Bully Sticks vs Rawhide: Which Is Better?

Bully sticks and Rawhide are natural treats for dogs. Bully sticks are made up of steer or bull penises. And Rawhide is made up of cattle or pork skin. So when I say natural treat – it means they are made of animal parts. And they do not contain artificial flavoring or preservatives. However, lots […]

7 Foods You Should Add to Increase the Health of Your Goldendoodle

As a proud owner of a Goldendoodle, are you wondering what to feed your dog? Do you want to know which type of food can improve his health? Well, there are numerous foods you can feed your pooch, and there are others that are off-limits, especially if you want your dog to enjoy a healthy […]

Vaccination Guidelines For Dogs – A Complete Guide

Speaking of injections and medicine for dogs, it always has always been an unpleasant topic. However, vaccinations can help dogs prevent certain diseases in advance, and they are indeed a good choice for owners to ensure their dogs’ health. The vaccines that puppies need to inject and the vaccinations they receive regularly are their health […]

Giant Schnauzer Lab Mix: Cost, pictures, care & many more

Having a Giant Schnauzer Lab Mix in your home can be fun and exciting for you but there are a lot of things that you need to consider before adopting any kind of mutt because it can really affect your lifestyle as well as can change the whole environment around your family. There are lots […]

Are Rattlesnakes Poisonous? How Poisonous Are They?

Are you considering to pet a Rattlesnake in your home? If you are then it is very important to consult a professional before you do this. You should never adopt a Rattlesnake as a pet if you don’t have enough knowledge of the species and have adequate space. Apart from that, it is also very […]

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