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5 Humane Ways To Dispose Of Dead Iguana

5 Humane Ways To Dispose Of Dead Iguana

For any owner, the death of a beloved Iguana tends to be the saddest time. Whether your iguanas have died due to a disease or, naturally, it’s always a stressful but upsetting time for owners.

If you want to dispose of the dead body of your beloved Iguana, you should take free help by clicking on this map and finding an animal control phone number. On the other hand, you can also use our guide, where we have listed ways to dispose of dead Iguanas.

Whether your Iguana is very old or unhealthy, if it’s approaching the end of its life, you should already have plans for the upcoming event of its eventual passing. Many external factors can disrupt your best late plans during the time time of grief.

If you struggle with disposing of your Iguana body in the immediate Aftermath, you can take help from one of your family members, friends, or veterinarian. No doubt, a pet’s death feels like trauma, and it tends to be a tough time to handle their remains.

If your Iguana has died recently, first take time to feel stress-free and then follow our comprehensive guide on what to do when your Iguana dies.

What Happens When A Iguana Dies Naturally?

5 Humane Ways To Dispose Of Dead Iguana

When an iguana dies, its body may still look active. It is common for dead Iguana bodies to show signs of what life can look like. Whatever the character is, this can put more grief and upset owners who are witnessing. This can also surprise a novice owner who wasn’t expecting their pet to move after being dead.

Their raw nerves tend to spasm after death like twitching. Other than this, their body will also release fluids and gas. When moving its body, the release of air from its mouth can also be experienced. All this makes us believe that life is left in our beloved lizard, which is not significantly accurate.

Remember that these signs do not get your Iguana back to life. It’s a simple body function that naturally occurs when an iguana dies. Let’s talk about what to do when your Iguana dies.

Humans are known to associate the death of any being put to sleep. Being a responsible but caring owner, it might be difficult for you to handle your Iguana remains. In such circumstances, you might call your veterinarian or ask for any professional service who can assist you with dead Iguana disposal.

Many companies can help you in the cremation of a dead Iguana, but they are not available on weekends or during national holidays, to be precise.

What To Do When Your Iguanas Dies?

You should never keep the dead Iguana body any longer, even if it’s a still valued member who deserves some respect even in the afterlife. You should neither throw it away nor dump it over the cliff if you want to properly dispose of your beloved lizard.

Disposal of a dead iguana body has only a few options. Many agencies can help you do it the same way humans do it. It also means that you can always have a casket according to your choice and a burial plot To cremate your dead Iguana if you genuinely prefer that.

However, the cost will depend upon what kind of service you want to take for your Iguana. The price also depends upon the location of the plot and the type of casket you choose. Remember that even if your pet is a vital member of your family, you should never get a fancy ending to a dead Iguana.

Just as humans are cremated, you can also store your Iguana dead body in a container and have it cremated. You can purchase different urns to keep your lizard’s remains in. A good quality unn will allow you to keep your beloved Iguana body around you long after it has passed away.

When handling their remains, always consider wearing gloves and cleaning the area where your beloved lizard had touched. You should also wash any fluids passing out through its body that may have been split. Not cleaning the fluids will result in the spread of germs in the immediate Aftermath.

Even if you want to keep your lizard at home for a few hours, it’s best to organize cremation as soon as possible. Avoid keeping its remains for more than 24 hours. Their stiffening of bones will begin to set in only about 3 to 4 hours.

5 Humane Ways To Dispose Of Dead Iguana

5 Humane Ways To Dispose Of Dead Iguana
5 Humane Ways To Dispose Of Dead Iguana

Always make sure to do the cremation of your dead Iguana within 24 hours; otherwise, their body will start to rot. Within 3-4 hours, their bone stiffening begins to set in. Therefore, Below are five human ways to dispose of dead Iguana. 

  1. If you have no experience, consider calling your vet and asking to make an arrangement. A veterinary professional will be able to arrange your burial at a pet cemetery. But few professionals help cremate dead reptiles and other pets, including Iguana.
  2. If you don’t want to go too far, you can bury your Iguana’s dead body in a secret place like the woods or at your friend’s house.
  3. If you have any property, you can choose to bury your Iguana and remain on that ground. Consider getting your pets to stay in a plastic bag or a box if you wish to plant them at least 2 feet Deep.
  4. The most common way people cremate dead animals is by bagging them or boxing them to put them out in the garbage for the sanitary and waste department to take away.
  5. You can have your iguanas cremated by an agency or County animal service. You can also call your local SPCA for help.


Unfortunately, losing a pet is challenging and upsetting for any owner. One of the last things you will want to do while grieving is to figure out how to dispose of a dead iguana body. I have tried my best to give you information on ways to dispose of iguanas killed.

I hope that this information will provide you with peace of mind that you have options to find a final resting place for your beloved lizard that has passed away.