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Bully Sticks vs Rawhide: Which Is Better?

Bully Sticks vs Rawhide: Which Is Better?

Bully sticks and Rawhide are natural treats for dogs. Bully sticks are made up of steer bull penises. And Rawhide is made up of cattle or pork skin. So when I say natural treats – it means they are made of animal parts.

Bully Sticks Vs Rawhide: Which Is Better?

Bully Sticks

Bully Sticks


  • They contain zero chemicals, preservatives, and toxins.
  • They do not cause tartar build-up or tooth decay.
  • They take longer to become flat and flavorless.
  • Ideal for all dog breeds and ages.


  • They are expensive to buy.
  • Really small pieces can be a choking hazard.
  • Some of them are high in calories.


Rawhide is the skin layer of cattle or pork. It’s not the outer layer, in case you’re wondering. But the inner layer of a cow or a horse. With the help of chemicals, the hides of cattle or horses are removed and cleaned.

Bully Sticks vs Rawhide: Which Is Better?

With the help of a high-pressure press, the hides are then turned into various shapes. It is them cut up into bite-sized pieces, ground and processed using different flavors. Making it delicious and chewy for dogs to eat.

You can buy Rawhide for your dog in many flavors. Such as liver, beef, chicken, etc.


  • Your dog will chew on it for hours.
  • Good for relieving anxiety and boredom.
  • A great substitute for leather shoes, furniture legs, etc.


  • It may cause tartar build-up and decay.
  • High in fats and zero proteins.
  • Might contain chemicals and preservatives.
  • Foul smell and prone to contamination.

Bully Sticks vs Rawhide – Factors to Consider

It’s time to address the differences between Bully sticks and Rawhide. Are they safe for dogs? How much to give? Are there any healthier or safer alternatives?


Bully Sticks vs Rawhide: Which Is Better?

Both Bully sticks and Rawhide are animal by-products. This means that these pet treats are likely to contaminate due to improper cooking.

Bully sticks are made up of only one ingredient. And that is a Bull’s penis. They are dried and cut into different shapes and sizes. In case you buy Bully sticks with flavors, such as chicken, beef, or liver. Then that’s the additional flavor that is added to the main ingredient.

Even though there isn’t enough research about the manufacturing process of Bully sticks or Rawhide. It’s taken that Bully sticks are safer than Rawhide in terms of ingredients.

This is because Rawhide also consists of chemicals used during the processing of the hides. They may or may not contain bacterial or microbial components. Bacterial contamination is a major concern for such pet treats.

And that’s why it’s better to stay away from them. Bacterially contaminated food can cause tooth decay and damage to dogs.

So while Bully sticks are safer than Rawhide. It’s important to buy Bully sticks from properly-packaged sources. Make sure it’s not sprayed on for longer preservation. Look for treats with a shorter expiration date.


What are the benefits of feeding your dog Bully sticks or Rawhide?

Bully sticks are high-protein treats. They do not contain additives, preservatives, and chemicals. And they also contain amino acids. It maintains proper cognition, brain energy, skin, and coat health.

The chewy texture of the Bully sticks makes it easier for dogs to clean their teeth. It also prevents tooth decay or misshapen teeth formation during teething. And for pet owners, it saves their furniture, sofa, bed, pillows, and other clothing items.

Rawhide, on the other hand, has fewer benefits than Bully sticks. The only reason why your dog will accept Rawhide is because of their natural instinct. It is a good distraction – very likely to keep your dog occupied for hours and hours.

In terms of health, it contains no proteins or amino acids the way Bully sticks do. So the only benefit from giving your dog Rawhide is distraction. If you’re leaving your dog alone at home for a few hours. Or you want him or her to stop ruining your furniture.

Which Is Better?


Which Is Better?

The final tally decides the fate of Rawhide versus Bully Sticks. And that is Bully Sticks are safer and all-natural treats for dogs.

They do not cause digestive distress. They are easier to chew and they break down easily in the stomach. Bully sticks do not emit a foul odor even when moistened. And lastly, they are high in protein and low in fats and carbs. So they are healthy treats for your dog.

Rawhide, on the other hand, is prone to bacterial contamination. Puppies especially shouldn’t chew Rawhide as it causes tooth decay and indigestion. Rawhide also contains fats that are not good for overweight dogs.

And coming down to behavioral issues, since rawhide has a stronger smell. Your dog may become more aggressive or territorial with rawhide than with Bully sticks. So he or she might snap at you were you to try to take the rawhide away.


How you feed Bully sticks to your dog depends on you. Similarly, how long your dog takes to chew through it depends on the dog. But since you now know which is better – you can invest in high-quality, preservative-free pet treats.

Chew treats that are chemical and artificial flavoring-free are amazing. They do more than satisfy your dog’s natural instinct to chew. But they keep them away from furniture, clothing, and pillows.

They also relieve anxiety, restlessness, and boredom. And it’s one of the best ways to make food and play-time fun for your dog. As a pet parent, this should be your number one priority.