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7 Tips To Fatten Up A Bearded Dragon

7 Tips To Fatten Up A Bearded Dragon

The bearded dragons look and feel better when they are healthy and fat. There can be main reasons why your bearded dragons might be too skinny or lose weight. This article will discuss how to fatten up a bearded dragon.

Never focus only on importance because overall health is a more important aspect. It would help if you made your goal towards promoting this strength and the growth of your bearded dragon rather than making it overweight.

If your bearded dragon tail is thin, there can be many reasons. Therefore other tips mentioned in this article will help you make your bearded dragon grow faster and bigger. Let’s discuss how to fatten up a bearded dragon.

How To Fatten Up A Bearded Dragon?

how to fatten up a bearded dragon
how to fatten up a bearded dragon

It’s really easy to fatten up a bearded dragon if you know the things required to change or improve. You can help your beardies put some weight on, including feeding them certain insects high in fat, varying diet, using supplements, setting up the right temperature, and improving the environment.

Beardies do best when they have a certain amount of fat stored in their tail for their body to use in the absence of food. Therefore, it’s not just about fattening up your bearded dragon, but it’s also about ensuring their health at the same time.

As a responsible owner, you can do many things to help bearded dragons gain weight and grow faster. Let’s talk about seven tips on fatting up a bearded dragon.

Varying Diet

One of the easy ways to start fattening up your bearded dragon is by varying your diet. If you will be their strength and maintain it while getting fatten up, add a variety of insects and diversify it with various nutrients they need to be healthy.

Some healthy insects that you should look at feeding your bearded dragon servings are cricket, hormone, mealworms, and silkworms. These are very efficient in providing much-needed nutrients and proteins to a bearded dragon to put on some healthy weight.

Adding The Fatty Insects

You can consider adding some fatty insects, even if it offers little nutritional value. The higher fat content insects shouldn’t be in your bearded dragon’s regular servings. Insects like butterwort, waxworm, and superworm are super high in content, and I would advise you always to treat your bearded dragon with these fatty insects.

Adding Nutritional Value

Add some nutritional value to their serving. Adding some nutrition value to the insects or on their serving will help your bearded dragon get a well-rounded diet with nutrients they might be lacking but need. This can be done by using some supplements or gut loading the insects.

Supplementing bearded dragon daily serving is not only a good idea but also a definite must. Make sure to add some healthy supplements for beardies to gain some weight. Depending upon the age and need of your beardies, the accessories should be used and tracked.

Check The Environment

Being a cold-blooded reptile, the bearded dragon requires a temperature of around 92-93° F in the warmer end and 74° F in the cooler end. They need a certain level of temperature to maintain their body functions normally. Without proper temperature, they won’t be able to digest food properly, which can cause them to have a lack of appetite, weight loss, and constipation.

Eliminate Stress

If your bearded dragon is feeling stressed, it can significantly lose weight or appetite. If you want to fatten up your bearded dragon, make sure to help them be stress-free to gain weight and grow. Whenever you are looking to fatten your beardies, work on eliminating the stress in your pet’s life.

This becomes significantly more important if a young bearded dragon needs to have its pressure reduced. Most times, handling Your bearded dragon top much causes them to feel distressed, and you should avoid overhandling because it can be why he might be feeling stressed. Managing a bearded dragon once or twice a week is a good idea in the first 3-to 4 months of your pet’s life.

Another thing that can be a source of stress includes other animals being present in the room or a dirty environment. An incorrect temperature or unfamiliar noise can also be why you are a bearded dragon who might feel stressed. Make sure to pay close attention to their signals and body language.

Interesting Further Reading

Establish And Maintain A Feeding Schedule

It’s important to not only establish but maintain a good feeding schedule. If you are trying to get your dragon to gain weight, it’s crucial to maintain the feeding schedule. The feeling frequency and the dietary needs will change as your pet matures from a juvenile to an adult.

Do you know that hatchlings need to be fed every single day? This is the time when beardies grow rapidly and need food every day. If you have Beardies that are still growing, maintain their regular food. To have a bearded dragon gain some extra weight or fat to their bodies, make sure to have short periods of regular feeding of fatty worms.


It is important to supplement their food. Increasing a Baby Dragon will help them get some extra nutrients they need to grow rapidly and put on some fat. Calcium supplements are more significant to make your bearded dragon absorb calcium properly, help them digest food, strengthen bone, and perform bodily activities. But, avoid sprinkling too many supplements on your bearded dragon serving.

Dusting the food with calcium too often can also cause the coating of the digestive tract leading to problems with the absorption of other vitamins. For multivitamins, you can choose a RepCal multivitamin supplement, and for pure calcium, a good product is ReptiCalcium w/o vitamin D3.


You have all the ideas on how to fatten up a bearded Dragon to work on. Apart from making a bearded dragon gain some fat, focus on strengthening their bones, helping them achieve healthy shedding, and get the nutritious food they need to maintain their daily body function.

If you find this article helpful, then consider sharing it with others to help them gain some weight. Check out other posts on beardies care because ensuring their health also means being prepared for everything you may encounter while having a Bearded Dragon as a companion in your life.

Having a bearded pet dragon is always a long-time commitment that you should make after doing proper research and only if you feel confident.