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John Wick Dog Breed Facts [3 Breeds You Must Know]

John Wick Dog Breed Facts [3 Breeds You Must Know]

Wondering, which 3 Dog Breeds are in John Wick Movies? Well, If you’ve seen John Wick, then you know that the beloved puppy he receives as a gift is no ordinary pup. His name was Daisy, and she belonged to a rare dog breed called the Beagle-Borzoi mix.

This type of designer dog is a unique combination of two different purebred dogs, so it’s understandable why this breed has become popular after being featured in one of the most successful movie franchises of all time. 

But what else do we know about this rare breed? What kind of temperament does it have? What kind of care does it need? In this blog post, we will answer all these questions and more as we dive into some interesting facts about the John Wick Dog Breed.

Meet the John Wick Dog Breeds

Three things about the John Wick franchise are probably familiar to you: Keanu Reeves’ return, Keanu Reeves’ Training Regime, and dogs. It’s strange to think that a series of action films that have done so well critically and financially are equally as popular with people who love high-octane tightly choreographed gun-fighting action sequences, and lovers of canine companions.

3 Dog Breeds in John Wick movies

Daisy the Beagle and Bubba (Boy) the Pitbull were John Wick’s dogs throughout the movie franchise.

There are 3 main dog breeds featured in the John Wick movies:

The Beagle, Pitbull, and the Belgian Malinois Shepherds

The Beagle is a small-sized hound dog breed that is known for its great sense of smell. In the movie, this breed is used to track down targets.

The pit bull is a type of medium-sized, muscular and stocky dog breed. This breed is known for its strength and loyalty making it an ideal guard dog or protector.

Belgian Malinois is a medium- to large-sized herding dog that is often used for police work. It is an active, intelligent and protective breed.

What Happened to John Wick’s Beagle In the Movie?

The John Wick franchise starts with the ruthless murder of his beloved puppy, Daisy. Santino, a mafia boss from Rome, invades Wick’s home to collect a debt owed by Wick.

He not only burns down his house and kills Daisy, but he also says these iconic lines: “No wife, no home, no dog. 

All you have left is vengeance.” The incident was the final blow in a string of unfortunate circumstances for Wick that led him to the rest of the franchise.

Although it’s never explicitly stated in the John Wick movies, it’s heavily implied that John’s beagle from the first movie, Daisy, was killed at some point between the first and second films.

This is supported by the fact that John is seen grieving over her in a flashback scene in the second movie, and he even mentions her by name when he’s talking to another dog character. 

Either way, her death is clearly a major source of pain for John, and it’s one of the things that motivates him to continue fighting even when he doesn’t want to.

What Happened to John Wick’s Pitbull In Movie?

Many people are curious about what happened to John Wick’s pitbull in the movie. 

In the first movie, Wick adopts a rescue Pitbull that he calls “boy.” 

This dog becomes Wick’s faithful companion through the second and third movies, and Wick nicknames him Bubba.

Halle Berry and Joh Wick 3 Dogs Training

In the third John Wick movie, Halle Berry’s character, Sofia, trains three dogs to be her loyal protectors.

The breeds of the dogs are unknown, but they appear to be a Belgian Malinois, a German Shepherd, and a Pit Bull mix. All three have their own unique personality and skills that they bring to the table. 

The Belgian Malinois is known for its high energy and working drive. This dog is intelligent and easily trained, making it the perfect candidate for law enforcement and military work. 

How Many Dogs Did They Use In John Wick 3?

Halle Berry not only lends her acting skills to the film, but she also helped train her canine co-stars! If you’ve seen the trailer for John Wick 3, you can see some of the Belgian Malinois she’s working with. She had two companions, in reality, five dogs, with whom she played and bonded.

In John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, John Wick calls in a favor from Sofia Al-Awar, the manager of the Casablanca branch of the Continental Hotel.

Halle Berry plays the character, but it may surprise you to know that she doesn’t play her on and off-screen Belgian Malinois lifeguards. 

That’s because they were played by five different stunt dogs named Santana, Tai, Sam 7, Boyca, and Ikar who each had a unique relationship with their on and off-screen handler Halle Berry.

Sofia’s dogs, however, had to be a breed that takes well to special training, which is why the Belgian Malinois breed was chosen. The dog that plays him is actually a female named “Cha Cha,” according to the film’s visual effects supervisor, Rob Nederhorst.

What breed of dog is in John Wick 1?

The Answer is a Beagle: Andy the beagle stars in John Wick’s movie and plays Daisy, a female who steals Keanu Reeves’ heart.

What breed of dog is in John Wick 2?

The Answer is a Pitbull: The first movie ends with Wick adopting a rescue Pitbull named “boy.” This dog remains Wick’s faithful companion throughout the second and third movies, and Wick eventually calls him Bubba.

What breed of dog is in John Wick 3?

The Answer is The Malinois Shepherds: In John Wick, 3 AKA Parabellum John Wick calls in a favour from the manager of the Casablanca branch of the Continental Hotel, Sofia Al-Awar.

Although Halle Berry’s character is always accompanied by two Belgian Malinois Shepherds, they were not played by just two dogs.

Is there a pitbull in John Wick 3?

Yes, In Parabellum John Wick’s chapter 3 The pitbull, which he saved from being euthanized in the first movie, returns as his running companion and protector.


John Wick was a great movie with an iconic hero, and we can all agree that the star of the show was John Wick’s best friend – his dog. We hope this article has shed some light on what breed of dog John Wick had in the movies as well as other fun facts about them. From their intelligence to their loyal nature, these dogs are sure to make any owner proud. So if you’re looking for a four-legged companion, look no further than a Beagle or Basset Hound!