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12 Cutest Owl Species (Cute Owl Breed Pictures)

12 Cutest Owl Species (Cute Owl Breed Pictures)

There are more than 1000 + species of owl that you can find in this world, so it is obvious to know what are the cutest ones. In this article, I am going to give you some space of information about the cutest owl that you can find and along with that, I will also describe some of its features.

In this article, you will get to know about the 12 cutest owls that you can find in the wild and some of them can also be kept as a pet in your home.

If you are looking to get keep a pet in your home then maybe you would consider the cutest one over the other owl breeds.

There are many species that you can keep in your cage but the cutest one will always be first priority over them.

So, without time, let’s know what are the cutest owl species/kinds that you can find in the wild and also can be kept as a pet at the home.

12 Cutest Owl Of The World.

  • Great Grey Owl (Strix Nebulosa)
  • Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia)
  • Spotted Wood Owl (Strix seloputo)
  • Snowy Owl (‎B. scandiacus)
  • Long-Eared Owl (Asio otus)
  • Barn Owl (Tyto alba)
  • Northern Pygmy-Owl (Glaucidium californicum)
  • Northern Saw-Whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus)
  • Spectacled Owl (Pulsatrix perspicillata)
  • Oriental bay owl (Phodilus radius)
  • Western Screech Owl (Megascops kennicottii)
  • Striped owl (Asio clamator)
12 Cutest Owl Species
12 Cutest Owl Species

Great Grey Owl (Strix Nebulosa) ( Cutest Owl #1 )

The great grey Owl is one of the tallest owls that you can find in the United States. you can also call them A ball of feathers. They come in grey color & that’s why they are known as the great grey owl and they are larger than a great horned owl in size.

They tend to leave in coniferous forests in the mountain of the Western United States and Canada.

They can be pretty expensive if you want to own them as a pet. Plus, it is also not recommended to get an owl if you really want to know why then read this article of international owl center

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Plus, it is also illegal to pet an owl in most states and even your residential location allows you to keep them as a pet, it will never be recommended. Plus, they are also one of the endangered species of owls.

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) – ( Cutest Owl #2 )

Burrowing owl comes in small size and tends to have long legs. They can be found in rangelands, agriculture areas, deserts, grasslands, and other dry areas where the vegetation is very low.

They hunt their prey during the day on the ground. They come in Sandy color and are very small and that’s why they are known as one of the cutest owl kinds of the world.

Their eyes will be bright yellow and they love to live underground in burrows. They don’t need to find a burrow as they can easily dig to make one.

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia)

They are one of the most popular kinds and are one of the most active owl species. That is the reason, we have listed them in one of the 12 cutest owls. You can’t keep them as a pet in your home.

It is also illegal to keep them because it is very rare to find and is vulnerable in some areas because of owl hunting. They have short ears and Tails. The best way for burrowing owls to protect themselves from predators is by nesting underground.

Spotted Wood Owl (Strix seloputo) – ( Cutest Owl #3 )

The spotted wood owl is a medium-sized owl that comes in rich color. They have large round heads and dark eyes with no ear tufts. They are one of the cutest owls breeds because of their special colors and features.

They are found in the evergreen forest that has canopy covers. They are more nocturnal in the Washington area. They feed / Prey on small animals like rodents birds, insects, toads, and many others.

They can also prey on small birds and snakes but it’s rare. One of the biggest Predators of spotted wood Owls is the great horned owl, the Raven, and the Red-tailed Hawk.

Spotted Wood Owl (Strix seloputo)

The most important diet for a spotted Owl is Birds, small birds are one of the most important prey of their food chain. This kind of owl’s survival totally depends on the healthy diverse ecosystems.

If you have read the article that I have mentioned then you may know why owls don’t make good pets but you can keep the spotted Wood owls as a pet in your home. You can also check the video of the spotted wood owl.

They are not only one of the cutest of all kinds but also one of the most beautiful owl species that you can find in the present world. Let’s move forward and know the 4th one.

Snowy Owl (‎B. scandiacus) – ( Cutest Owl #4 )

It is very rare to find a snowy owl but you can easily find them in the environment of the Arctic Tundra. They usually Habitat in the arctic region and this beautiful and cute little snowy owl comes in pure white color.

They’re fully covered with white and dark brown feathers. They are also very nocturnal in North America especially Around The Arctic regions and also Eurasia.

Snowy Owl (‎B. scandiacus)

The snowy owl is most active during the daytime. Whenever we think about the owl, we think that owls sleep during the day and hunt at night but this one tends to hunt during the day.

They prey on small animals like rodents, toads, small amphibians, small birds, and insects. You will find the most active in the Summertime because the day is long and the night is short in that summer.

The snowy owl is the true member of all families and is larger in size compared to other members. These snowy owls are very vulnerable by their traits.

You will find them flying in an open area by which we mean treeless areas. They keep their eye on the ground to find their prey and as soon as they spot where their prey is, they snatch it up by approaching towards air from the air using their sharp claws.

Long-Eared Owl (Asio otus) – ( Cutest Owl #5 )

Don’t be so surprised, if you are surprised by hearing its name on the list of the cutest owl. They are also one of the cutest owls and are the most favorite for those who love owls with long ears.

They are also known as Northern long-eared owls. They are medium-sized kinds and species of owls.

By its name, you can easily know that they will come with surprisingly long-eared tufts. They prey on small animals like Kangaroo rats, toads, rodents, birds, insects, mice, pocket mice, Juvenile rabbits, and juvenile rats.

They can also prey on small insects and snakes. However, they keep their distance from the poisonous snakes because they are also one of the biggest Predators of these long-eared owls.

Long-Eared Owl (Asio otus)

They are getting closer to the endangered list of owls because the population is decreasing year by year. They are native to mixed and coniferous Woodland and conifer trees forest.

You can easily found them across the United Kingdom even they are fewer in numbers.

You can’t keep a long-eared owl as a pet in your home if you leave in the United States but if you live in the United Kingdom then maybe after getting permission and after knowing if it’s legal to own a long-eared owl in your States, you can pet it.

If you wish to keep a long-eared owl as a pet in your home and you live in the United States then you can also contact the animal rescue center and ask them if it’s legal to have one near your state.

If it’s legal to adopt a long-eared owl in your state then you can import one from the United Kingdom. The size of the long-eared owl will be around 35 cm to 40 cm.

Barn Owl (Tyto alba) – ( Cutest Owl #6 )

The Barn owl is the silent predator with the whitish face of the night world. They sleep on the day in hidden and quiet places.

The number of Barn Owls is decreasing every year due to Habitat loss.

They hunt on small rodents like mice, toads, and other animals. They also prey on insects and small animals.

You can get them if you want to but always make sure that you put a nest box in the cage to attract a breeding pair.

Apart from that, you need to make sure that you protect the cage from the predators so that their young and eggs are completely safe at secure.

The most amazing fact about Barn Owl is that they swallow their prey whole – by whole, we mean with the skin, bones, and all. The female species of the Barn owl are larger than the male ones.

Adding to that, the quality of the female Barn owl is indicated by the spots. If the spots are heavy then females are less likely to experience parasitic flies.

Barn Owl (Tyto alba)

Apart from that another great feature of the Barn Owl is their excellent low light vision. They can easily find and locate their prey at night by their sight.

You can find them only at night in abandoned buildings, inhabiting Barnes, and other old. If you want to keep them as a pet then you can find them at your local store as well as online.

But before keeping a Barn owl as a pet, you must check if keeping an owl as a pet is legal in your state or not.

Northern Pygmy-Owl (Glaucidium californicum) – ( Cutest Owl #7 )

The Northern Pygmy-Owl is one of the cutest owls that you can find in the present world. They come in tiny sizes. But don’t be fooled by their tiny size because they are ferocious Hunters.

These Northern Pygmy owls come mostly in dark brown color and white. They feature long tails with a smoothly rounded face.

Most of the time it has been seen that they hunt during the daytime. you can find them sitting on the tree quietly during the day to surprise their prey.

Northern Pygmy-Owl (Glaucidium californicum)

They can’t be kept as a pet in your home and even if you manage to find one and it’s legal in your state, it is never recommended to pet one. We haven’t found anything about Northern Pygmy owls as a pet.

The coolest fact about cute Northern Pygmy-Owl is that they cache their prey in tree cavities when they find extra food. They can also have the extra food on the thorns just like strikes.

You will often find small birds mobbing North Pygmy owls. It is also found that they tend to have spots on the back of the head and after doing research by the scientist, they came to the conclusion that they use this marking to fool their predators.

Northern Saw-Whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus) – ( Cutest Owl #8 )

Northern saw-whet Owl is on the list of the cutest owls species due to their oversized head. They don’t have ear tufts. They come with an oversized round head.

Their behavior is very nocturnal and it’s very hard to find or to see one. They sleep during the day and prefer habitat in dense vegetation. They are more active at night and tend to hurt at night as well. You can expect the weight of Northern saw-whet owl more than hairy Woodpecker.

Northern Saw-Whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus)

We don’t recommend you keep a Northern saw Whet owl in your home as a pet because they don’t make good pets. They can easily get scared by humans. They can easily feel frightened and provoked.

They prey on small rodents like toads, insects, small snakes, mice, and many others. You will find this species in the extensive forest across Northern North America.

You can also find them across the southern United States and the center of the United States.

However, if you really want to keep these little Northern saw-whet owls and you live on an extensively wooded part in the region of the northern side of the United States then you can attract them by putting a nest box.

But you need to put the nest box before the breeding season. Apart from that you also need to make sure that you keep them protected from the predators as they are going to lay their eggs and leave their young in that box.

But the most important factor that you need to consider before buying a Northern saw-whet Owl is to ask permission and to know if it’s legal to own an owl in your state or not.

Spectacled Owl (Pulsatrix perspicillata) – ( Cutest Owl #9 )

Nobody can’t disagree with why they are listed in the cutest owl species list. They are named spectacled because of their white spectacles. The white spectacles are covered around their yellow Eyes highlighting their brown facial disc.

They are one of the most unique owls that you can find in this present world. They are medium to large-sized owl species and can stand 17 to 20 inches tall in height. There is one of the largest tropical owls in the United States.

Spectacled Owl (Pulsatrix perspicillata)

Spectacle owls feed on small birds as well as insects. They also feed on bugs and other small rodents. Sometimes you can also find them preying on frogs.

They attack their prey from the air and snatch them and grab their catch very fast. They are not very sociable species of owl and tend to be very nocturnal.

It is very rare to find them hunting during the daytime. You can hear them from a distance. This spectacled owl species prefer to live in dense Tropical rainforest near water. You can find them throughout central and northern South America to Mexico.

But sadly if the rate of Habitat loss continues then spectacle owl species can become threatened. If you manage to find them in the pet market then you can keep them as a pet but make sure that you cross-check if it’s legal to pet an out in your state or not.

Oriental bay owl (Phodilus radius) – ( Cutest Owl #10 )

I hope that you don’t be surprised by seeing an oriented bay owl species listed in the cutest owls of the United States. This Oriental Bay Owl is a similar type of real and most of the time people referred to them and classify them as Barn owls.

These Oriental Bay owls are completely nocturnal by traits and behavior. You can find them throughout Southeast Asia. Sadly, the population of oriental bay owls is decreasing and may become extent on summer islands in the Philippines.

Their appearance is slightly unusual with short grounded wings. Due to their large presence, they are known as oriented bay owls. They prey on small rodent-like mice rabbits, insects, small birds, rats, and sometimes even on small snakes.

You can also find oriented bay owl species range all over northeastern India to southeastern China. They can also be found in Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and the Malay peninsula.

Oriental bay owl (Phodilus radius)

They love to make their habitat on the woodland, plantation, and mangrove forest. They are is very rare to find and it can be difficult if you want them to keep them as a pet.

If you managed to find one then it is also required to get a license to breed and pet an oriented bay owl. According to the latest news, it has also been confirmed that their presence is also in Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

Western Screech Owl (Megascops kennicottii) – ( Cutest Owl #11 )

The western screech owl is a relatively small size owl breed. Western screech owl comes with a square face and almost has no neck with stocky bodies. They come with a short tail.

They come with incredible grace, brownish for ladies’ brown color. The upper part of a Western screech owl is fully flat with white color and its breast and belly are dark pales.

Western Screech Owl (Megascops kennicottii)

The eyes of the Western screech owl are yellow. They are very nocturnal Hunters and you can hear them from very far. They prefer to live in a forest that is fully covered with deciduous trees.

They are very tolerant of people and you can also find them in parks in summer because they are totally attracted to forest backyards that have nest boxes.

If you want to get them you can put the nest box in your backyard and make sure that you protect the nest box from the predators so that their eggs and young are completely safe.

They are native to the Pacific Northwest United States. They prey on small mammals and small animals which include mice, toads, small birds, insects, and sometimes even on small snakes.

You will also find them feeding on earthworms. If you really want to keep them as a pet then make sure that you ask the animal rescue Centre if it’s legal to own an owl in your state or not.

Apart from that, it is also very rare to find a western screech owl, so in order to get a western screech owl, you may have to import one from another state also.

They are on our list because of their small-sized. that small-sized owl and that is why we have listed them in our cutest owls species list. They are the rarest kind of owls.

Striped owl (Asio clamator) – ( Cutest Owl #12 )

A striped owl is a medium-sized owl that has large ear tufts. They tend to have the brown facial disc that is totally rimmed with black. The striped owl is native to South America and some parts of Central America.

They are the largest species of owl and comes in sizes of 12 inches to 15 inches. Till now its complete range is not well known by the researchers because it is very nocturnal and you can’t see a stripped out easily.

But it has been seen that there are more active areas of Brazil, Polyphia, Argentina, Columbia, Costa Rica, French Governor, Mexico, Panama, Trinidad, and Philipines. You can also find them in the area of Uruguay and Venezuela

Striped owl (Asio clamator)

They are labeled as stable in terms of population and have no threats after being classified by the IUCN. The striped owl is at the least concerned.

But as I told you, it is very rare to see the striped owl and if you want to keep them as a pet you may also have to import one from another state or country.

Final conclusion

As a told you, petting an owl is illegal in most countries and states. So, before you pet an owl, you need to make sure that it’s legal to pet an owl in-home or to breed an owl in the home in your state.

You can ask your local or any local pet store or even to the animal rescue center. And if you are lucky to know it’s legal to own a pet, make sure you make a license to breed them.

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I hope you like this post in which we described or mentioned the 13 cutest owl species or 13 cute owls that can be also kept as a pet. If you like our post make sure you do check our other post, we will meet in the next post till then take care and goodbye