7 Best Pet Birds That Are Quiet – 2020 Eye-Catching List

7 Sensational Pet Birds That are Quiet – You’ll actually love to have – 2020 

In the wilds, Birds usually makes noises to call out their families and mates to alert them of predators regularly, so, petting them in a safe place won’t make them stop chirping and chirping it’s in their nature but these species prefer to keep their voices down – the Pet Birds that are quiet.


Pet Birds That are actually Quiet


One of the endearing qualities in birds is their pleasant wide range of voices and vocalizations, and we tend to enjoy those voices a lot. The whistling of birds feels like a songbird and feels pleasant to hear. It gives beautiful esthetic value in the world.
As an Example – Many of us are attracted to parrots’ intelligence and their mimicry ability, and forcibly, makes us keep them as a pet

Some bird species can vocalize at a very loud level and can be heard for miles like a screaming eagle or parrot. But this can be extremely annoying and disconcerting for some pet owners and neighbors. 
No doubt that we all love to watch birds and interact with them, but not everyone enjoys it when they make noises and sometimes, it also annoys our neighbors, especially if we live in an Apartment. If you wish to have a pet bird in your home, you have to make sure that everybody is okay with your decision.
Are you thinking of adopting a bird? Why not look for a quieter type or species that make good pets? The pet birds that are quiet. You can consider some of the less vocal bird species mentioned below but you may need to know some things first. 


It is common to say that no pet bird is going to be completely silent by nature but yeah, these species are known for their own voices to a pleasant and acceptable level – Pet Birds that are quiet



7 Pet Birds that are Quiet



  • Brown-headed Amazon Parrots ( Quiet Pet Birds – 1 )
Pet Birds That are actually Quiet


These species are known for their Sweet Temperament and are small parrots. They also tend to be quieter than most of the other parrots and make a good pet for the apartment’s owner. They are well socialized and can easily learn to perform a trick. Plus, they are very playful by nature and enjoy everything around them.
Apart from their quiet personality, they are also very outgoing and energetic and don’t need too much attention like other parrot species. Once, they become more mature, they usually become more independent. When a male is about 2 – 3 years old, they show more aggression.
If you adopt young Brown-headed Amazon Parrot, then it’s very certain to make them socialized with humans and should be exposed to new situations, conditions, and new experiences to avoid fear. You may not want a fearful and anxious pet bird.
Talking about their lifespan, they mostly live only 15 to 20 years but can live up to 30 years. In the wild, they love to feed on various fruits, nuts, seeds, figs, berries, buds, flowers and shoots too. 
If you are planning to keep a brown-headed amazon bird as a pet bird that is quiet, then you should feed them a high quality of seeds & nuts mix, fresh veggies and fruits and should be always close to their natural diet. Must provide them fresh water to drink and bath all the time. 
Avoid feeding substitutes and supplements without consulting a pet doctor. Plus, keeping them indoors all the time can develop signs of life-threatening calcium deficiency, so try to keep them in the exposure of natural sunlight or full-spectrum light – most of the time, to avoid this condition/disease.
Some expert says that these parrots are quieter than most and are not best talkers but can make excellent mimicking sounds. It is one of the best Pet Birds that are quiet
  • Canaries ( Quiet Pet Birds – 2 )
Pet Birds That are actually Quiet


Well, varieties of canaries exist in this world and their voices are amazingly pleasant. One of the main reasons for being so popular as a pet is their pleasant voice and tiny size. They keep their voices low, however, they love to sing and we love to hear.
If you a pet bird that sings through its lifetime and prefers to keeps their voices low, then this may be a good choice for you. Plus, they don’t need much space because of their tiny size. They are one of the pet birds that are actually quiet.
I would recommend you adopt a male canary because they sing throughout its life, unlike females that don’t. Plus it would more good if you buy twins because it’s fun to see and listen to them, singing all day.
Talking about their lifespan, they mostly live only 10 to 12 years but might live up to 15 years, depending on the care they get. In the wild, they love to feed on seeds and insects.
If you are planning to keep the Canaries as a pet, then you should prefer to feed them a high quality of seeds supplemented with an occasional insect that is close to their natural diet. Must provide them a pellets’ dish in the cage along with a dish of seeds and freshwater to drink and bath all the time. 
They are very inexpensive to adopt and very undemanding pets. They are an excellent starter bird for beginners Plus, do not keep a male and female in a pair, males sing to attract females and never put a mirror in their cage because they are very territorial by nature and consider the second bird as a threat.It is one of the best Pet Birds that are quiet 

Border Fancy canaries are the popular species when it comes to keeping them as a pet. 

  • Zebra Finches ( Quiet Pet Birds – 3 )


Pet Birds That are actually Quiet


They are popular due to their pleasant voices, activeness, price, and availability, moreover, they are amazing beginner pet’s birds and require easy care. They are tiny in size and comes in different colors, and they don’t need your companionship and time commitment.
Zebra Finches love to sing and are very quiet in nature, always maintain a low voice. You can keep them, even you stay outdoors most of the time because they feel fine on their own. They are named zebra because of the presence of zebra-like stripes across their neck, tail, and chest.
The most common color of the male is grey. It’s good to buy several of the different mutations and keep them in pairs. They come in a variety of mutations and colors. If you want to keep them as a pet, just be sure to give them a breeding break because it will exhaust the females, who use lots of energy to produce eggs.
They are known for their easy breeding and only at 8 to 10 months, they start to breed prolifically. Do you want a pet bird that is quiet and easy to breed? then go for this one, I’m sure you’ll never regret!
They love to eat egg food, vegetables, grubs, and a high-quality seed mix. You can but some nutritious supplements and also Popcorn Nutri berries as they love them. They thrive on a pelleted based diet which is specifically designed for finches.
Make sure to provide them a large cage because they appreciate the space and their lifespan is only about 3 to 5 years. If you are a beginner then, I would say they are the best choice. It is one of the best Pet Birds that are quiet 

  • Meyer’s Parrots ( Quiet Pet Birds – 4 )

Pet Birds That are actually Quiet

They are not as popular as other species but they don’t make loud sounds and have a limited ability to mimic any kind of sounds. Their size is around 8 to 9 inches and is also being imported in larger numbers
They can be left alone on their own and they usually don’t demand affection. 

Meyer’s Parrots are very low demanding pets and also a good beginner pet bird. They love to feed on Nutri berries, supplemented with fresh veggies and fruits.
They can’t talk or mimic but they can learn ” how to whistle” and they make an amazing pet for apartment living.

  • Pacific Parrotlets ( Quiet Pet Birds – 5 )
Pet Birds That are actually Quiet


They are also known as small parrots and great bird that maintains a low noise level. Nowadays, they are one of the most popular small bird in the US and peoples appreciates their big personalities. 
Pacific Parrotlets are so mall in size that they might even fit in your shirt pockets. They are also referred to as “pocket parrots”. They are said to be the parrot’s close cousins but with the personality of larger birds.
The male Parrotlets are found in green color with blue streak while the females lack the blue coloring in the streak. They are both very friendly by nature and loves socializing. They enjoy other’s company and appreciate being paired up.
Just because they are small in size, this doesn’t mean keeping them in a small cage will do the work. Nah, it’s a misunderstanding because it has never been stated by any experts that keeping small or tiny pets in the small cage does the works
You’ll need to provide them with a spacious cage because they are very active birds and needs a playing space with plenty of toys. This is how you can keep them busy and happy throughout the day.
You can feed them with a variety of food like corns, orange, banana, apples, pears, carrots, celery, kiwi, peas, celery, and pomegranate. Yeah, mostly fruits and vegetables because they love them. It is one of the best Pet Birds that are quiet 

  • Senegal Parrots ( Quiet Pet Birds – 6 )
Pet Birds That are actually Quiet


By its name, you can easily guess that they are a part of the parrots’ family. They are remarkably known for their outstanding calm temperament and pet quality. They are not great chatters and prefer being quiet or keep their vocal low.
The price of Senegal is affordable, making them an amazing pet in the budget. However, they do need toys and chew toys as they love to chew blocks of softwood. If you want a larger bird as a pet, these species may be the best choice for you.
Senegal Parrots are well known for their beauty and amazing personality. They are not picky eaters and will love to feed on all kinds of food. Though they do have the tendency to become overweight due to their activeness, they can easily avoid fat gain.
Providing them a larger cage with plenty of space and toys, to exercise and play is a must. And if you are concerned about their diet, a pelleted base diet is a good option to start.
The lifespan of Senegal can be almost 30 years or over, making them a good pet for intermediate owners. They also can learn to mimic, whistling and clucking. But they will never get you in trouble with your neighbors or so. It is one of the best Pet Birds that are quiet 

  • Cockatiels ( Quiet Pet Birds – 7 )
Pet Birds That are actually Quiet


Looking for a pet larger than a parakeet or finch, but quieter? Why not consider a Cockatiels as a pet? They are quite vocal and inclined towards whistle than talk but tend to be quieter than any other parrot. They can be trained easily to behave and talk but require more respect, care and attention as the larger parrots.
They are America’s No. 1 pet bird because they are talented whistlers, very cuddly, comical and outgoing. The male ones are mostly known for their whistle serenades. They do enjoy companionship and fun around themselves
If you want to keep them busy from making whistling sounds, you can provide them some food and fun around their cage. Cockatiels usually thrive in an interacting opportunity with you and enjoy being talked throughout the day without being exhausted.
Due to their activeness, you need to provide a larger cage with plenty of space and toys, to keep them busy. Consider buying toys made of hard plastic material that is chew and beak proof. Choose a cage that has enclosed space because, at night, they seek an enclosed area to nest in.
It is often seen that they usually chirp whenever you leave the room, attempting to contact. They can live for more than 20 years. You can feed them fresh fruits and vegetables, berries, corn, and many things. They are the most popular pet bird in the United States and one of the best pet birds that are quiet.



How Quiet is Quiet?


This is the first question that comes in our mind whenever we think about buying a pet bird. Well, the listed suggestion is selected due to their low rate on the noise scale compared to other pet birds and it’s certain to know that no birds are present in this world that is totally quiet.
If you crave long periods of silence, the pet birds that are quiet, then I would say, keeping a bird as a pet is not a good choice for you. You’ll always know that they are there and chirping in a pleasant sound. But yeah the mentioned pet birds are the quietest and tend to keep their voices low.

It’s obvious, No Birds Are Silent

Always be assured that no birds are completely quiet but these birds don’t make loud noises, unlike eagle or parrot that does. Remain quiet or silent is not in their nature and chirping is a common thing to them.


Pet Birds That are actually Quiet



In Birds, the term quiet at first glance is so unrealistic, as they are known for their pleasant chirping and singing abilities. But still, there are numbers of quiet pet birds that make a good pet and ideal for keeping in homes with members and apartment buildings.
Several bird species are known for their low vocal and quietness like the budgie, canaries, pacific parrotlets, cockatiels, the parakeet and more. Each of them is best for keeping at apartments as a pet, without annoying your neighbors. What would be your preference as a pet bird? Let me down below
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