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7 Easy Steps How to Clean Reptile Carpet (With Pictures)

7 Easy Steps How to Clean Reptile Carpet (With Pictures)

Easy-To-follow-Simple Steps on “How to clean reptile carpet” Instantly

Every day people ask us ” How to clean a reptile carpet ” but I wonder is there any particular formula on cleaning a reptile carpet or bearded dragon carpet? is there any difference

Well Today I am going  to share my friend’s cleaning process and steps that are more than easy to follow

To maintain and continue, reptiles’ good health, you also need to provide them with a clean habitat with a clean reptile carpet. Reptiles’ feces and urine contain viruses, fungi, and bacteria that can affect and harm your reptile health. Plus, they can also impact human health.

7 Easy Steps How to Clean Reptile Carpet (With Pictures)
How to clean reptile carpet?

Reptile carpet usually acts as a breeding ground for hazardous health for them and carpets’ fiber can easily hold on to fecal matter and absorb urine. You should thoroughly wash and clean the carpet weekly or daily as it may cause harm to your pet and your health. 

This guide is to highlight all the possible ways How to clean reptile carpets.

Even If you’ve got a tight schedule on the weekend, cleaning the reptile carpet should never be compromised. Post: How to clean red carpet?

How to Clean Reptiles Carpet?

Cleaning a reptile carpet just requires a few steps and can be done in minutes, if followed and applied thoroughly. 

Fortunately, I have shared 8 simple & easy steps that you can follow to clean reptile carpet.

And these steps will change the sentence from “How to clean reptile carpet” to “Easy to clean reptile carpet”. 

  • Step 1

Firstly put on a mask to your face & gloves to your hand and Transfer your herp to another cage or area before you begin the cleaning process of the terrarium and carpet

  • Step 2

Secondly, pull the uneaten food and feces from the carpet with the help of paper towels, and dispose of them in a garbage bag. Soak up all the liquids and urines from certain spots. Seal the garbage bag tightly and throw it outside in the dustbin.

  • Step 3

Thirdly, Take 1 tbsp of mild detergent and mix it up with 1 gallon of hot water in a bucket. Keep the detergent packet away from your children and pets reach, after mixing it up with the water.

  • Step 4

Fourthly, remove the carpet from the bottom and put it in the hot water, and soak it up for at least 20 minutes or more, if it’s too dirty. 
Until the carpet is being soaked in the hot soapy water, get ready with a large piece of a garbage bag and a soft-bristle brush for the scrubbing process

  • Step 5

Fifth, Pull out the carpet from the bucket and squeeze out all the excess water into the bucket. Put it on the cut garbage age and start scrubbing one side of the carpet with your bristle in a circular motion. Dunk it in the water and repeat the process for the other side.

  • Step 6

Now, before you place it on the bag, rinse the carpet properly, until you successfully remove all the soap residue and it appears clear without any soap bubbles. Flush the dirty bucket’s water down the toilet drain and clean/ rinse the bucket with tap water properly. 

  • Step 7

Now you need to disinfect the carpet by applying a herp-safe disinfectant. Remember to apply the disinfectant to both sides of the carpet properly.

You may ask why I need to apply a herp-safe disinfectant on the carpet after washing it?

Soapy hot water can’t alone fight and remove the fungi, viruses, and bacteria from the carpet. 

You can use the “Herp-safe disinfectant” that my friend has been using for 4 years. Follow the directions, mentioned in the product. 

  • Step 8

Finally, set the cleaned reptile carpet aside to air dry. When it gets completely dry, return it to your retile’s terrarium. Wash your hands thoroughly with the help of a good hand sanitizer.

You can also opt for Rubbing alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol as it is an excellent substance for cleaning carpets. It serves the purpose of removing common stains and preventing damage or discoloration from the fibers.

7 Easy Steps How to Clean Reptile Carpet (With Pictures)
8 Steps to Clean Reptile Carpet

Cleaning Tools and Accessories

Prepare the Cleaning tools and accessories to start a reptile carpet cleaning.

7 Easy Steps How to Clean Reptile Carpet (With Pictures)
Tools and accessories to start a reptile carpet cleaning.
  • Rubber gloves & Face Mask

The first one you need is rubber gloves and a face mask, as it is necessary to keep yourself protected from bacterias when you will be cleaning the carpet by soaking up the urine and pulling up the uneaten foods and feces to throw into the garbage bag.

  • Backup Cage 

You may need a backup cage or a safe environment to relocate your herp/reptile before you begin the cleaning process of the carpet. Well, the cleaning of the carpet will last only for a few hours, it is not compulsory to have a backup cage, you could use a safe place or environment for a while.

  • Brush

Yes, the third thing you need to have is a soft bristle brush. Why a soft one? well, you’ll be cleaning a carpet not a car, so it should the soft one. You need to scrub the carpet in a circular motion to clean off the dirty spots.

  • Sponge

You should have at least a set of Sponge so that you can easily soak up the urine, and other bacterial liquids off the carpet. Reptile urine contains viruses, fungi, and bacteria that can affect and harm your reptile health. Plus, they are also fatal to human health.

  • Bucket and Hot water

You’ll need a bucket to clean the carpet. You can use any bucket, an old one left in the garage can also help. And the bucket needs to be filled with 1 gallon of hot water.

  • Mild Detergent

Of course, you need to add it to the hot water and mix it well so that you can put it in the hot water and soak it up for at least 20 minutes or more if it’s too dirty.

  • Paper Towels

A pack of paper towels will help you a lot in pulling the leftover, uneaten foods, and feces. Before you remove the carpet from the bottom, it is a must to pull the uneaten foods and feces and throw them into the garbage

  • Garbage Bag

Before cleaning anything, we always need garbage, so here too you need to use a garbage bag. The uneaten food and feces from the carpet need to be disposed of in a garbage bag

  • Herp-safe disinfectant

Well, soapy hot water can’t alone fight and remove the fungi, viruses, and bacteria from the carpet. You need to use the herp-safe disinfectant and luckily you can use a herp-safe disinfectant that my friend has been using for 4 years and you know what, it works amazingly. 

Cleaning Schedule

Well, the timing and schedule depend on the habits and size of your reptile. Larger Reptiles require more work than smaller ones. To make the cleaning process easy, you may divide the process into two schedule 

  • Daily Cleaning

You will need to remove uneaten food, and shed skin, spills, feces, and urates daily. By doing this regularly, it will make the weekly cleaning schedule easier and less time consuming

  • Weekly Cleaning

It seems like you got an idea of how to clean reptile carpet!. You will need to disinfect the cage, food dishes, water dishes, decorations, substrate, and carpet – weekly. In this way, you will be successfully able to keep your herp healthy and happy and keep the environment clean, and attractive 

Can I machine wash the reptile carpet?

Yes, you can but washing the carpet using a soft bristle brush in hot soapy water is way more effective in cleaning the messiest than machine wash. It depends on you, and how to want it to be cleaned but whatever you go for, it’s necessary to apply herp-safe disinfectant.

How do you disinfect a reptile cage?

You can easily disinfect a reptile cage by cleaning it thoroughly and applying a good herp-safe disinfectant. It’s not easy though but you can do it by following this effective guide “How To Clean A Reptile Cage” By – Backwater Reptiles Blog

How to clean the bearded dragon carpet?

Hmm, you know what, there is no difference between cleaning a reptile’s carpet and a
bearded dragon’s carpet.

Yeah, I do agree that bearded dragon carpet can be messy but the cleaning formula remains the same as above. 

Follow the steps and I guarantee you that you will master the “How to Clean Reptile Carpet”

Is it necessary to clean the reptile carpet after every time he poops?

No, I don’t think so, my friend washes his reptile’s carpet once a week, And spot clean where he poops daily using a herp-safe disinfectant

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Reptiles usually require special care and their habitat ( cage, carpet, etc) maintenance is necessary to maintain cleanliness.

Their cage should be kept scrupulously clean, as reptiles are prone to skin and bacterial infections.

By following these easy-to-follow steps that I’ve shared above, you’ll be able to clean your reptile’s carpet instantly and master the “How to Clean Reptile Carpet“.