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Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix: A Complete Guide (With Pictures)

Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix: A Complete Guide (With Pictures)
Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix
Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix

Rottweilers were one of the earliest police dogs that served with honor in the military. On the other hand, Pomeranian the most lovable fluffy lapdog that is popular in families.

When we think about adopting a huggable and fluffy watchdog, the hybrid Rottweiler Pomeranian mix comes first in our minds. They can make great pets and can easily get along with kids and human family members.

What Is The Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix?

Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix
Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix

Rottweiler Pomeranian mix is a crossbreed between Rottweiler and Pomeranian that were originally bred in the United States. They come with small stature and a thick fluffy coat that can have either short hair or medium-sized hair on it. They come with some genetic health issues that they inherit from both parents Genetics but it doesn’t make them less cute and popular.

A very loyal, friendly, and affectionate. They can be a perfect fit for families with children.

In this guide, I am going to give you some space of information about the Rottweiler Pomeranian mix as a pet and along with that, you will get to know about the history, temperament, training requirement, routine dietary system, and grooming needs.

If you have any questions regarding the Rottweiler Pomeranian mix, you can get the answer from this guide. If you don’t find your answer in this Rottweiler Pomeranian mix guide, you can comment below and I will give you a proper answer to that question.

Now, coming to that. Again, Rottweiler Pomeranian can be very loyal toward their owner and their family member but one of them pretends to be arrogant and bossy sometimes. Yes, we are talking about Pomeranians., who tend to be arrogant sometimes with their family members and owners. But, with proper training, you can make them behave mannered.

But before we talk about their training session requirement for their grooming needs, let’s take a look at their physical appearance.

Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix Physical Appearance


Before we know about the Rottweiler Pomeranian mix coat, I am going to give you some information about its both parent’s coat. Rottweiler comes with a single Coat that has medium-sized or short hair. On the other hand, Pomeranian comes with medium size hairs on their coat.

Pomeranian comes with a double coat that sheds once or twice a year. So, Rottweiler Pomeranian mix going to develop that thick white coat like their parent Pomeranian or ‘like Rottweiler.

Their coat can have either short hair like Rottweiler or long/medium-sized hair like Pomeranian. Each of the Rottweiler Pomeranian mix puppies is going to be different from one another as it totally depends upon what and how much they inherit from each of their parents.


Pomeranian is small-sized dogs while on the other hand Rottweiler also tends to be medium-small size dogs. So, the Rottweiler Pomeranian mix is also going to be a small size dog. They are more likely to come with small stature and appealing coat.


Before we talk about Rottweiler Pomeranian mix color, let me tell you that Rottweiler comes in black and tan color or black and mahogany color. On the other side, Pomeranian comes in white color, brown color, or tan color.

So, the puppy of a rottweiler Pomeranian mix is going to be in either black color or in white color that can have tan Shades in it.

Now after knowing their physical appearance let’s talk about their weight, height, and lifespan.

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Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix Weight, Height, And Lifespan.

Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix
Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix

It is almost impossible to predict or to know the exact height size, weight, and lifespan of the Kishan Pomeranian mix puppy but after taking a quick look at its parent, we can guess what we can expect from its crossbreed. Let’s know about that.

Rottweiler weight: 110 pounds to 132 lbs
Pomeranian weight: 8 Pounds to 12 pounds.
Rottweiler Pomeranian mix weight: 7 pounds to 235 lbs.

Rottweiler height: 12 inches to 27 inches tall at the shoulder
Pomeranian height: 7 inches to 12 inches tall at the shoulder
Rottweiler Pomeranian mix height: 8 inches to 15 inches tall at the shoulder.

The lifespan of Rottweiler: 8 years to 10 years
The lifespan of Pomeranian: 12 years to 15 years
The lifespan of the Rottweiler Pomeranian mix: is 11 years to 13 years on average.

Now, after knowing their size, height, weight, lifespan, and physical appearance, we are going to discuss some of its temperament and behavioral issues.

Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix Temperament

Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix
Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix

Before we talk about their temperament, we are going to discuss its parent temperament. Rottweilers are known as police dogs and guard dogs. They are very popular in the United States for their alert nature.

They can be very excellent Watchdog and can also be very protective of their owner and family members. On the other hand, Pomeranian can also make good watchdog but Pomeranian comes with some behavioral issues. Now after knowing their parent’s behavior and temperament, let’s know about the crossbreed.

The Rottweiler Pomeranian mix is going to be an excellent Watchdog and no doubts that they can make a great pet to them Who needs a Watchdog urgently in their residential.

Apart from that, they can easily get along with children’s but it is expected to not get along with strangers. They are not going to be good with strangers and if a relative approaches at your door, you might expect to hear some barks and aggressive nature’s.

However, they can also behave well mannered in front of relative but early socialization is mandatory to make them show. They can also get along with other animals especially with those they have been raised alongside. Remember, they have the potential to bite a stranger if they feel threatened or provoked.

Apart from that, every single hybrid that has been bred until now comes with some unique physical as well as behavioral traits.

Actually, it totally depends upon what they inherit from each of their parents and how much. But on the good side, they are known for their loyalty and charming personality. They can also be a good lapdogs and a Watchdog if they are trained properly.

There is also a downside to having a designer dog in your home. When you have a rottweiler Pomeranian mix, you may have to be very careful because a mix like this one requires proper care and attention to survive. They don’t do well when they are left alone on their own for too long.

They need proper interaction with their owners and family members. If they feel ignored or left alone for too long, they can easily get depressed and can also start being destructive at home.

They can also start chewing on your belongings if they feel ignored. They only do this to alert you or to give you some kind of notion that they are feeling ignored for too long and they need proper interaction with you. Apart from that, it is also mandatory to keep them in low energy. They are very energetic dogs.

Exercise And Training Requirements Of Pomeranian And Rottweiler Mix.

Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix
Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix

As I told you, they are very energetic which mean they are high-energy hybrid dogs. If you want to keep them from being destructive at home or to prevent them from jumping on and off of the furniture, You need to exercise them regularly.

You can either walk them in the evening or morning or make them participate in the training session for too long. They need extra exercise because of their high energy.

45 minutes of exercise is going to be enough for their cute little legs. Adding to that when we talk about its training requirements, it is always necessary to train them early. Early socialization is also important to make them well mannered and to behave perfectly in public.

Apart from that, it is always required to make the training session exciting and fun for your dog. You can either give them treat when they do well in the training session or you can also appreciate them by petting them.

Look, there are very furious dogs by which we mean, you need to handle them with the firm grip or they can feel threatened/provoked. It is always required to hire a proper trainer who has experience with hybrids because of hybrid behavioral traits totally different from the pure breed dogs.

Now after knowing that training and exercise requirement, let’s talk about their health issues.

Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix Health Concerns

I hope that I don’t make it sound off but if you haven’t heard it till now then it may feel sad to you because every single designer dog comes with some genetic health issues that they inherit from each of its parents Genetics.

By this, we mean that a rottweiler and Pomeranian mix also has the potential to develop some genetic health issues. Pomeranian Rottweiler mix is going to come with some genetic health issues and some of them can also be the major ones.

The most common disease that often seems to get caught with Rottweiler Pomeranian mix is cataracts and dilated cardiomyopathy. Apart from that, they are also vulnerable to small diseases like allergies for cataracts. But most of the time, it has been seen that these two are the most common.

After doing 6 hours of research we learned that Rottweiler Pomeranian mix has the potential to develop some serious health problems from their parents Genetics at some points like hyperglycemia, allergic, hip dysplasia, shedding quotes, eyesight problem, alleges, runny Eyes, dental problems, and many others.

If you really want to be on the safe side then it is mandatory to adopt a puppy from a reputable and safe breeder who offers health insurance on their designer dog puppies.

Apart from that, it is also mandatory to visit the vet more often to have the occasional testing done on their hips, skins, and elbows. This is the best way to identify and eliminate any potential health problems at the early stage before it spread aggressively.

So if you really want to be on the safe side, it is highly recommended to visit the weight for Quick Health check-up with your Rottweiler Pomeranian mix.

Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix History

There is nothing available on the Internet or anywhere about Rottweiler Pomeranian mix history but you can take a look at their parent’s history.

Both of its parents have got a brief history to look at and you can learn various think about them. But, we are not going to discuss their parent history here because we are talking about its crossbreed Rottweiler and Pomeranian mix.

However, let me tell you that the rottweiler is the most famous dog that was originally bred to drive cattle to the market. Later. they were also used to pull carts. I have told you earlier that they are also one of the earliest police dogs that served in the military.

Queen Victoria was very fond of Pomeranians and she imported a large number of Pomeranians to England from Italy. According to Wikipedia, there was a time when she had more than 35 Pomeranians in the kennel.

Apart from that, Pomeranian is two of the three dogs that survived the sinking Titanic ship. Don’t get fooled by its cuteness and small stature because there was a time when they used to be three times larger than today’s size. At that time they were used to pulling sleds and herding animals. They’re also somehow related to the wolf.

How To Take Care Of A Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix?

There are some grooming requirements when it comes to designer dogs. If you are going to adopt a design on a dog-like Rottweiler Pomeranian mix in your home then you can check out this guide in which I have shared all the details about their grooming needs.>>How to groom a Mixed Breed Dog

Apart from that, if you want to know what will be the perfect food for a rottweiler Pomeranian mix then you can check out this kind also in which I have discussed the perfect dietary routine of designer dogs.>>>What to feed a Mixed Breed Dog?

This guide is going to give you a rough idea about what you should feed your dog and what you shouldn’t. Always remember that a designer dog’s dietary needs slightly differ from the pure breed’s dietary needs.

You can check both guides to learn about their grooming, bathing, and dietary needs.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix Puppy Cost?

Rottweiler Pomeranian mix puppy can cost you around $150 to $500 depending upon the quality of the puppy, your residential location, and upon the availability of the puppy. Apart from that, the price also depends on the kind of puppy you want and if you want a puppy with a popular color combination that the price can also be more than 500 Dollars. Adopting a puppy from reputable creditors also going to cost way too much than expected.

How To Find Rottweiler Pomeranian Mix?

You can Google it and find the availability of the puppy in your location. if you can’t manage to find it on Google then you can also do a quick nearby search in your residential location to find a well-known reputable breeder. Apart from that, the last option is to import Rottweiler Pomeranian mix from another state/country. If you want, you can check out these websites where you may get your desired puppy.

These are the websites from where you can check the availability and price of the Rottweiler Pomeranian mix puppy

WebsiteLocation States) and the United States)

Final Thoughts

Look, being a designer dog, it doesn’t make a rottweiler Pomeranian mix less cute pet. It can be a great watchdog and a lapdog and can easily get along with children.

Apart from that, it is always better to keep them healthy all the time. They are vulnerable to some genetic health issues. Some of them can be the minor ones while some of them can be major ones.

Adding to that, early socialization is mandatory and if you want to teach them how to perform tricks then make sure you train them early.

If you are still confused about whether you should adopt a rottweiler Pomeranian mix or not then you can also check our other reviewed and detailed guide on the Pomeranian mix. We have discussed more than 20 Pomeranian mixes on our website.

You can check those and make sure that you share this post as it is going to encourage us to write more about them for you. If you have any questions that have been left unanswered then make sure you comment below.

If we find the comment legit then we are going to answer your question and along with your question and the answer is going to be featured on our website.