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How Fast Can Iguanas Run? 6 Amazing Facts

How Fast Can Iguanas Run? 6 Amazing Facts

Iguanas are beautiful lizards and have been kept as pets for more than three decades in the United States. These pets are easy to maintain but require a lot of information to learn before adopting one. If you are new at pet-keeping, avoid adopting any Iguana in your home before knowing what these lizards need to live and thrive.

Here, in this article, we will learn how fast can iguanas run. Do you know that before keeping an Iguana and letting it roam around your house, you should know how well it can run and escape?

How Fast Can Iguanas Run?

how fast can iguanas run
how fast can iguanas run

Do you know that these lizards are extremely speedy? An Iguana runs as fast as 21 miles per hour. They can also cover approximately 3 feet per second if an impended. They are also a good swimmer. They usually free away when they see Predator.

These lizards can easily maintain a speed between 5-12 km per hour. Apart from being very quick in the running, they also have other exciting speed characteristics, which we will know further in this article. Do you know that Iguanas are not the fastest lizards on this planet? However, they can clock with such speed within.

Considering the size of Iguana, they are tough to grab when they are babies. They’re also very slow-growing lizards. If your Iguana takes to sprinting in its tank, it is best to let it be. Avoid handling your Iguana at first instance, or it can bite you and run away from its terrarium if it gets a chance.

Apart from knowing that they can sprint, this is not the only thing that makes them unique. We will look at some of the features of their running behavior. Let’s first talk about why iguanas run.

3 Reasons Why Do iguanas Run?

After Detecting A Threat

Even if you are not a predator but a caretaker, an Iguana may indeed run away if they feel threatened around you. Like any other pet, Iguana also needs some time to bond with its owner.

It is best always to start gaining some trust from your Iguana before attempting to handle it. You should avoid holding your Iguana from the start as it can make it feel threatened. Gaining some confidence is always better to start with.

To Escape Predators

In the wild, iguanas have to deal with the constant threat of predators. If they keep feeling threatened, they will flee away in no time. If they get a sense of smell or sight of a Predator nearby, it will make a run from it when.


If anyone is hungry, it is more likely for them to run to search for food. They will forage for food in the daytime, and they will quickly settle for plant matters whenever they have to eat them.

Can I Allow My Iguana to run around the House?

Yes. You can let your run around here house but with some precaution. Before allowing your room into a new space, make sure no hole or passage can give easy access to them to escape. Also, make sure there is no such thing that can harm your Iguana if they try to climb on, and there is no such furniture that can result in an accident.

Iguana usually enjoys running when they feel stimulated by exploring new things at places. However, because of the Iguana’s quick running ability, you should always take some precautions before letting them out to run. Below is some protection that you need to take.

  1. There is no other pet or animal in that room.
  2. Always let them explore a room with borders so they can’t escape.
  3. Remove any loose particle objects that can get eaten by your Iguana accidentally.
  4. Always keep the sound and the light as consistent as possible.
  5. Make sure the environment of that room is controlled and at an appropriate temperature for Iguana to be at.
  6. Don’t just ignore it. Focus your attention on your Iguana until they’re back in their enclosure.
  7. Make sure there are no animals there that may hurt iguanas.

3 Reasons Why Does An Iguana Run Away From Its Owner?

3 reasons why does an iguana run away from its owner
3 reasons why does an iguana run away from its owner

Iguanas are small lizards, making them vulnerable and easy targets for predators. When you pick up an Iguana, they’re often startled because they are not expecting it. When Iguanas see a human, they often associate them with a Predator.

In the wild, they see humans as Predators. So, when you touch them, their instinct kicks in, and they run. The problem is you have not gained your Iguana’s trust. With a strong vision, Iguana is very good at judging distances, so they can quickly run right off the end of a table. If they’re scared enough, iguanas might also run into a hard surface or wall.

Approaching From The Above

If you approach your Iguana from above then, they may feel like you’re preying on them. Any sudden movement or loud noise can scare your Iguana, making them run away from you. If you want to get closer to your Iguana, move your hands and nails slowly.

Firstly, get down on your hands and knees, then approach him from the front rather than above. If you gain your Iguana’s trust and make them see you as not a threat, he will instantly stay put instead of running away.

Fearful Or Negative Emotion Towards You

Iguanas can easily get scared due to their small size, and they tend to have a powerful sense of smell and long vision. If you walk into their room or enclosure with hostile or aggressive emotions, your Iguana may get frightened or can have negative feelings towards you. If your Iguana is scared of you, it might try to run away from you.

Inaccurate Temperature In The Enclosure.

If Iguana wants to run away from you, it might be because he is too cold or hot. If the temperature in the enclosure is too hot or too cold, they will make feel to run away due to being scared. The ideal temperature is between 80-and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your Iguana is continuously running away from you, then maybe the temperature in their enclosure is incorrect. If they are out of their pen and again wanna run from you, your room temperature is not ideal for them. Ensure to turn off the air conditioner if there is one or close all the windows to rule out the wind Breeze. All this can make your Iguana feel uncomfortable near you.


Final Thoughts

How fast can Iguanas run? Iguanas may not run as fast as some may think, but they can easily cover a few miles in one hour. They have been seen running at the top speed of 20 miles per hour. If trained positively, they can also run at 25 miles per hour, which seems unreal.

Do you know that these lizards can make an impressive dash to notches when they are in danger? Before planning to handle your Iguana, look to spend some time and gain its trust. Holding or touching your Iguana before gaining their trust will make them flee away from you. I tried my best to give you all the information about how fast can iguanas run.