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9 Cutest Octopus Species (With Pictures)

9 Cutest Octopus Species (With Pictures)

Are you an aquarium keeper? If you are then maybe you are considering some cutest octopus to be kept in the aquarium so that decor and the appearance enhance more.

Octopus can add extra colors to your aquarium and can also get easily along with other fishes and shrimps. Talking about Octopus, nothing can be better than a cute octopus sharing its life with other aquatic creatures in this article,

I am going to give you an idea about the 9 cutest Octopus that can be kept as a pet. Most of them are so tiny in size that anybody can get is attracted to them.

In this guide, I am going to give you an Idea and some space of information about some beautiful and cutest octopus that totally deserves to be mentioned in the list.

The cutest Octopus Species:

  • Dumbo octopus
  • Octopus Vulgaris
  • Octopus Wolfi
  • Opistoteuthis adorabilis
  • Octopus Bimaculoides
  • The Male Blanket Octopus
  • Atlantic Pygmy Octopus
  • Blue-ringed Octopus
  • Mimic Octopus

Dumbo octopus ( Cutest Octopus #1 )

Dumbo Octopus comes in the first position on our cutest Octopus list because they are the most lively Disney creature in today’s world. They are also known as the world’s most cutest Octopus because of their charming nature.

They can be found all over the world and loves to live at extreme depth in oceans. They feed on small worms, snails, fish, and other animals. In one word they love to hunt from the ocean floor and can easily get anxious if they feel threatened or as soon as human approaches toward its, they propel themselves by flapping their strong fins/tentacles.

They are the smaller size of Octopus species and you can find dozen of them at the extreme depth of oceans up to 30000 feet below the surface.

If you wanna add a special color to your aquarium then you must consider a dumbo octopus as it can add excitement aquarium

The average lifespan of dumbo Octopus is around 3 years to 5 years and they are one of the rarest of the Octopus spacious. Even they can be found all over the world, it is very difficult to catch them.

Dumbo Octopus got its name after its resemblance to the title character of Disney’s film dumbo which was released in 1941.

Most of the Octopus live at the depth of 7000 meters below sea level. Dumbo lives in the deepest of any known octopus. That is why we have listed them in our cutest octopus species list.

Octopus Vulgaris ( Cutest Octopus #2 )

Check out the video, you may think that they are the largest species of octopus but it’s the opposite. Actually, they are one of the small-sized Octopuses that you can find in the present world.

These species have been distributed all over the world and you can find them in every ocean and sea but they are abundant in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean sea, and in Japanese water.

Octopus Vulgaris can live in subtropical tropical and temperate water. They love living at the death of a hundred-meter to 200 below sea level.

You can’t find them in the sup polar region. The length of octopus Vulgaris is around 1 foot to 3 feet including arms. They are one of the smallest species because most of the Octopus species are more than 7 feet in length.

Just like other Octopus kinds, they also have eight arms and their skin is very smooth. Octopus can be very intelligent and can learn very fast.

Most of the time, it is very difficult to find their home because they prefer to keep their home hidden so that they are protected from their predators.

Most of the time, they tend to live in a hole and prefer to protect themselves with solid objects that they can gather like stones, shells, and other things. They can easily adapt to different climates and that is why they can be found all over the world.

Octopus Wolfi ( Cutest Octopus #3 )

I am very excited to tell you about this one because they are one of the smallest octopuses in the world. Little Octopus is one of the most cutest Octopuses that you can find in the present world and we are very proud and honored to list them on our list.

They are less than one inch tall in length. They prefer to live in fairly shallow waters in the southern Pacific.

I am definitely going to recommend you to pet an octopus wolfi in your aquarium because it can add great color and exotic collection to your aquarium and can enhance its beauty, The length is less than 2.5 cm and it will be less than 1 gram.

If you really want to adopt an Octopus wolfi then you can ask or visit your local pet shop. If you can’t manage to find one then you can search it online on the PetSmart pet stores.

Apart from that, it is recommended to adopt them in numbers because you would love them to see in groups. Look at the video and see how small they are among the hundred species of octopus species, they are the smallest ones.

Expect them to come in a variety of sizes but most of the time its length is always less than 2.5 centimeters. They can easily get along with other fishes and shrimps. They can also make good companionship. Let’s move to the 4th one

Opistoteuthis adorabilis ( Cutest Octopus #4 )

Make sure you check the video now. don’t think I need to explain to you why they are listed in our cutest octopus species list. These species of octopus have been recently discovered and need a cute name.

Yeah, I think that too, it looks like a Pacman ghost. They feature little tentacles and comes in bright pink color, dress super scuzzy, and almost look similar to Pacman ghost.

The person who introduced us to this cute Octopus is postdoctoral researcher Stephanie Bosch of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

Due to her work, the authority decided to give her the right in which she can name the species after knowing, Bush decided to name them as opisthoteuthis adorabilis. As soon as she named them, its name seems like to get stick with this species.

However, it is possible to pet a dog to the bus like this because it is very rare to find one full stop apart from that it has not been disclosed from where there have been originated.

But, as soon as this species Court introduced to the world, the demand for this species as a pet has been increased like forest fire if you want to keep them as a pet then you may have to wait for some more years till the official announcement made.

Octopus Bimaculoides ( Cutest Octopus #5 )

They’re also known as California two spot Octopus and they are simply called the very popular species that inhabit too many parts of the Pacific Ocean, you can find them in the coast of California.

You can identify these species by the circular blue eyespot. They have a lifespan is around 2 years. They’re also one of the small-size Octopuses that you can find nowadays and comes in a size of 17.5 CM / 7 inches with arms. Octopus bimaculoides also come in several colors like grey with yellow spots.

They feed on small crabs, shrimps, mussels, Clans, and small fish. They got its name for the false eyes that situate under each real eye. When you see Octopus Bimaculoides you can get easily confused about their eyes from far, it looks like they have four eyes.

The Male Blanket Octopus ( Cutest Octopus #6 )

They’re also known as pilot blanket Octopus. They are known as blanket Octopus because they are very large octopus that is found worldwide.

Males of this species are very small and we are talking about the male species because that would be ideal for an aquarium. The male ones often reach only 5% to 10% of the female size.

Fun Facts: Female octopuses can carry more than 1 lakh to 150000 eggs in their litter.

In this list, we are talking about the male ones because they make good pets. After all, you can’t even imagine keeping the female ones for sure. Male ones are also known very beautiful, see the pictures and you can easily guess why they can add an exotic collection to your aquarium.

The Male Blanket Octopus lives in the Atlantic and Indo Pacific oceans. They are a very living creature that prefers tropical and temperate climatic seas.

Talking about their appearance, their four tentacles are mean for ventral arms darkness. The Male Blanket Octopus body comes with silvery sides and has a dark blue/purple dorsal surface, check out the video to recognize them properly.

Apart from that, you may find difficulties in finding the Male Blanket Octopus in a local pet shop because they are not available in the aquarium trade.

Apart from that, if you really want to keep them or pets in your aquarium then you may also have to import one from another state or another country.

Atlantic Pygmy Octopus ( Cutest Octopus #7 )

Atlantic Pygmy Octopus is also known as small octopus species in the order of dwarf octopus. Apart from that, they are also known as the smallest Caribbean Pygmy Octopus.

Atlantic Pygmy Octopus comes with a length of 1.8 inches to 3.5 inches. Atlantic Pygmy Octopus are Mostly found in the Atlantic Ocean especially in the waters of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.

They come in red or orange color and have 8 tentacles like other octopuses. Young can also appear yellow and they are also capable of becoming dark or light, and can also change shape in order to protect themselves from predators.

They prefer to live in warm temperate water to tropical waters of the Atlantic ocean. You can find them in temperature from 15 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius.

If we talk about the breeding part of the Atlantic Pygmy octopus, in captivity they can survive only in more than a 100-gallon tank. They reach their sexual maturity very early.

Talking about their diet, just like all other Octopus species, they are also carnivorous and feed on hard shells of small Clans, small fishes, small grapes, worms, and other creatures.

Talking about their behavior, they are love social interaction especially when they are kept in high density.

Apart from that, they can also feel safe and happy where there are others and prefer to share spaces. In one word, they are not territorial and always look for companions. You may find them fighting with other species but you can’t see them fighting them with each other.

Blue-ringed Octopus ( Cutest Octopus #8 )

Before we tell you why we have listed them in our cutest Octopus list, you must know that they are one of the 4 highly venomous Octopus species that are found in Coral waves and Tides. Apart from that. they can also be found in the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean from Japan to Australia.

You can identify them by their yellowish skin color and have black and blue rings on the body. Even, they are one of the most venomous marine animals you can keep them as a pet but not with other fish or creatures.

Apart from that, they are also very territorial and powerful marine octopus they can also be very fatal to a human. You must avoid handling. their venom contains powerful neurotoxins and humans can easily die if they are bitten by them.

Experts don’t recommend them to keep them as a pet but we have listed them in our cutest Octopus least in terms of their small size and special appearance.

We are again repeating that they are not interested or we are not recommended to keep them as a pet nonstop they deserve their place in the cutest Octopus list because of a small size feature and appearance.

Mimic Octopus ( Cutest Octopus #9 )

They are one of the most impressive species of octopus. They love to stick with Rock and you can find them in Coral areas. Mini octopus is capable of impersonating other local species.

They have the ability to change their skin color and their appearance with their environment.

You may wonder why we have listed them in our cutest Octopus list then the reason behind that is we needed one more Octopus species that can make our list complete and we don’t have anything special to say about this one even we don’t find damn cute.

But you can keep them and put them in your aquarium. They are also famous as human food in China. They love to feed on small crabs, small fish, worms, and other small marine creatures. They prefer living in the river mouths.

The most interesting fact about them is if they are bitten by a poisonous fish they can tolerate it, which makes them free from most of the predators.

This Mimic Octopus is the first known Octopus species that can mimic more than one species. They have a special ability and quality to mimic and you can also say that this is the reason why we have listed them in our cutest Octopus list. Only for their great intelligence level, they got the position on our list.

Final thoughts

I hope you liked Our Post cutest octopus and you would definitely share this one because it was very difficult to write this post as there is very little information available on the Internet about most of these species.

There are only a few species of cute octopus that you can keep as a pet and make sure that you choose the right one because not all of them can make good companionship with other aquatic animals.

Apart from that, if you ask what is our favorite Octopus then we would recommend you to adopt an Octopus wolfi and adorable. They both are very small-sized Octopus and look very cute. I think they can make amazing pets and can enhance your aquarium Duty for sure.

Apart from that, I hope that you will also check our other post till then take care and goodbye