancy or Lactation Health Nutrition
Your Residential Location Weather Supplement
Medicine Age Quality of Coat
Parentage Ancestral line Diet

Elements That Can Really Affect Hounds Shedding

Do Hounds Shed?
Do Hounds Shed?

Many elements can really affect your Hounds shedding and can also make it worse in the shedding season. As you do know most of these elements are uncontrollable but some of them can be easily managed by you because few of them are controllable.

However, there are lots of genetic as well as environmental aspects that involve these things and elements, so it’s better to learn it.

1. Age Of The Hounds

When your Hounds will be a puppy, you are less likely to notice any kind of shedding from your Hounds but, as soon as they become older, you are more likely to experience some constant shedding going into heavier moderation in the future.

This is the main reason behind noticing any kind of dog breed that is old shedding more hair than the younger ones.

2. Quality Of The Coat

If your Hounds coat quality is very bad and unhealthy then it is normal for your Hounds to shed. Bad quality coat always indicates that your dog is going to shed very heavily in the future and especially in the shedding season.

So, you must keep them good as much as healthy as possible. Always adopt a puppy from a reputable breeder and ensure that the puppies are of top quality.

Always check the paper works that can make you sure that the puppy has been cleared from all health examination and clearance. Avoid adopting a puppy from puppy mills.

3. Sunlight Hours

If you are noticing the sun shining for hours and hours from the last few days then be ready to prepare for the worst because you need to deal with their shedding.

They are going to shed so that they can easily regulate their body temperature and keep themself cooler.

Due to the sun shining for hours and hours, they can easily get overheated and that is why they are going to shed some of its hair so that their coat can become thinner.

4. Temperature Fluctuation

If you are noticing your Hounds shedding in some months more while in some months not so much then it is more caused by the seasonal changes or temperature fluctuation.

If you are considering importing a hound from another state or country then it is normal for them to shed as they are going to shed some of its hair so that they can easily regulate their body temperature and adapt well according to the environmental change as well as seasonal changes.

Plus if you live in a region where the temperature often fluctuates then it is it normal for your dog to shed, it doesn’t matter what kind of breed it is.

So temperature fluctuation is the major cause and major element that can really affect your hound shedding in the future.

5. The Heat Cycle Of A Female Hounds

If the female Hounds is in the heat cycle then be ready to deal with the shedding because there are lots of unwanted hormonal fluctuation take place inside the body of your female Hounds that results in more shedding. Don’t be worried about them if they are shedding In The Heat cycle because it is quite normal.

Why Do Hounds Shed?

Do Hounds Shed?
Do Hounds Shed?

Actually, your hounds need to take shed some of its hairs in the shedding season. It doesn’t matter what kind of Hounds you have because every single Hound needs to shed some of its hair so that they can easily regulate their body temperature.

In the shedding season, you want to keep their shedding minimum as much as possible because they can shed heavily. The shedding season seems to appear two times a year, especially in the autumn season and in the spring season.

In the spring season, your hound is going to shed some of its hair so that their coat can become thinner that can help them in keeping their body cool during the summertime.

While on the other hand, in the autumn season, your hound is going to develop a new layer of coat on its body and to make that possible, they are going to shed some of its hair so that they can make some new room for new hair growth.

This kind of coat helps them in keeping the body warm and nice throughout the winter. This is how your dogs are going to regulate their body temperature and there is nothing you can do to completely stop your Hounds from shedding.

However, some tips and some ways can really help you in managing it properly but still, don’t expect your Hounds not to shed

Tips That Can Help You In Keeping The Shedding At A Minimum

Brushing Their Coat

You should always brush your Hounds coat regularly and if you don’t have that much of time then you can also brush their coat 3 or 4 times a week but not least than that.

When you brush Hounds coat, their skin releases natural oil and with a good quality brush, you can easily distribute all those natural oils to another part of the body that can help them in keeping their skin moisturized all the time.

This prevents their skin from getting dry. No dry skin means no shedding. If their skin gets dry, expect your dog to shed. It is important to invest in a good quality brush that perfectly suits your Hounds coat need. A slicker brush is what your Hounds coat needs.

If you already have a slicker brush then Congrats and if you don’t have one then we will recommend you invest in a slicker brush.

Plus, you should also ensure that you are brushing your Hounds coat outside the home so that the mess stays outside and their hair doesn’t get collected inside.

Always brush your Hounds coat in the direction of their hair growth. It will make the whole experience of brushing for your dog less painful.

Bathing The Hounds

Most of the dog owners seem to bath their hounds more than once a month but it is not a right. You shouldn’t bath your Hounds frequently because bathing the Hounds too often can make their skin dry which results in more shedding.

So, make sure you bath your battery Hounds when needed. It is recommended to bath the Hounds only once a month or every 6 weeks.

However, if you feel that your hounds’ lifestyle are more surrounded by outside activity then it is OK to bath them but do it in the proper way and try not to make it a habit.

By the proper way, we mean that you should always use a good quality shampoo that can ensure that their skin is always moisturized after the bath. Their natural oil can easily get washed away with the water and can leave the skin dry.

With good quality shampoo, you can easily moisturize their skin after the bath. Here are some recommended shampoos that I would recommend you to use while you bath your Hounds.

These shampoos do not only help in moisturizing their skin but can also be effective in helping you out in removing their danders and debris that often get stuck inside their coat for days.


Always make sure that you are feeling your Hounds with good quality food that contains high-quality protein-rich ingredients that is essential for your dog to fulfill all his nutritional needs.

Always avoid cheap foods because it has been observed that cheap foods do have the nutrition but don’t have any right balance of Nutrition that is necessary to keep your Hounds all its nutritional needs fulfilled. It’s better to avoid cheap foods.

Plus, you should also avoid feeding a Hounds with any kind of kitchen leftover food and foods that contain grains in it. Grains are harmful to dogs and it can also increase the chances of gum diseases and dental problems in the future to your dog.

Here are some recommended foods that I would recommend you to feed your Hounds if you really want to fulfill all his nutritional needs.

All of these three foods not only have the right balance of nutrition but also have the protein-rich ingredients that is necessary to make the skin more and more healthy each month.

Grooming Tools That You Need To Keep Your Hounds Shedding At A Minimum

Shedding Gloves

Best Glove

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Grooming Glove – Gentle Deshedding Brush GloveDo Hounds Shed? (Tips To Control Its Excessive Shedding)Do Hounds Shed? (Tips To Control Its Excessive Shedding) 

It can remove all dead hairs, loose furs, and dirt. Using this product on your dog will be a painless and fun experience for your dog

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If you don’t want to deal with their brushing then you can also use a shedding glove or a grooming glove because it is something that is very helpful for owners what to avoid brushing that Hounds coat daily.

You just need to slip in the gloves over your hand and run your hand over the Hounds over your dog’s coat. That’s it and you can you are done within 5 minutes.

This is the highly recommended grooming glove that we would recommend you to every first time Hounds owner.

Slicker Brush

Best Slicker Bristle Brush Feature & Why to Buy Check on Amazon
Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker/bristle Brush Do Hounds Shed? (Tips To Control Its Excessive Shedding)Do Hounds Shed? (Tips To Control Its Excessive Shedding)It can help in getting rid of any kind of mats without any pain. Your dog will feel great too. Amazon Choice and Best Rated Popular Brush. It’s a slicker brush that acts as a bristle brush too and can add a great finish.View on Amazon

As I told you your Hounds needs a slicker brush, this is the slicker brush that I will always recommend you. This is the slicker brush that I have been using from the past few months and it works perfectly fine.

I am not saying that this is the best brushes available in the market but it is going to give you the expected result and let me tell you, just like me, you will be amazed by seeing how much a little brush can make a huge difference.

This brush also comes with very soft bristle teeth that can assure you a painless feeling for your dog. Instead of any kind of pain, your dog will be feeling ticklish all over their body.

This brush is not only reliable or durable or easy to use but also going to gives you a long-lasting effect. After you are done using your brush, you will notice your dog with the finished look because it is effective in giving your dog a finished look after the grooming or bathing.


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Final Thoughts

I hope that I managed to give you some space of information about your Hounds shedding and if you feel that I did a good job then do share this post because it is going to encourage me to write more about them.

If you have any questions regarding your Hounds then you can comment below and let me know and I will try to give your answer as soon as possible. See you in the next post, till that, take care, and goodbye.