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Are Iguanas Good Pets To Have? [8 Valid Reasons]

Are Iguanas Good Pets To Have? [8 Valid Reasons]

Adopting reptiles as pets have become quite a trend nowadays. One such reptile is the Iguana which is more popular as an exotic pet because of its striking look and unique personality. They are also known to live quite a few years in captivity which means having them is a long-term commitment.

Therefore, before you adopt any pet, it is essential to know if they are a good one to have or not. This is why we have prepared a comprehensive guide on iguanas as a pet. So let’s look at the answer to the question: are Iguanas good pets to have.

Are Iguanas Good Pets To Have?

are iguanas good pets to have
are iguanas good pets to have

Yes, iguanas make good pets for all reptile lovers, families, and people who can afford these exotic creatures. If you have children at your home, Iguana is more suitable for them. Other than this, people who cannot think of food to care for them or don’t have enough knowledge on how to take care of their Iguana should avoid this reptile & look at different species.

People who want to play with their pets or hold them should avoid having Iguana. Below I have shared all the pros of having an iguana as a pet at home. Before adopting one, you need to know that these reptiles are intelligent and trainable. They are also capable of recognizing and remembering their owners. Therefore, let’s take a quick look at nine reasons why iguanas make good pets.

9 Reasons Why Iguanas Make Good Pets.

9 reasons why iguanas make good pets.
9 reasons why iguanas make good pets.

1. Iguanas Have A Calm Temperament

Iguanas are known for their calm and peaceful temperament. Because they are generally friendly reptiles, they are easy to keep and Bond with. Adding to this, Iguanas also enjoy interacting with their people if they trust them. 

At first, an Iguana may seem stressed or shy, but they will learn to trust you over time. Iguanas are also known to bite if they feel threatened and scared. This is why you should always handle them carefully and gently. They do bite, but it is rare, which can be more surprising than anything.

2. They Have A Long Life Expectancy

Do you know that iguanas are known to live as long as 15 years? Therefore, having an iguana as a pet doesn’t only mean a long-term commitment but also providing its necessity to keep them happy and healthy throughout their life. Therefore, this is another excellent reason why iguanas make good pets.

Their reasonable long lifespan gives you enough time to play Bond and enjoy your time with each other. To increase life longevity, you should consider providing them with a suitable tank with an ideal environment and a balanced diet. Regular checkups at a reptile veterinarian are also necessary to keep everything in check in terms of their health.

3. Keeping & Caring For Them Is Simple

Setting up the tank for an Iguana is quite a hassle but caring for them is pretty simple. Another great reason Iguanas need good pets is that their caring is pretty straightforward. Iguanas are not only suitable for families but also busy adults.

As long as you have the right Habitat environment, appropriate lighting, and heating, caring for them will be relatively easy. As Iguana grows up to 6 feet, it is essential to have a time of at least 55 75 gallons of size with the secure screen top. Without a secure screen top, Iguana is likely to escape.

They are good escape artists. Another thing that you need to provide is a proper diet. These lizards usually forage on plant matter, vegetables, and fruits. They are also known to eat some insects if there is food scarcity which won’t be necessary for captivity.

It is essential to thoroughly clean your Iguana’s tank and its equipment every week once a month. Make sure to wash away its dropping and uneaten food each day. Giving them a bath time of 20-30 minutes will also keep them clean and hydrated. Misting their tank will also be necessary from time to time to maintain the humidity level and hydration of the Iguana. AA

4. They’re Smart

An Iguana may not be as intelligent as a cat or a dog, but they are said to be one of the most intelligent reptiles globally. Plus, iguanas can be trained, and their intelligence level makes them able to recognize their name and their owners. 

Iguanas can also go poop in a designated area if appropriately trained. As they can identify their owners, gaining their trust and developing strong Bond over time will always be worth it. Other than this, they can learn new things and routines by observing other reptiles’ behavior.

With some consistency and the right approach, you can prepare any Iguana to come when called its name. An iguana can even walk On A leash if the training is provided with complete dedication.

5. Iguanas Can Show Affection

Yes. Iguanas are not only friendly but also very affectionate with Nature. They are capable of exhibiting signs of affection to their owners. As iguanas are cold-blooded reptiles who like to be warm, it’s not uncommon for them to snuggle into your lap, neck, or chest when you take them out of their tank.

Some Iguana also looks to fall asleep with their owners. Many people sleep with their iguanas in bed and stay like that for hours. People are surprised to hear this because most assume that reptiles cannot be friendly, but this is not true. Fortunately, iguanas are excellent pets in this regard.

If you want your Iguana to show some affection, then consider increasing the time you spend with your Iguanas so that they get used to you. It would help if you also started talking to your pet or singing. 

Consider mentioning its name multiple times whenever you come to the room where your Iguana’s tank is placed. Iguana will quickly get to know your voice and see you as a caretaker but not a threat. They will begin to associate you with positive things like playtime or food.

6. Feeding Them Is Straightforward

Do you know that iguanas are entirely herbivorous, and feeding them is a straightforward task? Iguanas are food-driven lizards who like eating varieties of foods, including leafy greens, vegetables, flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves, plant matters, buds, and stems.

Feeding them is easy by following a detailed schedule once a day. Ensure nutritious vegetables like dandelions, broccoli, mustard greens, collard greens, cilantro, parsley, watercress, bell peppers, and even bok choy.

You should also feed fruits like kiwi, melons, apples, mangoes, tomatoes, peaches, grapes, guavas, and star fruits. Talking about supplements, it is always best to dust their food with Vitamin d and Calcium supplements.

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7. Their Size Is Very Kid-Friendly

Keeping an Iguana in an apartment might not be easy, but they are very house friendly. Iguanas are giant lizards who are Loved by childrens. Being a large pet, having an iguana and handling them will feel like having a cat.

No matter what size home you have, you will have no problem keeping these lizards as long as you have an adequate sized enclosure. Iguanas will be a viable pet for any family with kids. Iguana’s growth occurs rapidly in the first few years of its life and almost stops at the fourth-year mark. In the fourth year, the increase will gradually decrease, but their weight will continue to change according to their diet and environment.

8. They’re Exotic But Inexpensive

One of the beautiful thing about iguanas are they are exotic. Plus, iguanas are pretty much inexpensive to care for compared with other reptiles who are omnivorous. Since Iguana needs a vegetarian diet, most of their food is likely found in your fridge. 

Setting up its tank will cost you around $200 to $600. But once it is done, caring for them and maintaining them becomes pretty expensive. Their food is very affordable, and the substrate needed to decorate the tank is pretty cheap and sometimes even free. 

However, the veterinary cost may affect a little bit, but it can be managed. Regular veterinary checkups are essential for other pets, such as dogs or cats, and the veterinary cost is likely to be lower than those of owners who have dogs. Therefore, having, maintaining, or caring for an Iguana is relatively inexpensive.

9. Iguanas Are Fun To Observe

Do you know that reptiles are often fun to observe? It might surprise you, but Iguana can be very entertaining to watch. Being diurnal reptiles, they are most active during day time. You will notice them trying to get your attention by doing Unusual body movements or behavior. 

They may also run back and forth inside its tank to get your attention. Over time, an Iguana will learn when it’s mealtime and always try to give you notions if you are running a bit late. Adding to this, they also love being out of their tank and exploring their surrounding.

This is why I would recommend you always let your Iguana explore the room it’s in. But, look out for holes or gaps that give easy escape access to your Iguana. Alternatively, you can get a leash or harness to take them out for a walk outside your home or even in your yard if you are not comfortable.

You will never get bored watching this giant lizard explore their surrounding. Do you know that iguanas also love swimming? Giving them 2-:30 minutes of bath time in the tub or even in the swimming pool will also give you a sight to enjoy.

You can even purchase a kid pool or a large plastic storage container for your Iguana to let them enjoy a swim in. Always make sure that the water is warm as they are cold-blooded reptiles. The water should not be deep than your Iguana’s knees or elbow. In addition, you should consider offering toys to your Iguana when it is outside the tank. Iguanas enjoy playing time.


Iguanas are an excellent pet for many people and reptile lovers. Having an Iguana is quite a fun and exciting experience for all people and their family members. Being gigantic lizards daily, they stay active and look to play or swim. They also enjoy exploring the surrounding.

Monitoring your Iguana, whether it’s inside or outside the tank, is quite the sight to see. If you have any reason you think I should add it to this list, then feel free to comment below or send them our way. I always look to improve the resources and guides published on my site.

After knowing that these lizards are pretty easy to care for, fun to play with, and capable of building a strong bond with their owner, if you are adopting one, then let me know also. We have shared many other guides on iguanas’ well-being.