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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Quail Eggs? 5 Safety Concerns

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Quail Eggs? 5 Safety Concerns

Keeping an exotic pet like a bearded dragon can be difficult for some. Some may get confused whether what to feed and what to not. Can Bearded Dragons Eat Quail Eggs? There are many foods available that bearded dragons can consume and be added to their diet. We all want to consider feeding a few other foods, but proper research is recommended ahead of time to ensure if it is safe for them to eat or not. 

We all know that quail eggs also have almost the same nutrients as chicken eggs. Why not both feed to our fellow Bearded Dragon. Here is what you need to know about quail eggs and the bearded Dragon diet.

Can bearded Dragons eat quail eggs? A bearded dragon can safely eat up to 1 quail egg every other week or so. Young ones need protein for constant growth. As qual eggs are small, you save yourself from overfeeding your beardie. The protein content in quail eggs benefits their health.

Avoid feeding more than one egg every other week, Otherwise, you may end up with an overweight reptile. Bearded Dragons can safely eat quail eggs but only in moderation. 

Young ones And The baby beardies should consume more as they need more protein for constant growth. For adult dragons, it is always recommended to offer a small serving of a quail egg once per week maximum. However, you should not exceed the limit more than two times per week for baby beardies. 

You can feed quail eggs, chicken eggs, and duck eggs, but the size of the egg should be considered. Quail egg can provide many nutritional benefits to a bearded dragon, but being too high in fat and protein content, you need to add it as a staple in their diet.

I usually prefer feeding Dubia roaches to bearded dragons every next day and 1 quail egg once a week or 2. While feeding quail eggs to bearded dragon dragons, many factors need to be considered and your account. Let’s first learn Should Bearded Dragon eat quail eggs or not.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Quail Eggs?

Being omnivorous, the bearded Dragon diet consists of 50% animal-based matter and 50% plant matter. In their wild, natural habitat, they have to accept various foods because of food scarcity. In most cases, young ones tend to be carnivorous, consuming more protein than the elder ones. 

While on the other hand, adult Bearded dragons prefer plant-based food more. So, where does this leave quail eggs? Firstly, we already know that Bearded Dragon will consume animal-based food when it is offered. A bearded dragon can safely eat quail eggs and take advantage of their nutrients.

Quail eggs can help your bearded dragon meet some of its protein requirements while also giving them a range of minerals and vitamins supporting constant growth and health.

 It can help them being well being. However, I would never recommend you to offer more than one quail egg to a bearded dragon once a week, although being omnivorous. It is also very important to only cook quail eggs, like preparing them with poaching or boiling.

Avoid cooking the eggs in any added fat or condiments. Milk and seasonings should also be avoided. Measure to cut the eggs into a manageable size for your bearded dragon to eat and fill it into the mouth. There are many eggs available in the market, but chicken eggs & quail eggs are most preferable.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Quail Eggs?

Yes, Bearded Dragon can eat quail eggs. Quail eggs are an excellent source of protein. Most of the bearded Dragon enjoys eating eggs. Even being small in size, quail eggs are yet very delicious and nutritious. It also saves you from worry about the serving sizes and the risk of offering too much in quantity. When it comes to chicken eggs, you have to be more careful with the serving size. 

With quail eggs, you can feed one egg directly to the bearded dragon. Eggs need to be cut and then fed. Apart from that, you must understand that anything in excess is always bad for one’s health. Protein and fat in excess can be bad for bearded Dragons and lead them towards overweight. 

This is something that can be concerning for most reptile owners. Most bearded Dragons do well-consuming Quail eggs when they are malnourished. At this time, a protein found in the quail egg will support their constant growth. It will also help them put on some weight. If they are not eating much at all or nothing, you can add some eggs with other tasty, delicious food.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Scrambled Quail Eggs?

can bearded dragons eat scrambled quail eggs
can bearded dragons eat scrambled quail eggs?

You can feed bearded Dragon scrambled quail eggs and benefits their health. They can safely eat scrambled quail eggs and hard-boiled eggs. It would help if you kept in mind a few things: you should never mix any additional ingredient in it while scrambling the egg. No oil, no butter, or dairy should be added. Bearded Dragons don’t tolerate or can’t consume dairy products. 

Their digestive system is not programmed to digest dairy products, oil, and spices. It would be best if you did not even use a cooking spray while scrambling the quail eggs. You are free to serve the scramble quail egg with stable veggies and leaves. Remember not to cook the veggies with the egg. After the egg is scrambled, veggies can be mixed and served to your bearded dragon.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Quail Eggshell?

No. the Bearded Dragon should never eat quail eggshells. Hence, eggshells are always rich in calcium, a vital nutrient for your bearded dragon development. The bacteria inside the eggshell can harm your dragon. Plus, it is also very dangerous to swallow.

Eggshells need to be crunched and powdered to consume safely. The bits and the pieces of eggshell can choke or scratch your bearded dragon throat & gut. Adding to that, eggshells have too much calcium in them. Too little calcium can cause health issues like hypercalcemia, where the muscle gets weakened, resulting in death.

How To Offer Quail Eggs To Your Bearded Dragon?

how to offer quail eggs to your bearded dragon
how to offer quail eggs to your bearded dragon

  1. The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to boil the egg before serving. Below is the following step on how to offer qual eggs to your bearded dragon.
  2. Cook egg without any additives. No oil or butter. No seasoning at all.
  3. You can alternatively choose to poach or boiling it. After boiling the eggs, consider microwaving them for a minute or two at least.
  4. Let the egg cool and cut into manageable sizes for your bearded dragon to fit their mouth.
  5. Mix small veggies and leaves with the cooked egg and serve it. You can add mustard greens or a regular diet to the egg.
  6. Always ensure that you are not offering raw quail eggs to your beauty because it can be challenging for their digestive system.

Why Can’t Bearded Dragons Eat Quail Eggs Frequently?

Like any other food, more in excess is always bad. There are many cases when feeding an egg to a bearded dragon will lead to improved health as it is so nutritious. However, too much can cause issues. Quail eggs are naturally high in protein and fat. So, only after considering the age of a bearded dragon, you should feed protein. 

Make sure to keep the quantity to a minimum. Exceeding the recommended dose will result in unwanted weight gain. With age, bearded Dragon food preferences for animal-based food declines. Gradually, they move into a herbivore’s diet as time goes on. Adult beardie does great with leaves, collard greens, clover, parsley, and watercress.

Being a responsible owner, you must follow their instinct, tendency, and preferences. Getting help from your nearest veterinarian will help you in preparing a proper diet. Generally, changes in their diet happen gradually. The main source of protein should be insects For your bearded dragon. Each Bearded Dragon requires 80% of their diet to be protein-based

Quail eggs contain 1.17 grams of protein and 0.99 fat. If you already have been feeding protein-bagged feeder insects, you don’t need to provide the eggs. A little bit of a Quail Eggs can be given as a treat once in a while. Here are few issues that can occur if your bearded dragon has too much protein.

  1. Obesity
  2. Heart Failure
  3. Fatty Liver Disease
  4. Diabetes
  5. Weight Gain

Nutritional Value Of Quail Eggs

Quail eggs can be fed to a bearded dragon and are one of the most important nutritious food sources. A bearded dragon can indeed eat quail egg whole as well. Do you know the nutrients and minerals present inside the quail egg to make sure we are not feeding them infrequently and wrong? 

Quail eggs contain lots of necessary minerals and vitamins, including vitamin A, B, E, B12, & D. Quail eggs are also preferred over chicken eggs for bearded Dragons because of being lower in calories, protein, and fat while offering all the necessary nutrients and minerals. All types of eggs can be healthy, but quail eggs are perfect and appropriate in serving sizes.

Final Thought

A bearded dragon can safely eat quail eggs because it contains all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins necessary to support their constant growth and health. However, Quail Eggs being high in protein and fat, one should offer it in a small quantity.

Baby dragons and juvenile ones can always consume quail eggs more frequently than other adult ones. Young one tends to like an animal-based diet whereas quail egg can be an excellent choice if poached, boiled, or microwaved. 

Never feed raw egg or too hot egg or egg fried in oil or season. I hope I managed to give you all the information about whether the bearded dragon eats quail eggs. After knowing your bearded dragon can enjoy quail eggs from time to time and benefit from many vitamins, proteins, and minerals, you may want to share it with the other reptile keepers and fellows.

I hope I managed to give you all the information needed, and you will share this post as well. See you in the next post, till then, take care, and goodbye. Follow us on social media