Are Egyptian Mau Hypoallergenic? 9 Tips For Allergic Family

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Having an Egyptian Mau in your home can be exciting and fun for you and your family, but before there are lots of things and factors that you need to consider before you go for one or decide if it’s the right pet for you and your family or not. If you or anybody in your family are suffering from allergies to the animal, then it is recommended and obvious to know – Are Egyptian Mau are hypoallergenic or not.

Are Egyptian Mau hypoallergenic? Unfortunately, Egyptian Maus are not hypoallergenic cats. Their coat comes with short to medium hair, which will be Resilient and silky that’s shed constantly.

Yes, you can expect some constant shedding from this cat breed, that’s why you find everywhere recommended to brush and comb their coat regularly to reduce the risk of their hair getting tangled.

However, this cat breed can be a good option for the ones with less serious allergies.

Now, if you are reading this post that means you are here to know whether an Egyptian Mau is considered as hypoallergenic or not, so, it doesn’t need to dictate if you can have one. After knowing that this cat breeds don’t claim the title of hypoallergenic. In this article, we will discuss some preventive measures that you can learn and take to decrease any possible allergy from being triggered.

This Post ” Are Egyptian Mau Hypoallergenic? ” Belongs to InPetCare, Don’t Copy Our Post or Repost it without our Permission

If you are ready to learn about an Egyptian Mau shedding, dandruff, and other things that can / may contribute towards allergies from being triggered, here is what you need to know.

Why aren’t  Egyptian Mau hypoallergenic?

Are Egyptian Mau Hypoallergenic?
Are Egyptian Mau Hypoallergenic?

Before we discuss why they are not hypoallergenic, do you really know – what does hypoallergenic means? let me tell you, that there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic breed in this world. The word hypoallergenic simply means that the animal that you are going to choose a pet is not going to cause any for the allergies to you or anyone around you.

This Post ” Are Egyptian Mau Hypoallergenic? ” Belongs to InPetCare, Don’t Copy Our Post or Repost it without our Permission

But do you really believe that? because every cat is going to shed some hair so that new hair can come in and replace those old ones. By which it clearly means that there will be some dead skin which is known as danders falling from their coat. Dander is the major cause of allergies.

However, people do say that there are some hypoallergenic animals present in this world, but it has been seen the animals that are considered hypoallergenic are known only for their special quality of shedding. They often shed little to nothing at all.

That’s how we can understand why danders are the major cause of allergy and why some breeds are considered hypoallergenic.

This Post ” Are Egyptian Mau Hypoallergenic? ” Belongs to InPetCare, Don’t Copy Our Post or Repost it without our Permission

Shedding little to nothing clearly means that they are not going to have much danders compared to other breeds that will cause any possible irritants to those who are allergic to animals.

Of course, there are many advantages of having a hypoallergenic cat as a pet in your home like the person with allergies doesn’t need to take any medications to keep it around which makes it easier for the owner to maintain their pet.

Do you know that almost 10% of the United States population is allergic to animals so it is very important to know if there is someone around your house or your family present – who has allergies from cats or not. If there is somebody who is allergic to animals then it can be very difficult for you to control his / her allergy because of most of the cat’s shed and leaves danders behind spread all over the floor or onto your clothes.

The reason behind Egyptian Mau being not considered as hypoallergenic cat breed is because they shed constantly which means they will shed more often. you can expect some constant shedding in the Early Spring/summer as they need to shed some hair to keep or stay cooler in those hot temperatures.

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However, you can control its shedding and danders by proper grooming. In the case of Egyptian Mau, they tend to have a coat with short to medium hair which makes it easy for you to maintain their grooming. Keep in mind that they can shed aggressively in the spring because of the warm high temperature but You can easily maintain their coats than others.

So finally, in last, what we learn that Egyptian Mau is not hypoallergenic because they also have a coat that needs to shed constantly especially in the summer. However, it can be easily controlled by the owners and won’t cause as many allergies as some other cats breed.

Egyptian Mau shed, how much?

Are Egyptian Mau Hypoallergenic?
Are Egyptian Mau Hypoallergenic?

Every breed of cats shades sometimes some shed in the late spring while some in the early, some shed more while some shed less. Just by looking at the Egyptian Mau, you can easily notice that their hair is short. So, Egyptian Mau does shed constantly but one can easily perform proper and effective grooming on their coat.

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Egyptian Mau tends to have a single coat to lose some hair and will definitely lose some hair while they will be playing around or scratching themselves against things. We all know that the cat’s hair grows continuously and needs to replace the old ones in which old ones will subsequently fall out.

Especially when the cats are at the growing stage when they are young and tend to be very energetic because of which they can easily run around and rub themselves against things and lick themselves. By doing so, they will increase danders and hairs to fall out in the corners of the house and spread all over the floor.

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So it is very important to keep your Kitty cat behave, otherwise, you will increase the chances of allergy from being triggered by those fall out hairs and danders.

You can’t stop the Egyptian Mau shedding process as it is a part of their life cycle and every breed of cats need to shed to make some rooms for new hair growth. However, if you experience your Egyptian Mau shedding more than usual then definitely there is something wrong with your cat-like excessive shedding is considered as a health problem and it can be very severe if not treated properly.

Tips for families with allergies

Are Egyptian Mau Hypoallergenic?
Are Egyptian Mau Hypoallergenic?


You may think that bathing them frequently can help you out in keeping those danders to a minimum but you are wrong. Bathing them too often can cause more danders to be produced on the skin. Bathing them more than once a month can make their skin look unnatural and dry. Dry skin means more danders being formed on the skin.

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So, it is advisable to keep their bathing schedule to the minimum and only bath them when it is necessary. However, if you feel that your cat needs a quick bath then you can go for one, or if your cat lifestyle is surrounded by more outside activities and they get themself into something very sticky or smelly, then you can also bath them.

Apart from that, it is recommended to bathe them only once a month or every 6 weeks. Adding to that frequent baths can cause their skin dry. So, it is very important to use good quality of PET shampoo and conditioner on their skin.

You may find good quality of PET shampoo and conditioner more expensive than others but believe me, it is going to worth it for your cat’s coat and skin.


Brushing their coat is one of the most important factors of proper grooming. You may think that grooming is not going to be as much as effective in keeping those danders to a minimum.

But let me tell you something, proper and effective grooming can make a huge difference in how one’s allergy reacts to Egyptian Mau. Proper grooming can prevent too many dander and hairs from getting stuck on your clothes, on your couch, on your bed and around your house.

This Post ” Are Egyptian Mau Hypoallergenic? ” Belongs to InPetCare, Don’t Copy Our Post or Repost it without our Permission

Whenever you search for an Egyptian Mau online and read about their grooming needs, you will find that brushing their coat is repeated over and over and over again. This is because they shed constantly which means you need to brush their coat daily.

If you are going for this breed, then it is recommended to you a buy a good De-shedding tool to brush their coat – in the season of when their hair needs to get replaced or changed because the shedding is going to be much heavier than you may expect.

There is also another benefit of brushing their coat daily when you brush their coat daily, their skin releases natural oils over the whole body that can help prevent their skin from getting dry. No dry skin means less dander being formed.

Just make sure when you brush their coat – you are making that experience fun and painless for your cat. If you brush a cat coat against the direction of their hair growth, it can make them feel pain. So, it is recommended to brush your cat coat with the direction their hair grows. Apart from that, it is also recommended to set a fixed schedule to brush their coat as it will make things better.

Washing your hands after petting your cat

Every time you pet your cat or play with your cat it is very recommended that you wash your hand after you are done. When you pet your cat or play with your cat, lots of danders can get stuck on your hand palm and clothes which can create huge problems if not heightened. Not washing your hand properly after playing with your cat can make the problem worse and spread more easily.

We are not saying that you shouldn’t touch your cat or play with your cat, we are just saying that you should always wash your hand after spending those times with a good hand wash to prevent any possibility of allergies being triggered. If you ignore washing your hand,, you might have to take a shower to get itch-free.


If you are the one who is allergic to animals but want to to keep an Egyptian Mau as a pet in their home, then you are very lucky because nowadays, you can easily find dozens of medications over the counter that can help you lessen the problems that are caused by their saliva, danders, urine, and hairs.

Those over-the-counter medications can be easily purchased without a prescription, just need to walk into the allergic aisle and choose your preferred antihistamines. Histamines are what causes the most problem to the peoples who experiences the allergies from animals. By taking antihistamines you can easily block those histamines that are causing those problems.

You can find those antihistamines at your local Walmart or Walgreen over-the-counter. These Antihistamines can come in various forms like liquid, gels, sprays, and even in the form of eye drops. If you really want to get free from those problems and maintain a healthy human immune system. You should consider taking some antihistamines With your meal regularly.

Bedroom off limits and no cats on the couch

These are the two things that you should always teach your cat if you want to eliminate the allergic reactions being triggered. If you are wondering how this can help then and here is how-

When you sleep with your cat in your bed, it can make them rub themselves to get rid of any itch, unluckily, it leaves some danders right into your bed, where you will be putting your hands and face and unconsciously allowing those irritants to get right into your nose and eyes and can make you feel miserable. The same applies to the couch too.

By setting a bedroom off-limit, you can prevent this and teach your Cat to stay off of your bed. You can also close your bedroom door as it will give the notion that it’s not the cat place. You can do the same with the couch. It would be also better if you just teach then and make them stay off the couch and out of the bedroom as it will also show some good behavior to the third person.

Clean your home frequently

Apart from grooming, bathing, bedroom off-limit, no cats on the couch and other certain things, there is one very important thing that can help you prevent the number of hairs and danders that you and your family can come into contact with. You should clean your home frequently as it can prevent the number of danders and hairs from getting stuck or spread around your house.

The most annoying thing for one who is allergic to animals is that Egyptian Mau hairs and danders can get stuck to almost everything. In this case, you should be using a powerful vacuum cleaner as it can help you reach even in those places where it is hard to reach with your hand and to get rid of those danders and hairs. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner right now, and if you are going for a breed like an Egyptian Mau it would be recommended to invest some dollars in it.

Cat breeds that are less likely to trigger allergies

  • Balinese
  • Oriental Short Hair
  • Javanese
  • Devon Rex
  • Cornish Rex
  • Sphynx / Hairless Cat
  • Siberian

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