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Mazuri Bird Food vs Zupreem: REVIEWED

Mazuri Bird Food vs Zupreem: REVIEWED

Different birds enjoy different types of seed and food mixes. While in the wild, birds have a buffet of options to meet all their nutritional requirements- this includes seeds, fruits, insects, flowers, and nuts.

However, at home, your birds solely rely on what you offer them and it is important that you provide a balanced and wholesome feed at all times. If your avian friend is on a poor diet, they may not live to their full life span and they are at high risk of disease that consequently affects the quality of their life.

With so many brands making bird feeds you may be wondering which brand makes the best feeds, In this article, we compare Mazuri bird food and Zupreem bird food.

Mazuri Bird food vs Zupreem

Both Mazuri and Zupreem bird feed pay close attention to the quality of their products, Specifically the nutritional value of their various bird foods. However, in general, Zupreem bird foods edge Mazuri bird food in overall quality and variety.

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ZuPreem bird food Vs Mazuri bird food: Which is Better?

Store-bought bird feed is usually a combination of several ingredients to help balance out nutrients and offer a complete meal. Each brand has a unique formulation and this is what makes some better than others.

To help you find the best bird, this article focuses on two brands, ZuPreem and Mazuri. We explore the pros and cons of each and look closely at the ingredients used to see what is good for your birds.

Mazuri Bird Food vs Zupreem: REVIEWED

Is ZuPreem Good For Birds?

ZuPreem is a reputable bird feed brand with a variety of products to meet the nutritional demands of different bird species. But you cannot straight-out crown it as good or bad since it depends on what you are after.

Finding the right food for your bird can be a complicated process and unless you properly understand the demands of your bird, even what is considered the best bird feed in the market might not reach the mark for you.

Generally, as part of a varied diet, ZuPreem works well. They have a range of blends for different bird sizes and species such as parrots, small conures, lovebirds, and cockatiels.

Whether you are looking for an occasional treat for your bird or providing essential daily nutrition, ZuPreem’s range of products promises to help you meet the unique dietary demands of your bird.

Are ZuPreem Products Natural?

According to the manufacturer, all ZuPreem’s products are naturally flavored and only fresh and wholesome ingredients are used, to ensure your bird gets a well-balanced diet.

The feeds are also filled with important vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to promote good health in birds. 

Being that the brand was developed through a passion for animal nutrition, a lot of work and research has been invested to ensure your bird gets quality food.

Packaging and Freshness

ZuPreem is committed to the welfare of animals and observes strict quality manufacturing standards and quality control to ensure your pet gets the best.

The manufacturer is based in the US and claims to use all-natural flavors and colorings. The variety of bird feed is also packed in sturdy and attractive polythene packaging.

This helps keep the product clean and fresh as it locks out moisture and other contaminants.

On the package, you will find details about the ingredients used as well as feeding directions. Each product is clearly described on the package so that you can easily tell apart the different varieties.  

While you cannot see through most of the package, there is a clear strip at the bottom of each blend that lets you see what the product looks like. You can use this clear strip to also inspect the product during purchase to ensure it is in good condition.

Does ZuPreem’s Offer Good Value for Money?

Besides providing a variety of quality blends, ZuPreem also helps you learn more about bird nutrition and care. On their website, you can access useful and handy information that can help you take better care of your avian friend.

One of the most helpful tips you will come across is how to use the different blends to ensure your bird gets balanced nutrition all through the week.

There are products meant for daily consumption to provide essential nutrition and these should comprise at least 60% of a bird’s diet. Then there is the enriching variety range that should make up about 30% of the bird’s diet.

This should be offered occasionally to help keep the bird active. The final range of products is the rewarding treats that are offered during special moments. They should only make up to 10% of the bird’s diet.

So, in the long run, choosing ZuPreem does seem like a worthwhile investment. Not only will you be getting feed for your bird, but you will also be accessing valuable resources to ensure you make the right decisions for your bird.

The brand has a blog that gives an in-depth look at other aspects of bird care as well as other pets. You can also reach them through their customer care contacts in case of any problems or queries.

Is Mazuri a Good Bird Food?

Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition is a leading manufacturer of exotic animal diets that are well recognized throughout the world.

When translated to Swahili, the term Mazuri means ‘good’ or good things. And the brand strives to live up to its name by committing to researching, designing, and producing nourishing animal diets.

Mazuri works side by side with zoos, universities, and breeders to be at the forefront of providing balanced and nutritious meals according to what each animal requires.

The ingredients used are carefully selected while the recipes are precisely calibrated, and all this is done with the help of advanced technology to deliver a final product you can count on at all times.

Why Choose Mazuri Bird Feed Products?

In the same way that birds differ in size, color, and personality, so does the selection of bird feed under the Mazuri brand. This ensures that the unique nutritional demands of your bird are fully met.

They also claim that all the products they sell are zoo-professional-grade and therefore, you get to provide your bird at home with the same high-quality and consistent feed that zoos rely on.

Another important thing you need to know about the Mazuri bird feed is that it is an extruded diet. What this simply means is that all the selected ingredients are ground and processed together to form a uniform shape and size.

The feed, therefore, comes in pellet form that is considered to be a complete and balanced meal for the bird.

During the production process of the pellets, high temperatures are used and this helps briefly cooks the ingredients and the result is a more digestible meal. Feeding your bird Mazuri pellets is an easy and convenient way to ensure your avian friend gets the nutritional elements in the right proportions.

What Do Birds Eat?

Ideally, natural food sources are the best for your birds. If your landscape allows it, you will make big savings in the long run as the natural environment will continually provide food for the birds all year round.

Common natural food sources for birds include flowers, insects, worms, and trees that produce sap, nuts, seeds, fruits, and buds.

Unfortunately, not many people have the luxury of open spaces. Heavily developed areas that lack proper landscaping may not provide sufficient natural food options.

Also, if you keep your birds caged, you have to provide supplemental food options through designated feeding stations. There is a variety of bird feed options and brands available in the market today.

Each product usually indicates the ingredient contained in the mix and why it is best for your bird.

Make sure to always read the label to help you make an informed choice. Some brands contain fillers, which make the bag look fuller but provide no nutritional value to your birds.

To make the right choice for your birds, make an effort to learn more about the species and what they require in terms of nutrition. Here are some tips to help you when picking bird feed:

  • Consider buying from specialty stores that pay attention to bird care. These ones are more likely to pay attention to the source of the ingredients used. They will also have blends specific to different birds rather than generic blends.
  • Best to avoid generic bird feed mixes as they may not properly cater to the needs of all birds.
  • Familiarize yourself with good bird feed ingredients and know-how to identify money-wasting feed fillers.
  • Make a point to always visually inspect the feed rather than just relying on the expiry and manufacture dates. Poor storage also affects the quality of feed.
  • Try to learn a little bit more about how the manufacturer sources the ingredients. While it may be difficult to find completely organic feed mixes, find out if there are any efforts made to minimize the use of chemicals in the ingredients.
  • Understand what restrictions such as ‘non-human grade’ or ‘animal-grade’ on the product mean. In some situations, it may suggest that the conditions in which the seeds were grown are not acceptable for humans, yet somehow suggest it’s okay for animals. It could be that the pesticide residue levels are high or other quality standards were forfeited.


Generally, the two brands of bird feeds are of high quality and consider the nutritional needs of birds during the production process. Some pet birds may prefer one brand over the other.