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3 Great Things About Crested Gecko Personality

3 Great Things About Crested Gecko Personality

Understanding the character of the Crested gecko is an integral part of the ownership of a pet. If you’ve never owned the pleasure of a Crestie as a pet, you may be wondering what Crested geckos resemble.

In the following article, we’ll examine the traits of Crested geckos, how they coexist with small children and other pets, and whether males and females differ in their behavior. We’ll also look at whether Crested geckos are appropriate pets for pet owners who are new to animals. Read on & learn All About Crested Gecko Personality.

5 Crested Gecko Personality & Behavior Explained

5 crested geckos behavior explained
5 All About Crested Gecko Personality & behavior explained

Color Changes

Changes in color may occur gradually when your Crested gecko grows larger. If a sudden or short shift in color is noticed and the cause is unclear, it may be related to illness, stress, or perhaps emotion.

The color of your cresties can change or become darker when you’re anxious or upset. If your skin’s color becomes lighter, it could be because of an open shed. The cresties may be darker when they sport a big predator.

Most Crested geckos can alter their color and become darker upon being taken by their veterinarian when they’re not familiar with traveling (keep the Crestie warm while you take your pet to the vet) or handled.

Glass Surfing

It is a bizarre behavior Crested geckos exhibit when they are bored or stressed. They are known to jog through their surroundings, rest on their hinds, and attempt to climb over the wall.

It’s hilarious, and you could think your Crestie could be playing or observing reflections on the glass. However, it’s only to have fun. If your Crestie is glass surfing, it could require a bigger cage, more time outside the enclosure, or even something different than stressing it out with pets looking at it or losing their cage companion.

Glass surfing is unusual behavior. Some people may injure themselves if they rub their feet, bellies, and faces on the glass in a series of rubbings.


Female Crested geckos naturally dig a hole when they’re trying lay eggs. Cresties shield their eggs from being incubated and protect them safe from predators in the wild. In captives, they’re not worried about predators.

However, most Crested gecko breeders take eggs after they’ve been laid and incubate them under temperature-controlled conditions in incubators. Suppose you find that your Crestie digs; make sure you have the suitable substrate for the gecko to lay eggs.

Ensure you’re providing enough calcium in the diet and carefully watch the amount of food consumed and activity levels. Many Crested geckos are egg-bound and require assistance or surgery to remove the eggs and follicles in their bodies.

The Wave

Both genders use arm waving to show acceptance. Young Crested geckos use an extended “wave” using an arm. Your young Crestie may do this when it sees you getting near it, especially when it is scared to be around another person. However, they usually show this behavior towards older Crested geckos they’re not familiar with.

The Bob the Head Bob

If Crested geckos believe that they’re in control of something or other, they might be able to move their heads. This is precisely what it sounds like, and they move their heads as if they were saying “yes.” The dominant Cresties may do the same thing to their younger counterparts. Younger Crested geckos can achieve “the waves,” while the dominant or more mature Crestie might be in a position to “head to bob.”

Do crested geckos show affection?

do crested geckos show affection
All About Crested Gecko Personality: do crested geckos show affection?

Crested Gecko Personality: Crested geckos are among the few reptile that exhibit affection. They can warm their owners and wait for their return. In addition, their positive behavior in the presence of people they cherish indicates their affectionate nature.

One thing that stands out about Crested geckos is their speed when expressing affection. For instance, the moment we began feeding our new member of our family, the Crested gecko instantly connected our visit to her house to indicate that she was fed.

Within a few seconds, she started showing signs of love and warmth toward us in a short time. This isn’t the norm for all species, not just Cresties mostly; they do not exhibit signs of affection or require a long time to establish bonds. As we’ve observed with other Crested geckos, it was evident that the speed at which a bond was found with her owner was a tidal wave.

Interesting Further Reading

Do Crested geckos have a relationship with their owners?

Crested geckos can identify their owners primarily because they’re caretaker & food sources. While they are generally gentle, they develop preferences for particular people and feel more relaxed and safe when taken correctly and cared for.

Crested Gecko Personality: In most cases, Crested geckos are solitary and feel at ease when left alone for a prolonged time. This is why it’s vital that they are kept in a different area and away from other males because they are highly aggressive and competitive with males.

But this does not mean they can’t make lovely pets. They’re the exact opposite. Crested geckos possess a distinct sense of smell. And similar to other Cresties are, they have a scent that comes from their tongues and even licking! This is a way to detect danger, find food, and smell the food before eating.

This is done by using Jacobsen’s Organ, connected directly to their mouth. If you’ve a Crestie, You may be able to see the tongues of their mouth sticking out over time. It could be because they’re taking a sniff (or scent) around their area. Be sure to ensure that the environment is safe and looking when eating.

The smell suggests that you may notice changes in your Crested gecko’s behavior when exposed to solid or distinctive scents, such as perfume. While taking charge of your Crestie pet, you may observe that there are times when they may be licking your face too. It could be the Crested gecko getting acquainted with your scent and perhaps trying to prove that you’re not something to be consumed!

Are crested geckos suitable pets?

I’ve been asked many times, with the response being “Yes.” There are many aspects to the Crested gecko’s life, habits, and general lifestyle, making them easy to care for as you begin your journey. However, there are some negatives, specifically when compared to other less-experienced Cresties.

One of the main reasons people recommend Crested geckos to novices is that they’re among the few Cresties that are diurnal, and they’re active all day and can be easily handled and fed in the summer sun. Contrary to this, Hognose snakes and various reptiles typically rest during the night and are likely to spend most of the time relaxing.

Do crested geckos like to cuddle?

Crested Gecko Personality: Every Crestie has its distinct personality. So, every Crestie will show how they “love” in a different way. Certain Cresties will rest on the owner’s legs as they lie on the ground or their sofa, with their shoulders while looking alert and attentive.

Crested geckos that love and are respectful of their owners are likely to enjoy moments of sitting on their owners’ laps as they play in the dirt, watching or taking part in other activities that the Crestie can comfortably safely lay on their humans.

This means Crested geckos aren’t as friendly as dogs or cats that frequently rest on their owners’ laps, beds, or couches. But they love spending time with people they can trust. Please find out more about ways to be with your Crested gecko, and show them that you genuinely appreciate them.