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Can Chihuahua Eat Apples? [Feeding Guide]

Can Chihuahua Eat Apples? [Feeding Guide]

Apples are truly one of life’s best things, seriously, I don’t know anyone who hates apples. I was curious if chis feel the same way about apples. Is it safe for a Chihuahua to eat an apple? Let’s find out.

Can Chihuahua eat apples?

Chihuahua can eat apples. Apples are a good source of Vitamin A and C for your chihuahua. Also, eating apples can leave your chihuahua’s teeth sparkling clean and freshen his breath. Apples can also help with digestion. However, apple seeds contain trace amounts of toxins and, hence, you should carve out the core and keep it away.

Apples are a good way to satisfy your chi’s sweet tooth instead of feeding him chocolate which is no doubt an unsafe food for dogs everywhere.

Apples should be served in moderation though; too many apples can cause diarrhea, tummy aches, and other issues with digestion.

So, apples are best served as treats and they make a good choice if you’re looking to train your chi a few tricks.

Nutritional Value of Apples

Apples have key nutrients that are important for Chihuahuas including B vitamins, Vitamin C, Fibre, calcium, and phosphorus, among others.

Here’s the nutrition content of a raw, unpeeled large-sized apple (242/8 oz.) with 130 calories according to the experts:

Total fat0%
Potassium (260 mg)7%
Carbohydrates (34 g)11%
Dietary fiber (5g)20%
Sugars  (25 g) 
Protein (1 g) 
Vitamin A2%
Vitamin C8%
Iron2  %
Phosphorus (20 mg) 

Other nutrients in an apple include Beta-carotene (49.1 micrograms/mcg), Vitamin K (4 mcg), Folate (5.46 mcg), B Vitamins, and Magnesium (9.1 mg).

Nutritional benefits of apples for Chihuahua

Your chi needs the above nutrients for these reasons:

  1. Vitamin A – This vitamin is essential for fat absorption in your chi. It also helps him to keep a healthy and shiny coat of fur as well as a formal growth rate, and good eyesight.
  2. B Vitamins– These vitamins also help your chi to keep a good coat and skin, maintain his appetite, growth, and good eyesight.
  3. Vitamin C – Vitamin C helps your chi to produce red blood cells effectively. It also helps to maintain healthy brain functioning as well as the proper absorption of other vitamins. On top of that, Vitamin C helps to keep a strong immune system.
  4. Vitamin K – This helps your chi to maintain normal clotting of blood. Vitamin K is usually produced by chis in their digestive tracts but if your chi bleeds for too long due to minor cuts, it’s good to talk to a vet. It might be a vitamin K deficiency. So, of course, vitamin K in apples is a good way to prevent that deficiency.
  5. Calcium and phosphorus – These minerals help in proper muscle and bone formation. They also protect your chi puppy from bowed legs, rickets, and other bone deformities.
  6. Potassium – This mineral helps your chi to grow at a normal rate and also to keep his nervous system and muscles working as they should.
  7. Magnesium – This mineral strengthens your chi’s nervous system so that he does not suffer from convulsions and other nasty nervous system disorders.
  8. Iron – Just like in human beings, this mineral helps to keep healthy blood and lessen the risk of anemia.
  9. Dietary fiber – Fiber helps your chi to keep a healthy digestive system and apples contain good amounts of it. For instance, pectin is a highly soluble fiber that enables regular bowel movement for your chi.

Can Chihuahua eat green apples?

Yes, Chihuahua can eat green apples. They provide similar benefits to the red apples as discussed above.

The only issue with green apples is that they are a bit sour as compared to red apples.

Therefore, your chi may not like green apples as much as red apples.

What to watch out for

Diabetic Chihuahua

Apples have a high sugar content, which may be dangerous for a Chihuahua that has diabetes.

Before giving diabetic Chihuahua apples, it is important to talk to a vet in order to work out a good time and amount of apples that suit that individual Chihuahua.

Weight gain

The carbohydrates and sugar content found in apples are a good source of energy for your chi.

However, it is very crucial to not overfeed apples to your chi because carbohydrates not used up as energy is stored as fat to use later on.

In other words, repeatedly overfeeding apples to your chi could bulk him up pretty quickly.

In the short term, overfeeding apples can lead to vomiting and diarrhea.

Apple core

The apple core is simply not good for your chi.

First, the apple core – the seeds particularly – contain trace amounts of cyanide – yes, that toxin that is also harmful to humans.

By the way, although the amount of cyanide in apple seeds in one apple is low, we as humans are also discouraged from eating apple cores.

Fun Fact: So, where does the cyanide in apple seeds come from? Apple seeds contain a chemical called amygdalin. Think of it as a defense mechanism for apples. When the apple seeds are intact, things are okay and safe. However, when chewed or damaged in any way (for instance crushed or blended), apple seeds release a chemical called hydrogen cyanide – this substance is very dangerous especially in high doses.

This ‘trick’ with the amygdalin happens with the seeds of fruits from the Rosaceae family which includes almonds, apricots, peaches, cherries, and apples. Beware of them.

Second, apple cores should be avoided because they are a choking hazard for Chihuahuas, especially puppies.

Even when swallowed, the apple core can cause a gastrointestinal blockage. So, the apple core is a no-no when it comes to Chis – or dogs of all kinds, for that matter.

Preparing apples for your Chihuahua

A basic process of preparing apples for your chi includes:

  • Wash the apples carefully.
  • Carve out the apple core.
  • Remove the seeds of the apple fruit. Also, remove the stem.
  • Peel the apple if your chi prefers it that way.
  • Slice the apple into small chunks or cubes.

You can also prepare apple sauce for your chi.

The process is really simple and easy to follow.

You’ll need 4 apples (of different varieties, ideally – Red Delicious, Gala, McIntosh, and Honey Crisp), 2-4 tablespoons of honey, and about 2/3 cup of water.


  • Put the apple slices into a crockpot.
  • Add water and honey.
  • Cook for about 3-4 hours on high heat.
  • If your chi prefers a smooth mixture, use a blender to smoothen the texture.

You can serve this apple sauce 6 times using a ¼ of a cup. Alternatively, you can sprinkle a tablespoon of the apple sauce into your chi’s dog food.

Also, your chi may appreciate a frozen apple on a hot summer day. To make this happen, you’ll need 2 apples, 1 cup of plain, nonfat Greek yogurt, and water.

  • Cut the apple into slices after removing the apple core.
  • Mix the apple slices, the yogurt, and a splash of water into your blender.
  • Blend until there’s a good liquid consistency to the mixture.
  • Pour the mixture into an ice cube tray.
  • Freeze for a few hours or until the mixture is hard.
  • Serve a bit of the frozen apple on a hot day.

If you don’t have the plain nonfat Greek yogurt close by, you can use chicken broth.

How much apple should chis have?

Chihuahuas get most of their nutrition from their normal dog food. Apples are mere treats – but very healthy ones. Apples should make no more than 10% of your chi’s daily diet.

Related Questions

Is it safe for dogs to eat apples?

Yes, it is safe for dogs to eat apples. The only harmful part of apples is the apple core and apple seeds. The apple core is hard to chew and can be a choking hazard whereas the apple seeds contain trace amounts of cyanide which can harm a dog’s health.

What fruits and vegetables can Chihuahuas eat?

Chihuahuas can eat various kinds of fruits and vegetables such as apples, bananas, blueberries, broccoli, cantaloupe, Brussel sprouts, plain boiled potatoes, carrots, celery, cucumbers, fresh green beans, mango without the stone, peeled and unseeded oranges, and peaches and pears with the pits removed in both cases. These should all be fed in moderate amounts as they are good as treats and not the main course.

Can Chihuahuas eat bananas?

Yes, Chihuahuas can eat bananas. Bananas contain good amounts of vitamins, biotin, fiber, magnesium, copper, and potassium. Meanwhile, they have low calorie, cholesterol, and sodium contents which mean lesser health risks for your chi. Oh, and Chihuahuas don’t eat banana peels in case you were curious.

Can dogs eat apple peels?

Yes, dogs can eat apple peels. Unpeeled apples are not a problem – mainly because they don’t eat that much. Furthermore, pectin – a dietary fiber – is more concentrated in apple skins and, so, it can be good to slice the apples unpeeled. However, a meal of apple peels would be a problem for a dog’s digestion as they would cause a stomach upset.

Can puppies eat apples?

Yes, puppies can eat apples. Apples are safe for puppies and it might actually be a good time to get to know if your puppy likes apples. But as you do so, remember to be especially careful with the portioning. Puppies can only eat about one slice or a couple of tablespoons of apple sauce in their daily diet.

Final Thoughts

Apples are great, aren’t they? They provide essential nutrients for chis while being a tasty treat that your chi will love each time. You’ll need to watch out for the apple core, though. If your chi bites a seed or two when you’re not watching, no need to panic. The hydrogen cyanide will be detoxified in your chi’s body. But overall, you’ll want to remove the apple core and seeds.

There are many ways of feeding apples to Chihuahuas. Frozen, sliced, and blended into applesauce – all works fine.