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Are Blue Tongue Skinks Good Pets? (2022 Beginners Guide)

Are Blue Tongue Skinks Good Pets? (2022 Beginners Guide)

There is no denying that these lizards have a unique appearance especially compared to most common house lizards. They enjoy being handled when they are used to being around humans. Caring for them is easy, but they need regular attention, diet, and maintenance. let’s first learn Are Blue Tongue Skinks Good Pets?

Are Blue Tongue Skinks Good Pets?

are blue tongue skinks good pets
are blue tongue skinks good pets

Yes, a blue tongue skink makes an excellent pet for some reason. It tends to be very docile, tameable, friendly, peaceful, affectionate, and house-friendly lizards. They make great pets for beginners as well as seniors. They are kid-friendly but are not very cuddly.

Having a blue tongue skink gives you a low-risk sense of responsibility and allows you to teach kids how to care for a pet. To help you sell you on the idea of having these cute giant lizards with blue tongues, we put together a handy list to give you a nudge on why they make great pets.

9 Reasons Why Blue Tongue Skinks Make Good Pets

Here are the following reasons why blue tongue skink can be an excellent pet for you and your family members.

1. They Have A Calm And Peaceful Temperament. 

Skinks generally like peace and appreciate nature. They tend to be very passive at a young age, but they typically get calmer. Most blue tongue skinks enjoy interacting with the owners and surroundings, which isn’t the case with all pet lizards in the United States. 

You can even take your blue tongue skink out of its tank and allow it to explore your home surroundings. However, it will help if you do this under supervision. By getting the right leash, you can even take your skinks outside for walks.

2. Blue tongue Skink Can Show Affection

Believe it or not but a blue tongue skink can show affection. Although they show respect, it is not like a cat or dog does. Skinks can display some Signs of care to their owners, but they can’t match dogs or cats’ affectionate level. 

Due to having an underdeveloped emotional system, blue tongue skink can’t show all ranges of emotions, but affection is something where these lizards are very good. In this regard, they tend to fall asleep while snuggling up with their responsible owners.

3. Stink Has A Reasonable Life Expectancy

Bluetongue skink can live up to 30 years old if it is kept on proper care, maintenance, and nutrition compared to other lizards. It means that you will have more time to play, bond, and enjoy your time with skinks. 

All in all, blue tongue skinks come in a reasonably long lifespan, and with the proper care, you will have these cute giant lizards for quite a few years extra.

4. Feeding A Blue Tongue Skink Is Straightforward

Another excellent reason for having a blue tongue skink in your home is the variety of foods you can feed to your skink. Although being a very picky eater, blue tongue skink can have a range of foods. Being omnivorous lizards, skinks can eat both plant and animal-based foods.

5. They Are Fun To Watch

This reason may surprise or shock you, but it can be fascinating to watch a blue tongue skink. Sometimes, a skink craves your attention and starts running back & forth inside its tank. 

They will know if you are late in their mealtime and will try to give gestures. I will recommend you to get a leash or a harness to walk it outside because observing a blue tongue skink walking in the yard is something that never gets old. 

I was watching this little stink will be very fun to observe. A skink may also enjoy playtime, so consider getting them a couple of toys into its enclosure. Some may also enjoy a ping pong ball around them.

6. The Skinks Look Clean

No one can deny that these lizards come in a unique appearance and look neat. If you want something awe-inspiring out of the ordinary, then getting a skink is probably a good idea. 

There are many different species of Blue Tongue Lizards available that come in various shades of color. These lizards will not exceed a couple of feet in length and will give you countless reasons to have them. 

7. Blue Tongue Skinks Are Affordable

Some lizards tend to be very expensive, and even a few blue tongue skink subspecies are pretty rare. Many blue tongue lizards and skinks are available at an affordable rate in local stores offline and online. 

Plus, the initial investment to have a blue tongue skink is not too much. However, you will need to invest in a good quality terrarium for your lizard with several thermometers and light sources. 

All in all, a blue tongue skink along with its setup & habitat can cost you around $200 to $600. They eat varieties of food, and most of the foods these skinks eat are inexpensive. Plus, the substrate you need to have in their enclosure is often very cheap or even free. 

A regular check-up at a veterinary office is as essential for your skinks as they are for other pets like dogs and cats. The bright side is the veterinary bills which will be lower than those of owners having dogs, cats, or horses.

8. Blue tongue Skink Hawa House-friendly Size

Another excellent reason for having this lizard is its medium size. The medium size lizards tend to be very convenient for most owners. Blue Tongue Skinks are small enough to fit your home comfortably and big enough for your young children to enjoy and handle easily. 

Skinks are also great pets for owners having apartments too. No matter what size home you have, you can always keep a blue tongue skink. Whether it’s an apartment or house, skinks will always be viable pet lizards for everyone.

9. Things Are Good Pets For Kids

Skinks made great pets for kids. They tend to be very gentle and to know how to adapt to humans. Plus, being a medium-sized lizard, your kids will also be able to learn how to handle them. 

Over time, depending upon a skink personality, your kid and your lizard can even develop a strong bond. Caring for them is also easy, but they should be fed a nutrient-dense diet, given attention, and have their tank neat and clean.

Are Blue Tongue Skinks Good For Beginners?

are blue tongue skinks good for beginners
are blue tongue skinks good for beginners?

Yes, blue tongue skinks are great for beginners as they are easy to care for and low-maintenance lizards. They are also great with children and can be hand-tamed. They are great for owners prepared for a relatively giant-sized lizard with a large tank.

Heat source, lighting, thermometer, and a large size tank should be available for a blue tongue skink’s proper care, health, and well-being.

Are Blue Tongue Skinks Friendly?

Yes, skinks are very friendly and intelligent lizards. It doesn’t like tankmate, and having 2 in 1 tank will result in a territorial fight. Being territorial, they are not familiar with other skinks. They are only friendly lizards to people and kids. They are easy to acclimate in a tank without any other lizard presence.

Are Blue Tongue Skinks Easy To Take Care Of?

Yes, blue tongue skinks are easy to take care of and are quickly acclimated in captivity. They can grow into approachable, pleasant, and submissive pets. They don’t need you to have a substantial monthly budget on their diet as they can be fed varieties of diet. Their diet should consist of 50% vegetables, 10% fruits, and 40% animal-based protein.

Which Blue Tongue Skink Is The Best?

One of the most popular skink species is the Northern Blue Tongue Skinks (Tiliqua scincoides Intermedia). They have been kept in captivity for a very long time and become tamer through generations of such activity. Pygmy and Centralian blue tongue skink are also great pets. Eastern skink tends to be very expensive and rare to find.


As I pointed out earlier, blue tongue skinks are easy to care for and great pets for beginners. There are also kids friendly and can easily be hand-tamed. They don’t need high maintenance, but regular maintenance and dietary routine are necessary. 

They can be fed various diets, and you don’t need to spend too much money on their food. Many foods can be provided to a skink which comes at an affordable rate. 

I have shared a detailed guide on what blue tongue skinks can eat. Here, you will find fruits and vegetables that can be fed to a blue tongue skink. I hope I have given you all the information needed on the query – are blue tongue skinks good pets? If you have any other questions regarding skink or it being a pet, comment below. I have shared a comprehensive guide on how to care for blue tongue skink for you to check. I hope I will get to see you in another article as well, till then take care and goodbye.