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What Can Syrian Hamsters Eat? [Safe Food list]

What Can Syrian Hamsters Eat? [Safe Food list]

The Syrian hamster is an omnivorous pet that also loves to eat fruits and vegetables. Are all fruits and veggies good for them? Few fruits and vegetables can cause stomach upsets. Some may even poison your hamster. It raises the serious question – what can Syrian hamsters eat and what can’t. These adorable little hamsters can eat almost any food, but not all human foods are suitable for them.

Wild hamsters can eat any seed, grain, grass, or bug available in the wild. Sryrian hamsters, are all-omnivores. This means they can eat meat and vegetables in the same way as humans. You can consider their diet similar to wild Syrian hamsters since we are talking about their domesticated diet.

A pelleted hamster food mix should be suitable for Syrian hamsters. You want one that contains organic nutrients and is free of preservatives or artificial colour.

This article will help aware of what Syrian hamsters should and shouldn’t and how to give them the best possible diet.

You can feed them fruits and vegetables as treats. Their diet should consist mainly of pelleted hamster food. It would help if you did not provide your hamster with more than the recommended amount. Your pet hamster shouldn’t be overfed.

Their cheeks will look full while eating. They don’t eat everything that is in their mouths. They hide food under their beds to eat in the future. However, when their mouth is complete, they look cute. Do you know the 9 Cutest Hamster Breed In The World?

What Can Syrian Hamsters Eat?

There are varieties of food specially formulated for Hamsters, but each hamster has a different metabolism and appetite. It is crucial to acquire knowledge and monitor what they eat. You don’t want to overfeed them.

According to many veterinarians, Syrian Hamsters should be fed a diet of about 1/8 of pelleted Hamster food daily. 

There are varieties of foods perfect for Syrian Hamsters, but the best one that I found to be healthy and tasty is a wild harvest nutrient-based diet for hamsters and gerbils. It comes in two different sizes 2 LBS and 4.5 lbs.

It also comes into another variety which includes a nutrition-based diet and an advanced nutrition-based diet. 

It comes from a very well-known reputed brand, “Wild Harvest”, managed by Sainsbury. It is perfect for all breeds and sizes, especially for Syrian Hamsters.

The ingredients used to prepare the foods are whole corn, wheat middlings, milo, heat-processed soybean, white millets, and many more.

It contains only grains and seeds and fruits and vegetables to provide the balanced variety of nutrients your small Fury friend needs with the great taste they will love. You need to feed your Fury hamster 1 to 2 tbsp of this food per day.

What Fruits Can Syrian Hamster Eat?

What Fruits Can Syrian Hamster Eat?
What Fruits Can Syrian Hamster Eat?

There are varieties of fruits that you can feed your Syrian hamster, and here is the list.

  1. Pear – Pears are thought to be healthy and digestible for hamsters. If you want to provide a luscious dessert to your Syrian hamster, then a ripe pear will be versatile. They also make a great addition to the salad. Remember to feed pear only in small amounts and not every day. Pears are ok only when they are provided to hamsters occasionally in a small amount.
  2. Although many hamsters don’t like to eat it, it is still healthy and safe for Syrian hamsters. Actually, due to the requirement of high fibre for their digestive motility, you can add a selection of grass hay that includes alfalfa as legume hay containing higher protein content and calcium level.
  3. Apple – Apart from the dry palettes, you can feed Apple to your Syrian hamster in a small quantity as a treat.
  4. Apricot – Dried Apricot and its stone/seed should be avoided. The pulp of apricot is healthy for Syrian Hamsters.
  5. Blueberry – Portion control is very vital, but Hamsters can eat blueberries. Always remember to feed a small number of blueberries to your Syrian hamster because of its high sugar content.
  6. Cherries – Before you see it to your hamster, it is vital to remove its pit. Always avoid feeding the stones of the cherries.
  7. Blackberry – All breeds, including Syrian Hamsters, can eat Blackberry as a sweet yet fruit in a small quantity. Most Hamsters enjoy eating BlackBerry.
  8. Banana – You can feed bananas to your Syrian hamster in moderation. Occasionally, to treat your hamster, banana in a small quantity or a couple of tiny cubes of it said to be healthy.
  9. Avocado – Avocado seems to be non-toxic to animals, including Hamsters. Technically speaking, you can feed avocado in a small amount to the Syrian hamster. However, I would recommend you to avoid feeding avocado because it is a calorie-dense diet, and you may end up overfeeding your furry friend. It can also cause obesity in your Syrian hamster.
  10. Coconut – Coconut contains a lot of health benefits, and it is always healthy for Hamsters. It will also help your Hamsters to fight off diseases and allergies.
  11. Cranberry – Syrian Hamsters, including Robots Hamsters, can eat Cranberries. It is a very delicious and sweet fruit for them as well.
  12. Dates – It is safe to feed your Syrian hamster on an infrequent event to feed a small amount of data.
  13. Mango – Most of the living beings who can eat mangoes love the taste of it. Hamsters, including Syrian ones, love eating mango. So, there is no reason to keep this tasty fruit from your Hamster reach.
  14. Papaya – Papaya is thought to be healthy for Hamsters. Fortunately, they got a very Cooperative digestive system helping them in digesting papaya in minimal quantity. It would help if you only fed them in small pieces as well as in amount.
  15. Peach: Yes, Syrian Hamsters can eat and digest peaches as well. Remember not to feed the seed or the stone of the beauty.

What Vegetables Can Syrian Hamsters Eat

What Vegetables Can Syrian Hamsters Eat
What Vegetables Can Syrian Hamsters Eat

Numbers of vegetables, including eggplants, are healthy for Syrian Hamsters.

  1. EggPlant – The eggplants contain a mild amount of calcium, fat with little Phosphorus and acidic content with sugar. It is healthy for Syrian Hamsters to eat it on an occasional basis.
  2. Spinach – spinach leaves are thought to be a suitable snack or a treat for Hamsters. They are essential things penchant for fresh vegetables.
  3. Sage – Herbs like sage is healthy and can be eaten in a small amount by a Syrian Hamster occasionally.
  4. Runner Beans – Yes, runner beans are healthy in a small amount for Syrian hamsters sometimes. However, it is a terrific addition to their regular diet. So avoid it if possible.
  5. Potato – You can feed regular potato, sweet potato, as well as cooked potato to your Syrian hamsters without any concern but in moderation. Always provide it in a small quantity.
  6. Green Beans – Green beans are thought to be a poor addition to their daily diet but, you can offer them sometimes. Hence, it is not a great substitute.
  7. Cabbage – Cabbage is an excellent addition to the regular diet as well. Hamsters can eat leafy Greens, including dandelions and clover.
  8. Brocolli – Broccoli in a small quantity for a Syrian hamster is good. Cooked or boiled broccoli will always be better than the raw form.
  9. Brussels sprouts – It is healthy when they are fresh. It would help if you offered only fresh Brussel sprouts without any additives in a. Raw Brussels sprouts are better than the cooked ones.
  10. Cauliflower – Offer a leaf of a cauliflower no more significant than your Syrian hamster’s head. They will probably love the taste and the flavour of the cauliflower leaves.
  11. Bean Sprouts – Bean sprouts are delicious to Hamsters, and your Syrian hamster will love them. Just assure you are feeding the right amount ad not daily.

What Fruits And Vegetables Are Bad For Hamsters

What Fruits And Vegetables Are Bad For Hamsters
What Fruits And Vegetables Are Bad For Hamsters

What Fruits And Vegetables Are Bad For Hamsters

  1. Cayenne – The spicy component alone in cayenne could cause death to Syrian hamsters.
  2. Citrus Fruits – citrus fruits can be very acidic for the Syrian hamster. Your furry friend can experience diarrhoea and stomach distress from citrus fruits like oranges or kiwi.
  3. Chili – Syrian Hamsters, are allergic to spicy foods and will become sick if they are exposed. Chilli is not recommended for hamsters.
  4. Garlic – Garlic may cause indigestion or blood disorders in moderate quantities to Syrian Hamsters.
  5. Kidney Beans – Kidney beans can cause diarrhoea. Kidney Beans can be toxic to hamsters. Do not give to your hamsters!
  6. Leek – Hamsters can be poisoned by onion or Leek.
  7. Onion – Onions are rich in antioxidants and nutrients, which can be beneficial to humans. However, they are not safe for Syrian hamsters.
  8. Rhubarb Leaves – Rhubarb is delicate for hamsters in small quantities, but not its leaves.
  9. Spring Onion – Spring Onion can be too overwhelming for hamsters and should not be used as food.
  10. Tomato – The acidity in tomatoes can make your hamster sick

Other Popular Safe Foods & Treats For Syrian Hamsters

Other Popular Safe Foods & Treats For Syrian Hamsters
Other Popular Safe Foods & Treats For Syrian Hamsters
  1. Baby Food – Baby Food can be eaten as long as it does not contain onions or garlic
  2. Brazil Nuts – Brazil nuts are healthy when it is fed 1 Brazil nut every 1-2 weeks
  3. Cat Biscuits are safe enough for your Syrian hamster to have one or two pieces each week of cat kibble.
  4. Corn flakes – Syrian Hamsters will eat small quantities if they are frosted or don’t have any added flavours. They can eat plain cornflakes, and they won’t do any harm.
  5. Low-fat cheese – Although it may not be healthy for your Syrian Hamster, Cheese should be safe for him to consume. Syrian hamsters are susceptible to obesity, and cheese is high-fat.
  6. Eggs – This is the best way to meet their protein needs. He can have a piece of hard-boiled eggs twice per week.
  7. Fish (cooked) – The omnivore Hamster is perfectly capable of digesting fish and getting nutrients from it.
  8. Pasta – Both raw and cooked pasta is perfectly safe for hamsters.
  9. Peanuts (monkey nuts).
  10. Prunes – Only sure hamsters, including Syrian hamsters, can eat prunes in moderation.
  11. Wholemeal Bread – Wholemeal Bread is high in carbs but low in nutrients. They can be fed occasionally.

Can hamsters eat Almonds?

The Syrian hamster is fond of nuts and seeds. Your hamster will be fine with sweet almonds, but you should avoid bitter and salted ones. 

Almonds are great for hamsters as snacks only and should never be considered anything else.

Can hamsters eat chicken?

Hamsters love meat. It is both a portion of nutritious food and a great source of protein. In the Wild, Syrian hamsters usually eat insects.

You can feed hamsters cooked chicken and beef. Insects like live crickets, dried crickets, or mealworms can also be fed alternatives to chicken.

Hamsters can also be fed cooked meats if your furry friend is poor at handling insects.

Can hamsters eat chocolate?

Dark chocolate, incredibly dark chocolate, is toxic to hamsters because it contains theobromine.


Varieties of fruits and vegetables are suitable for Syrian hamsters but only in moderation. Most owners overfeed their hamsters, causing health issues.

Make sure to do your proper research. Monitor your Syrian Hamster health once a month and try visiting the vet for occasional tests.